How did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

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how did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

I am Krizz Kaliko - singer & rapper signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music - Ask Me Anything! pretty good. Q: How did you and tech meet?. Samuel William Christopher Watson IV (born March 7, ), better known by his stage name Krizz Kaliko, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is a longtime collaborator with fellow hometown native Tech N9ne, and is was also collaborating with IcyRoc at the time, which led to the two rappers meeting. Krizz Kaliko tells us about his first meeting Tech N9ne and paying him to do a song and how they ended up becoming the incredible team they.

When I was kid, people said I was going to be a minister. I didn't know if that was necessarily going to be true but, this is ministering right here, in this environment. Because, if I was a mister you can only touch people in a church. Where if I operate within this environment when people talk about I have my own connection with a higher power; however, I am very supportive of all religions that promote positive lifestyles.

While religion is a great way to get a positive message across, it is always a way to talk about the difficulties we go through, another thing that can also be accomplished in music. As we would soon figure out, we were even more alike than we thought.

how did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

Yeah, it's saying this is fucked up. And [the fans are] like, me too. The other big one that I wanted to talk about was, Stop the World, on your last project. I don't like to talk about [depression] this is why I wanted to talk to you about this because, I struggle talking about depression, my anxiety has been a lot easier to talk about lately. But, depressions has been the really difficult one for me to talk about.

The way you feel about it, the suicidal tendencies, all those types of things, they're really I feel that sometimes even just talking about it isn't the same as when you hear it in a song. When you hear it in a song it makes it more easily digestible. I feel the same way when I get into my writing, that if I'm going to talk to somebody about it, it's not going to be the same way as if I just write it out, and then they read it later.

In the song, I feel like you can convey exactly how you want it to be conveyed. Music is kind of spiritual, you know what I'm saying? Certain notes, it's proven, that certain notes make people feel a certain way. You ever that thing on the internet, on YouTube, where the dude plays the three chords, and sings like a hundred songs with the same three chords?

There's a reason why all these songs have those chords. Because, they know that people are going to be attracted to those particular chords, there's a science behind it. But, it spoke to me, and it told me to do this, you know what I mean? I feel like if it does that's to me, it'll do that to you.

You were talking about Anxiety. That's kind of trappy sounding, if you really listen to it. It doesn't sound like it's supposed to be serious. In my head I just heard anxiety. I didn't have nothing else, but I just had that. Then I heard right after that, I'm going, going, gone.

I was like dude, I got to do that. It felt like I was just getting it out. It made me feel like I was getting it out of my body by expressing it on this aggressive sounding beat. That's what I presume you feel too. It's weird because, you're right, it doesn't tap into the side of it that's like, how am I going to fix my anxiety? It taps into the side, the aggressive side Where you're like, why does this keep happening? Why can't I just That's what I got. Like that, I feel like a fucking maniac in public.

I was walking through Wal Mart. A lot of times I got my hood on like this. You know, of course, the way that I look, sometimes I think is different than what I am, or how I speak, or any of these things. So, you walk through Wal Mart, big black dude with a hoodie on, gold teeth.

To some people that seems a bit menacing, or intimidating. So, when I'm going through anxiety, I'm like, what is this mother fucker thinking right now? Even though I'm just going to the electronics to get me some ear buds.

I mean, but I'm like, I'm looking at her, and I'm looking at you, and I'm looking at him, I'm just like Feeling crazy, feeling anxious, not understanding why these things happen or what triggers them. This is the most important aspects to music for myself is the ability for me to see myself in the songs.

So, in talking about this connection because, this is one thing, we just sat down with Brother Ali a couple weeks ago. Yeah that's who helped me. One thing that we kind of talked about is, even though I mean you guys may have a little bit bigger of an audience than some of the guys at Rhymesayers but, even so, within the underground, independent artists, one of the things I like is that when you create your music, and this was something that What does the connection to your fans mean to you?

Not even during the creation, it means I can't quit. Because, I wanted to quit a couple of times. It just means that I can't quit because, I feel responsible for my fans, for our fans, and for Tech fans.

I feel responsible for them. I feel like they kind of need me. That sounds very pompous but I feel like they need me. I feel like if I stop, remember when JayZ said, they can't leave the game alone, the game needs me. I feel like the game really does need a JayZ. I feel like in my world, the game, our fans need us. The service, I say this all the time, man. I understand my talent, and I appreciate it but, I'm a servant of this world.

I'm a servant of the people. In my way, and I feel like I would be doing a disservice to them, to not be here, and exist in this music world.

We went on to talk about the fact that artists are human.

how did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

They have flaws, they have depressions, and they have bills, children and a taxing life on the road. However, the road can be enjoyable even throughout the issues and pressures. You only have this little space to occupy, and you gotta find ways to keep your little stuff how you want to keep it. Because, Tech likes to put his stuff everywhere. I'm constantly doing this with Tech's stuff. I'm like, here's your area. I mean this is 20 years later. I'm like no, put your flip flops right there.

Dude, you got Gucci flip flops, they're like dollars, why are they just in the middle of the hall? Last night, he got in his bed, and I was in my bunk because, I usually sleep on the bottom, he's always on the top, and he's like across. He put his flip flops in the middle of the hall. I was like look what you're doing, look what you're doing, look what you're doing.

Why are these here? You're flip flops aremine are 30, and I take better care of my 30 dollar ones, than your dollar ones. Why are you doing this right now? Please put your flip flops up. He'd be like, okay man. That's one of the funnier parts but, it's a little bit tougher.

Like military, athletes, prison all live the same way. We all live the same way with this. It's taxing man, it's mentally taxing. All of our dudes are tired. The last day of the tour's tomorrow. Like I'm sitting at Perkins like, oh I'm so tired. I do not want to do this show tonight. But, as soon as that music comes on, it's like vroom.

