Usapl meet director for gymnastics

Raw Nationals Preview - USA Powerlifting - Georgia

usapl meet director for gymnastics

Due to a conflict with another competition, the Powerlifting competition will be held. March POWERLIFTING DIRECTORS. Sheryl Condon E-mail. This packet is designed to serve as a guide for meet directors when planning a Apply and pay for a USA Gymnastics sanction at on the. The Women's and Acrobatic Gymnastics programs require individuals to be certified in order to Meet Directors in all discipline must be Professional Members.

Trophies and Medals Trophies and medals are important as well. At our meet, the best lifter male or female got a huge statue, which was really cool-looking. Cash Prizes In addition to the trophies, we also gave cash back to the best female and male lifters. All powerlifting meets need to have some sort of cash prize.

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Nobody can make a living being a powerlifter and participating in meets, but it is nice to get some sort of cash back for the top lifters. The best lifters by formula should get a cash prize, and the amount can again depend on how many lifters are in the meet. Charities, Sponsors, and Partner Organizations If you plan on hosting a meet, you should always consider partnering with other local businesses.

IPA was very gracious helping us some and discounting their charge. Strange Donuts charity Strange Cares is a huge donut business in our area. Our powerlifting squad has been attending their fundraisers for the last four years and we always have a blast. They have killer food, great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, live DJ's, cool stuff to do, and much more.

They rocked it the day of the event.

usapl meet director for gymnastics

He brought some gooey butter cake donuts, maple bacon donuts with a thick cut of bacon on topand their very popular glazed donut. Along with this, they are now making a cold brew coffee that is amazing. All of this was free to attendees and lifters.

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The next company was Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants. Steve Welch a fellow powerlifter owns this business and is gaining national and world recognition. He even sponsors some powerlifters including elitefts team member Jo Jordanstrongmen, and other athletes.

He has always been awesome in giving back to the sport. Matt has sponsored me as an athlete for over 12 years and has always taken care of me big time. Matt and his staff at both of his two locations are awesome. Believe it or not, they don't try to sell you extra crap you don't need. She was awesome helping the day of the event. Got Your Six Support Dogs was the last charity at the event. This was thought up by one of our lifters and coaches Nick Novacich.

I wasn't familiar with this foundation until he told me about them. Here is some information directly from the organization: We train and place PTSD service dogs with veterans and first responders at zero cost to the recipient.


This can make a big difference for attracting interest. Apparently, she has done very well with this brand.

What to Expect When Hosting A Powerlifting Meet

The tie-in was great and with the sponsors on board, we made a really cool logo. They are very unique and a great fit for the facility. Raw Nationals will be John's second National level meet after lifting at Benchpress Nationals two years ago. John hold state records in both the raw and equipped divisions and currently has a meet personal best of lb benchpress in the kg class.

usapl meet director for gymnastics

John has benched over the American record in the gym but is looking forward to replicating that on the platform and securing an American record.

Ricky has been competing for one year now and has big hopes for Raw Nationals as he's looking to secure a spot on the National Team with a class win. With personal bests of a squat, lb bench, and a lb deadlift Ricky has his eyes on a couple of American records as well. Ben Laseter Ben is a junior lifter in the 83 kg weight class. Ben is another first time National meet lifter and although he has lifted for a few years, he has only been a competitive powerlifter for one.

His best lifts include a lb squat, benchpress, and a deadlift. Ben is hoping to hit a personal record total of He is a graduating senior this year and has lifted with the team for a few years. James is dropping a weight class this year and lifting as a 74 kg lifter in the junior division.

His personal bests include a lb squat, lb benchpress, and a lb deadlift. He is hoping to put some lifts together and total over She is another newcomer to the National meet scene and will be competing as a 52 kg junior lifter. She has made significant progress in the short time as a competitive lifter and is looking to set personal records on all three lifts. Her personal bests to date are a lb squat, lb benchpress and a lb deadlift.

Marlene Perez Marlene Perez began powerlifting again in after a 26 year hiatus from the sport.