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Conservapedia, affectionately referred to as "CP" by its dwellers (not to be confused with the CP you're probably looking for, you sick fuck), is an ED ripoff for true. Results 1 - 16 of Cat Poop — When to Worry (or Not!) for Cats of All Ages - Catster . The 5 Best ays to Make HomemadeCatRepellent - wikiHow Your ">how to flirt with a girl online dating free dating sites in virginia

There's no real requirement for any sysop to have a good reason for blocking users, or even IP ranges of entire countries, but doing any of the following certainly help speed-up the process: Having an IP address vaguely similar to a banned editor Having a name that doesn't follow Conservapedia naming policy First name and initial of the surname Not agreeing enough with Andy and his sysops, thus being exiled as a liberal Agreeing too much with Andy and his sysops, leading to accusations of parody.

This blocking leaves it appearing that the user in question was obviously so over-awed by the fascinating insights of the sysop that they simply could not bring themselves to respond. In cases where Andy has been made to appear particularly ignorant, sysops will delete the posts of users who ask awkward questions or point out Andy's errors.

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This has led to talk pages in which Andy appears to be arguing with an imaginary person, which isn't entirely unrealistic given his obsession with the imaginary beings.

The greatest irony is that newly arrived editors who'd post anything quite as crazy as Andy or Ken would be instantly banhammered for being liberal parodists. Such is the level of paranoia that Poe's Law is well and truly in force as Andy and Co. It is entirely likely they were once true meaning that even though they are bullshit complaints, they technically quoted Wikipedia correctlyif by "once true" you mean "true in early However, this is never good enough for Conservapedia's sysops, and every single attempt by someone to remove a grievance that was fixed two years ago has been reverted.

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For example, Conservapedia's list bitches and moans that the Wikipedia article on Judge William Rehnquist, a conservativecasually mentions that he was born on the same day as President Jimmy Carterbut Carter's mentions nothing about Rehnquist.

An easy answer to this is: However, the words "Jimmy" and "Carter" appear nowhere in Rehnquist's article. All attempts to remove this from the list have been reverted by the sysops within minutes.

Administrators and other thugs[ edit ] Userbox with typical CP grammar. He'll haunt your dreams. Patti, mediocrity incarnate Andy's crunked brother Roger Schlafly [1] Every CP sysop has to wear a chastity belt like this, designed by Andy Schlafly himself. Conservapedia's violent and paranoid sysops refresh the Recent Changes page every two seconds to detect any trace of liberalism and lulz ; they are mostly a bunch of impotentbigotedcloseted homosexualsor some combination thereof.

Due to Schlafly's deep hatred for women and because the Bible regards women as misbegotten creatures, all CP sysops are men. Unsurprisingly, these twits follow Schlafly's lead like cattle.

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They are doing what comes naturally —following—, because they lack the fortitude to question someone who they perceive as powerful. They are simple, uncritical individuals who are incapable of leading themselves. Their only potential for serious entertainment is that they won't see how corrupting an influence Schlafly is until it's too late Here's an incomplete list: See main article here. He had a nice video explaining the process step-by-step.

Like How Stuff Works, this site also covers a wide range of topics. I found the collection to be very comprehensive and probably better than You Tube's collection of similar videos.

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You're sure to find some nice tutorials here too. Instructables Instructables is a cool Do-It-Yourself site that has an extensive collection of user submitted how-to articles and easy instructions complete with videos and photographs.

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It's a community driven website where you can submit content, vote and comment on existing content. Wired's How-To Wiki Wired magazine's how-to wiki has some very elaborate and detailed tutorials focussed primarily on topics like Gadgets, Technology and Computers. You can also subscribe to its RSS feed to get them the new how-to articles directly in your feed reader. PC World's How-to Site PC Worldone of the best tech journals available, also has a how to site that publishes technology focused tutorials related to various electronic gadgets, hardware and software applications.

VideoJug When it comes to how-to video tutorial sites, VideoJug is probably the largest and most comprehensive. It has videos on varied subjects like choosing a new hairstyle, playing golf, installing windows or how to kiss someone passionately.

All the tutorials are free and nicely explained through various examples. Like other video sites, this too covers a wide range of topics, however it's yet to take on sites like VideoJug in the online video tutorial space.