It just turns back on, and then you're like, let's go. That's why we can do crazy shows every night. Every night because, this is what we do. Even if we don't want to do it, this is what we do, so it just turns on. The fans can be tiring, the love overbearing, but the truth of the matter is they are the driving force that gets artists on stage and continue to put out their best shows. Krizz was the first to mention both sides of it and to talk about the pure joy of stepping onto stage, or in his case a full out sprint, and hearing the crowd scream in pure ecstasy.

Since we had been talking about this connection, the final thing to do was to make this connection within the interview and bring a fan in to ask their question. So, I always reach out to the fans, and see kind of what the fans are thinking, and if they ever want to ask questions. So, we had a question from a fan who, he reached out to ask. He said he had tried to get you to smoke, and drink with him way back in the day at the Myth here, and he said you were sober at the time, and he knew that you were very religious, so he wondered if you're still sober, and if you're sober, is your sobriety based on religious beliefs?

And then also, how does it feel being on certain songs that may portray, you know, getting drunk or going to the club, and that sort of side of it. Along with the sobriety side of it. So, couple of things. I was sober when we talked to me, that doesn't me that happens all the time. I don't smoke too much man. Like, it always freaked me because, I have anxiety. The right strain of weed, I'm looking for it. If I had the right strain of weed, I would smoke. My sobriety has nothing to do with religion, at all.

It's literally because, I have always been, for real, I've always been like the daddy of the crew. I've always been like the mature one of all of us, for real. Tech is older than me, but I've always been like his big brother.

Like you see what I said, what are you doing? What are you doing? Pick your stuff up. Even though he's like the boss of us, but if you were around all the time, he doesn't seem like that. Even sitting down with the both of them this could be seen. Tech has always seemed more outgoing and likely to party, while Krizz in the interview gave out more of a vibe of someone that has to remain much more in control.

It is something I feel about drinking and loss of control with my anxiety and its one of the reasons I do not drink often; however, even the most socially awkward like to let loose. He don't seem like he's the boss because, usually I'm telling him what to do.

But, that's only because, Tech has always been a little more of party animal than me. I'll kick it for a while, then I get off of it. So, I'm not a big drinker. On this tour, I have a thing that I do on tour where, I drink for a whole week straight.

Every single day for a whole week, and I did my week. Then I'm back off of it. One because, I'm concentrating on my health more than anything. That's the main reason. Secondly, I like to be in control. I don't have to be in control of you.

But, I want to be in control of me.

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I'm a cool drunk, you know what I'm saying? But, I may lose control here, and there sometimes. So, I don't want to do that. I want to usually be watching. I'm slightly paranoid too, so I want to like peep what's happening. If I'm drinking in the VIP, and there's a hundred girls around, I can't fucking pay attention to everything that's happening.

how did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

Usually if somebody's doing something, I see it. Security sometimes doesn't even see it. Their sitting there whistling.

how did tech n9ne and krizz kaliko meet

I'm like, dude in the red hoodie over there, blah, blah, blah. I'm like, dude right there. Pacing back, and forth, reaching in his pockets, keeps coming over here. You know what I'm saying. And if I'm drinking, I can't, I'm not on.

That's really the reason, it don't have anything to do with religion. This goes back to what you were saying, a lot of people that have these like anxiety or depression, they think the same things, this is literally I don't drink very often, and I don't drink for that reason.

I don't like to lose control. Like that idea that I'm not going to be in control. I don't have to control everybody else. How do you do on airplanes? I have to travel for a living, I have to do it. I have to fly over the ocean for 17 hours. That thought is like I'm analyzing like what is happening?

What would happen if that shit went down? Krizz Kaliko Loves better than hate any day, brother. Have you ever thought of doing a metal album? The way you deliver on Roadkill and Spaz gives a great metal vibe. Oh yeah, I would love to. Would you ever make a song with taylor swift? How old is she now, btw? What was it like performing rap at a rock festival?

Krizz Kaliko It was a great big F U to people who thought we didn't deserve to be there. It was amazing to win all of those new fans, as well. Got out of the penitentiary in after 12 years of BET and radio. You are great and paired correctly with Tech in the game. Thanks for the AMA. How do you deal with the questions about your pigmentation and are you embarrassed about it?

It is a mark of distinction. Do you collect anything? Muscle cars or modern cars? Human heads in a duffle bag.

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I collect weight if I don't eat right and work out. Would you rather fight duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? I can kick at least 10 at once. If you were tasked with making the world's most disgusting burrito and every possible ingredient was at your disposal, how would you make the burrito? Krizz Kaliko I'd start with mucus from a recently flu-stricken goat, mixed with a g-string from a dead prostitute.

You can't make a burrito without salsa. With an eyeball on top. Kali baby man how the hell do you touch people on such a personal level without knowing any one of us? I mean i know its all about what you go through and WE connect with YOU but sometimes i feel like you are speaking with me on a personal level.

Krizz Kaliko Because we all go through the same shit. If you could be a superhero, what would be your super power s and would you rather be a Marvel character Avengers or DC character Batman, Superman? Krizz Kaliko My super power is that I can kill any super hero that I wanted to. My power is to make them powerless against me.

I have to have Rittz's hair to do it. Are you doing any of your songs off "GO" on the independent powerhouse tour? Can't wait to see you guys on the 15th Yes I am. Can you perform Beautiful You Are, at your Cleveland show next month? Krizz Kaliko I wish.

Hey Krizz, where do you think your faith as a Christian is at right now? I ask this with love: Krizz Kaliko I'm struggling.

Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko Meet and Greet

I've been praying about that recently. I don't know if what we've been taught is the absolute and complete truth about religion. That goes for all of them.