How did ina garten meet jeffrey

how did ina garten meet jeffrey

Ina Garten's greatest passion for the past 50 years is also the title of her But Ina came out and did what she has done countless times since then: She won. Jeffrey E. Garten (born October 29, ) is Dean Emeritus at the Yale School of Management, where he teaches a variety of courses on the global economy. He also serves on several corporate and philanthropic boards. He is married to Food Network personality, Ina Garten. A young Ina Garten was working at the White House in a creatively “I do have a minute meeting every morning with my team I love when an employee both does their day-to-day job well but “Right now I'm finishing my 10th cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, which comes out on October 25 this year.

Rosenberg, a surgeon specializing in otolaryngologyand his wife, Florence. Garten described her father as a socializer, and admits she shares more characteristics with him than her mother.

She began to dabble in cooking and entertaining in an effort to occupy her time; Jeffrey served a four-year military tour during the Vietnam War. She also acquired her pilot's license. During this trip, she was introduced to open-air markets, produce stands, and fresh cooking ingredients.

Garten was originally employed as a low-level government aide, and climbed the political ladder to the Office of Management and Budget. Eventually she was assigned the position of budget analyst, which entailed writing the nuclear energy budget and policy papers on nuclear centrifuge plants for Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

The store had been named by its original owner in tribute to the film starring Ava Gardner.

how did ina garten meet jeffrey

Garten kept the name when she took over; it meshed well with her idea of an "elegant but earthy" lifestyle. In contrast to Westhampton's seasonal beach atmosphere, East Hampton houses a year-round community, providing a larger, wealthier customer base.

In this new, larger space, the store specialized in delicacies such as lobster Cobb saladcaviarimported cheesesand locally grown produce. Garten has credited Eli Zabar with the inspiration for her main cooking method, in which "all you have to do is cook to enhance the ingredients.

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Inafter two decades of operating Barefoot Contessa, Garten again found herself seeking a change; she sold the store to two employees, Amy Forst and Parker Hodges, but retained ownership of the building itself. Unsure of what career step to take after selling the store, she took a six-month sabbatical from the culinary scene and built offices above the shop.

There, she studied the stock market and attempted to sketch out plans for potential business ventures. At this time, her website, Barefoot Contessa, became high-profile as she began offering her coffees and a few other items for purchase online.

how did ina garten meet jeffrey

Barefoot Contessa cookbooks[ edit ] InGarten reemerged with her attention turned to publishing. The book far exceeded both Garten's and publisher Clarkson Potter's expectations, containing the recipes that made her store successful. Garten eventually sold overcopies in the first year, [18] immediately requiring second and third print runs after the initial pressing of 35, cookbook were claimed. Inshe capitalized on her new-found fame and released Barefoot Contessa Parties!

The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and Parties!

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Her cookbooks are modeled on coffee table books to avoid an encyclopedic format. It's wild enough to find someone you actually want to be with for 50 years. But Ina and Jeffrey's partnership has become much more than that: It's a cultural phenomenon.

In the past 17 years, Ina has sold close to 10 million copies of nine different cookbooks, and every one of them has been inspired in part by her life with Jeffrey. And although these two have been offering fans a glimpse of their storybook marriage for years, neither ever imagined that "You're the Jeffrey to my Ina" would end up on letterpress Valentine's Day cards.

Jeffrey as an army officer early in their marriage. To understand the magic of this duo, consider the scenario Jeffrey describes as the single best moment in his life with Ina: He had flown overnight from New York City to Paris in Maycaught a cab to the Seventh Arrondissement and found himself in front of a building he'd never seen, pressing the buzzer to his own apartment for the first time.

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Ina had bought the place a year earlier and overseen a massive renovation without showing Jeffrey a single photo or telling him one detail about it. Within five minutes, I felt like I'd lived there forever," he says.

They had come a long way since their somewhat awkward first date. Jeffrey met Ina — or rather, first caught a glimpse of her — his freshman year at Dartmouth, when she visited her brother on campus in the fall of Jeffrey was gazing out the library window and he said to his roommate, "Look at that girl, isn't she beautiful?

Ina Rosenberg, the younger sister of a friend, and he had a date with her that night. But when the date didn't turn into anything, Jeffrey swooped in and started writing letters to Ina, hoping to meet her someday. Ina at Dartmouth, where Jeffrey first spotted her.

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Months later, the date finally happened: Jeffrey picked Ina up at her parents' house in Stamford, CT she was still in high schooland she suggested they drive to Port Chester, NY, because you could drink in New York at 18, and surely a college boy would think it was cool to go to a bar. The guy at the door says, 'Where's your ID? There were so many letters. I couldn't keep up with it!

how did ina garten meet jeffrey

In time, Ina started visiting Jeffrey at Dartmouth and became a fixture on campus. She was in college at Syracuse, and she'd take the bus about six hours each way to spend weekends with him. She became one of the gang, and Jeffrey likes to point out that of the incredibly successful Dartmouth class of"Ina became the most famous and beloved of all of us.

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And all these guys who were after those other women — they were in my room all the time, asking, 'What did Ina send you this time? When they traveled through Europe in the early '70s, Ina bought food at a local market and cooked their meals on a camping stove. Ina and Jeffrey got married at Ina's parents' house in December Ina was 20 and suddenly, a military wife: