How did justin bieber meet dan kanter

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how did justin bieber meet dan kanter

Justin Bieber's word note in the guest book at the Anne Frank House But a person very close to Bieber -- his musical director and guitarist Dan Kanter, who Furthermore, everyday he meets hundreds of girls of the same age and He did not have to visit the Anne Frank House, but he did, and was. Justin Bieber attends Dan Kanter's wedding in Toronto, October 4, Robert Caplin / PSG Did you know what you were in for when you started? Had the mania begun That's a real trip to meet him. He's very interested. 5 Kanter to be refreshingly honest and open, about Phish and Bieber. Best quote: "That was the only way I would recommend Chris -- is if.

Take You (acoustic) - Justin Bieber w/ Dan Kanter

But I was always a huge Michael Jackson fan. For me, that would have been my ideal show to work on, and [his shows] would have the best of both worlds. Of all your credits, there are two that seem of particular interest to our readers: Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana. Could you talk about your experience with those two musicians in particular?

Well, Santana was very, very exciting. It was quite the night for two reasons. Everyone was very excited that he was interested in doing it.

It was really nice to meet him. It was also interesting to see his take on the song, and I wondered whether he was going to play the George Harrison solo or whether he was going to embellish it and play an original solo.

Every time, he changed it and every time it was amazing. Justin and I had a really great conversation with him, and he told me that he never plays a single note unless his mind, body and soul are into it.

I thought that was really awesome. How about Stevie Wonder? Meet Justin Bieber's Guitarist, Dan Kanter: Phish Fanatic With a Pop P

That was an incredible experience. I got to work out harmonies and on a musical arrangement with Stevie. How can I tell him what to do?

That was incredible to listen to. After that, we all just started shouting out songs, and he just sang them for us. Definitely a lifelong memory. You mention that you grew up listening to all sorts of music and are clearly a big Phish fan.

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When I was in high school, I never knew the Dead were a jamband. I really only later learned about the improvisation aspect of the whole scene. But I got into it when I was at summer camp. I have a lot of friends who got into all that music—Blind Melon and the Dead and Allman Brothers—at summer camp. The first jamband that I loved and followed was Dave Matthews Band.

Musically, we had great chemistry and we jammed right away. Instantly, I could see how incredibly talented he was. They had sent me the two songs we were going to play on TV, and I learned them before going down to the hotel with my guitar. But it was really sweet. He was just so young at that time, and so green. And right after that day, I travelled days per year over the last five years.

I literally went home and packed my bags. What does being a musical director for Justin Bieber involve? Musical directing really starts with taking the album and arranging it for a live performance. With Bieber, it includes working very closely with a big team, including choreographers and wardrobe and lighting.

how did justin bieber meet dan kanter

It also included a little bit of performance coaching, writing the set list with him, and helping him with in-between-song banter, especially when he was young. How did his banter need improving? One of the early things I taught him that has stuck with him is a really basic concept.

Well I need you to sing along.

Justin Bieber Celebrity Underground: What happened between Dan Kanter and Justin Bieber?

The only meal I can really go out for is breakfast, so I usually go to a famous breakfast spot. It just gets me in the zone. We do 30 minutes of vocal warm-ups before the show. We do a pre-show prayer with everybody, go on stage and take it from there.

how did justin bieber meet dan kanter