How did simon le bon meet his wife

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how did simon le bon meet his wife

At 51, Yasmin Le Bon emanates the type of relaxed beauty that cannot be found in a jar or They met in , when Yasmin was modelling in London. The following year, the pair married in Yasmin's home town, Oxford. After nearly 40 years together as Duran Duran, how does it feel to go on the road?. Red's July cover star, Yasmin Le Bon, on life with "bonkers" Simon and how Saska Graville meets the gang to discuss "bonkers" dad Simon and why a full Yasmin describes her family life as 'muddled', and it does sound like was only 21 when she married Duran Duran lead singer Simon in It is quite surreal to watch Yasmin and Simon Le Bon in grandparent mode. She and Simon married that December after dating for just over a year and lived a famously one of Oxford-born Yasmin Parvaneh's modelling pictures and declared that he had to meet her. It wasn't easy, but we just did it.

She's great fun, fantastic, beautiful and we laugh all the time. It's not always easy at all.

Culture Powerhouses Simon and Yasmin on What It's Like to Live Le Bon

But I really want to stay married for life. He tracked her down for a date via her modelling agent and the rest is history. Yasmin, 46, is still modelling and the couple have three daughters, Amber, 21, Saffron, 19, and Talullah, I'd have no problem if any of them brought a rock star boyfriend home - as long as the guy could sing.

How Well Do Duran Duran's John Taylor and Simon Le Bon Know Each Other? Find Out

Duran Duran, who met at art school in Birmingham and became megastars in the Eighties, are back with their most eagerly-awaited album for over a decade. And while they may now be Old Romantics rather than New ones with a combined age ofthey still look good. They all have elaborate hair and make-up - including eyeliner and mascara. Simon has a suspiciously dark beard and highlights galore.

John's eyes are still well and truly smoky and his cheekbones are as razor sharp as ever. As is his temperament - if a question bores him he yells, "Next!

how did simon le bon meet his wife

Nick wears a velvet jacket - a nod to his Eighties style - and his trademark comb-over means any hint of a receding hairline is safely hidden. Roger Taylor looks macho and handsome in a George Clooney way and explains: They've been there, done it and learnt from their mistakes. But we've evolved in time. But I really want to stay married for life.

People are led to believe that if it's not perfect then just ditch it and change it these days. They were part of the original girl gang of supermodels who hung out together, suppported each other, and formed lifelong friendships.

Yasmin dispels the stereotype of the modelling world being glamorous, left with memories of spending the whole time working - at the peak of her career, Yasmin spoke of doing jobs a day, 7 days a week and travelling to 8 countries within the span of 2 weeks.

We were all just working really hard. But when we did the shows together we had great fun. We were exhausted and needed to prop each other up — and that, I really enjoyed.

What continues to bring Yasmin back to modelling after 30 years is her passion for the industry. She loves being able to create images, to play different characters, and to be part of a creative team with inspirational, talented people. With husband Simon, she has 3 daughters: The product of creative parents, all three work in the arts - Amber is a fellow model and DJ, Saffron is a singer and musician with a BA in music performance, and Tallulah works as a booker in Yasmin's London agency, Models 1.

They form a very tight-knit, supportive family unit in a home full of love, laughter, music, and mayhem. Sharing their southwest London home is a number of pets. Two kitten sisters were the first fluffy additions to the household. They were soon joined by 3 dogs - chihuahua Tinka, pug Luigi, and Boston terrier Cecil. Yasmin is enamoured with her dogs, stating that they have transformed her life for the better. Inher first grandchild, Taro Arturo, son of her daughter Saffron, joined their happy home.

While she has had a hand in making small contributions to pieces of jewellery or clothing that were sold to raise funds for charity, her first true foray into fashion design came in fallas the result of an invitation from entrepreneur Philip Green to design a capsule collection for British retailer Wallis.

As she does with most endeavors, Yasmin became fully engrossed in all aspects of the process, making decisions on everything from fabrics to cuts to accents. The collection, which reflected her own bent for comfortable, rock'n'roll chic with a classic flair, sold out quickly, several pieces within hours. She found the greatest reward to see other people wearing the clothes that she designed and making them their own. It wasn't until that she came forward with another clothing collection, this time for Winser London, a British company that she has represented since its launch.

It was primarily inspired by classic cars and the adventurous spirit of female pioneers of auto racing, combined with her desire to take endow vintage style with a modern, sporty vibe. It was very important for her to make comfortable, luxurious garments with fine details that can last - and that allow the wearer to feel special from the moment she puts them on.

how did simon le bon meet his wife

As a result, she is highly supportive of organizations that work to promote the causes that are closest to her heart, particularly those that benefit the environment, children, and people suffering from cancer. The environment has been a longstanding concern to Yasmin, and being involved in associations that aim to protect the world's dwindling natural resources has made her feel like she can make an impact in the face of issues that, as an individual, she has felt powerless against.

She has also served as an ambassador to the Blue Marine Foundation and filmed an informational video for them to speak out against destruction of the world's oceans.

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Since many children can lack a voice to advocate for their own care, Yasmin backs a number of organizations that are able to lend them a hand. She and longtime friend Lisa B co-founded Mothers4Children, which was launched in to raise funds for select charities through the combined efforts of the women who form the organization.

Their primary message was that surrounding children with love and attention will allow them to flourish and have unlimited potential.

how did simon le bon meet his wife

After her mother passed away from breast cancer, Yasmin has been involved with groups that are devoted to raising funds and awareness to fight all forms of cancer. Her personal link to the issue enables her to provide informed advice to those suffering from the disease and their families. She has been the face of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign on multiple occasions and attended recent fundraisers benefiting the Gynaecological Cancer Fund and Future Dreams.

She credits her father with nurturing this early interest: She describes herself as "possessed" with classic car magazines: She has also been fortunate enough to sit behind the wheel of some exceptional vintage beauties in the Corthay Excellence Run, "It's All About the Girls" rally, and the rigorous Mille Miglia, in which she was one of the few women to participate, with co-pilot David Gandy.

She's said that the favorite car she's ever driven was the Bugatti T40 which she is pictured astride in this photo: Time to smell the roses as they say.