Urban dictionary flirt

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urban dictionary flirt

A person that flutters around from person to person flirting with them, and trades from person to person like a bird fly's from telephone line to telephone line. If you describe someone as flirty, you mean that they behave towards people in a way which suggests they are sexually attracted to them, usually in a playful or. If you enjoy this sample of the dictionary, please consider buying the Get the COMPLETE London Slang Dictionary below . Tingsing – To flirt or hit on.

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With two different uses, you may see this acronym when someone tells you to watch out or tells you good-bye. Do I Know You?

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Over the Top What It Means: This one is pretty simple. Short for Alright What It Means: If your friend asks if you want to watch a movie or tells you that they will be right back, you might use this response. Hey man, you wanna skate? IGHT, be right there. This acronym is self-explanatory and can be used in any situation.

urban dictionary flirt

When something is so hilarious, this acronym comes in to let your recipient know that. You can also use it as a sarcastic response where the amusement is exaggerated. GraphicsRF via Shutterstock 9.

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Flirt With a Woman

This is another simple acronym that you may just not know the meaning of at first glance. Short for Newbie What It Means: A newbie is defined by Merriam-Webster as a beginner or novice. Nevermind What It Means: Maybe you are trying to explain something to a friend who is not grasping it and you just want to dismiss the situation.

Of Course What It Means: If you are looking for a competitve edge, there is bound to be a tool here to help you. Read Moreat home, and in normal conversation, you may use it more than you think.

Urban Dictionary: flirt

So, you can save a few keystrokes with this acronym for it. Peace and Love What It Means: Vlad PL via Shutterstock This slang word has become so popular that you likely already know what it means. But for those who do not: Almost always captured with a mobile device, you can also take a selfie of you and another person. Dictionaries now officially recognize it as a word.

urban dictionary flirt

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urban dictionary flirt

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