How did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah Of Jordan

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, 46 who, like the Duchess of You met then-Prince Abdullah bin Al Hussein of Jordan, your future husband, at a dinner party — and were married six months later. His Majesty King Abdullah II, may sound like a fairytale, but being a queen is a job like any other. This is year-old Queen Rania of Jordan, born Rania Al Yassin in Kuwait on It was there that she met her now husband, King Abdullah II of They got engaged only two months later, and were married in June that year. She is a brilliant woman, a gorgeous mother of four and an international fashion icon. King Abdullah: For me, it was, I know it sounds a bit corny, but love at first sight. Queen Rania: I think today is one of them because I got to meet you.

A s the drama of succession unfolded with conflict and jealousy in the court, especially among women, entered Rania as the angel who posses the healing touch that would fill the cracks and heal the rifts. Like her husband Abdallah, who still fighting a self-internal battle to adjust to the unexpected role, Rania was catapulted into the spotlight at a time when the world cameras focused on Amman.

At 28, Rania possess good looks and a smart head over her slim shoulders. Those who met her, and many western diplomats, agree that she is destined to become a role model for the world's women like her step-mother in law Queen Noor.

With her involvement in charity work, her common touch and being at ease in the presence of ordinary people, many expect her to fill the role left vacant by the demise of Diana Princess of wales. King Hussein's widow, Queen Noor has become increasingly involved in world charitable causes in the last couple of years; the latest of those causes was for the benefit of the victims of land mines. The other time was four decades when the strong willed influential Queen Zein, the mother of King Hussein was real power behind the throne when he was married to Queen Dinna whome she divorced to Marry the Ipswich born Toni Gardner.

Muna gave birth to Abdallah, inhe then remained as an heir apparent for a ashort period as Queen Zein was behind the decision to pass the crown-princehood to Prince Hassan i, saying she wanted the Hashemite Crown to remain in pure Arab blood-line. This time round, the two queens get on very well and respect each other, as Queen Noor's eldest son Hamzah was named Crown prince.

Meanwhile Queen Rania pleasant personality and understanding heart is expected to heal the wounds fresh and old, for the fresh ones are rifts inherited from the first period of two queens in the court. As a Palestinian, young Queen Rania's task is crucial in helping to unify a nation whose population is uncomfortably divided between the 60 per cent majority of Palestinian descent and the 40 per cent East Bank Arab Bedouin tribal stock.

Being close to and respected by brothers and sisters in law from King Hussein's other marriagesQueen Rania will be in a good position - and have- to mend the internal divisions in the ruling family worsened by the palace intrigues which scarred the last months of King Hussein's year reign. Although Queen Noor has won the respect and admiration of the nation in the past few months devoting 24 hours of her daily time to look after King Hussein whom she genuinely loved.

Noor was seen as too Westernised, too ambitious for her son Hamzah, and much too into the glitzy world of lavish spending and Western fashion for the Queen of a sober Muslim nation,'' said Ms Faisal, although she is known for disliking Queen Noor, according to Amman based diplomats.

Like Princess Diana, Rania enjoys talking to people and mingle with them in common places. Having a Bedouin Arab heart inherited from the Hashemites and an English head, he has to overcome problems like not mastering Arabic language - he spent 15 of his years studying in England and the United States, while also appears slightly foreign, thanks to his English mother.

I never wore a veil. Unfortunately in the West, people look at the veil as a sign of oppression or weakness. And this is not true.

As long as a woman is wearing it because of her belief. And I always say we should judge women according to what's going on in their heads rather than what's on top of their heads. Very good for you, yeah.

When we come back, why Queen Rania hasn't told her son that one day he might be king. We'll be back to talk about that. I'm talking to a queen, a real one today. A lot of people call themselves queen.

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Today, we have a real one. She came halfway around the world just to be with us today. For a royal family, the king, queen and their four children are about as down to earth as you can get.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

So I heard that your husband, the king, is--he barbecues? He loves his barbecue. This is dispelling all the royal myths we knew. He's very proud of his ability to produce the best steaks and the best burgers. Like all men around the world. So it's a man--it's definitely a man thing. But I enjoy cooking as well. So it's one of the things we do to relax on the weekends and just to connect and just to feel grounded. Do you have a barbecue--a grill at the palace?

That is so cool. Come over and you can try our steaks. Do you like--I might take you up on it. Do you like--is it like a grill in the backyard or what? We have a grill in our garden, yeah. That is a cool thing for a king to barbecue. So I was asking Queen Rania during the commercial break if there was like a formal something going on at the palace.

And I was brought to the palace, and were in line to meet you, we would all have to like bow and kiss your ring? We don't really enjoy the whole ceremonial aspect of this. There are certain occasions when there is ceremony and there is the formalities, but we try to limit those as much as possible. I think it's important to just be yourself. What have you told your oldest son about being king, if anything?

You know, what's important for me, now, he's just a child. And what's important for me is for him to be, you know, grounded in reality. And the most important thing is to instill him with the right values.

I just feel that values are the shield that you carry with you throughout life and it protects you from whatever life throws at you. That's a wonderful quote. So how do you give a strong value system when you have everything? How do you do that? You try to take away some of those things.

Well, how do you do that when they're in the palace? You're in a palace! Hey, mom, you know. I think--I think that's part of the myth of the whole royal thing.

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I mean, our palace is very much a home. And when my son asks for something, he doesn't automatically get it.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

He has to work for it and he may not get it at all. Like I control--like I don't let him watch as much TV as he wants or Or--and what kind of shows he's allowed to watch.

Queen Rania of Jordan

If he's allowed to buy the latest gadget or whatever, he doesn't get it automatically, so. I mean, he has to work for it and he has to have And so what kind of work would he be doing?

What does he do?

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Like he doesn't have to wash the dishes or