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His fans give him a horrible name and are generally 12 year olds (In how they act ). living embodiment the actual personification of Terrible YouTube Gaming. .. a crew of YouTubers (the creatures) and he's the only one who has more than . worst FGC player I've ever met DSP twin bro that has no sportsmanship ever. Jahova: Birth Facts, Family, and Childhood Jahova was born to. Moreover, his videos like 'Meeting KYR SP33DY',' NobodyEpic', and. A description of tropes appearing in VanossGaming and Company. Evan Fong ( born May 31, ), also known as VanossGaming or simply Vanoss, is a.

Her long wavy blonde hair and clear gray eyes accompanied her pale white skin. Her small figurine and slight curves made her more stunning then cute or pretty. They live right next door to each other. Val, Kyle, Joel, and I bursted out laughing. Why throw a party after one week of school? So you lucked out. To learn about guys who are dead. I waited for Dylan and Elliott, who had grins on their faces. Stephi came out bright red. She looked even redder when her eyes laid on me. Dylan wrapped an arm around me and had the brightest grin on his face as well.

I accidentally brought it up and they tortured me till I spilled the beans! She hugged me and I saw Lucas glaring at me. My clock for some reason went off at 6. Stephi was in my room dressed in the school uniform. Me being the dumbass I am, I believed her. I quickly got out of the shower and ran towards the bathroom with my uniform and towel in hand.

NYC Blizzard With KYR SP33DY & NobodyEpic!

At some point during my shower, Steph thought it would be a great idea to walk into the bathroom as I changed and scare me. I turned off the water and opened the curtains. As I was reached for my towel, when Steph walked in. It was like a deer caught in the headlights. We both froze and her curious eyes wondered to a forbidden area. Her face turned red and she quickly ran out. I never want to relive that day again. I gotta go to Geometry! They ran off and I was left walking with Dylan and Elliott to History.

I looked at them. Their grins were now smirks. Dylan and I looked at him with shocked looks on out faces. Elliott never says that about other girls, but one. That girl was Annalise.

I had to talk to my History teacher about something, so the guys went on ahead. When I walked to the cafeteria a familiar face appeared. My crush since middle school. I have the first lunch too. Who do you sit with? We have a couple new guys that will sit with us today.

We have one of Lucas weird friends named Johnathan. A bunch of the girls, like Leslie, Annalise, Emma, and Megan. We walked towards the lunch room. On the walk there we talked about how our summer vacation, a certain Freshy I know, and a certain new friend of Lucas. Once we reached the cafeteria, I immediately spotted Valentina. Val this is my dear friend Kayla. Kayla this is the Freshy I told you about, Valentina.

She was being a little to kind. We were just missing Stephi and Kyle. You guys know where Steph is? I rolled my eyes and sat down. God I hate that stupid dumb art teacher! She put her head on the table and I patted her back. At least today is Friday. Everyone at the table nodded their heads. Valentina follow our lead. Everyone started to remove everything off of the tables. After everything was off, we started banging on the table to make the drum beat thing that always pops up when something is being announced.

Once the whole cafeteria gave us their undying attention, Lucas got on top of the table. So all seniors are invited! Any non seniors show up will face punishment. The cheers came from those who could go. Val stood up and walked towards Kayla. Especially when we have a certain black haired girl stuck with us.

Stephi gently slapped my arm. I pretended to be hurt. She then stuck her tounge out at me. Since the party was tomorrow Stephi and I had to be host of two different a slumber parties, which we were of course gonna combine into one. We had to change in the school bathrooms so we can be comfy for when we get everything set up. A lovely gift from Stephi. I also brought my black and white vans. Stephi had brought along her Star wars pullover and ripped dark wash skinny jeans. She also had on black and white vans on.

When will you be back? See you on Monday!

god bless — Alright Crew buddies - I’ve decided that’s what

She hung up and walked towards where I was standing. She had borrowed my phone since hers died during one of her classes. It rang for awhile and then be picked up. In the background I heard a lot of people running around and talking. I put the phone call on speaker. This a bad time? Maybe we can go out with Stephanie and celebrate my baby boy growing up. Shala, me and your son are not dating.

But it will be great to go out with you.

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For Terroriser, this is in stark contrast to his Butt-Monkey portrayal in other games. Lui is this in GTA V. Racingcatz Cody made only one appearance in Mario Kart 8, which was also the group's first video playing the game, but he immediately solidified himself as the absolute best of the group, winning multiple races with tilt controls. Comes up when Daithi notices that, in the Mario Kart 8 Dolphin Shoals track selection window, the way the dolphin is framed makes the bit of its tail that's showing look like a penis.

He kinda looks like he's got a fuckin' chub going! That dolphin is built like a tree stump! Wildcat, at the end of a Mario Kart 8 race after Terroriser hit him with an amazing roast: I'm pissed because it was fucking good and I can't say anything! Terroriser lapses into this personality whenever it seem funny to do so The group has a tendency to frequently don animal masks when playing GTA Online, and in many sessions, they've taken up superheroes based on them.

The Digital Avatars for some were even codified based on this. It was originally a combination of several different outfits from the game a mask with a tactical outfit and some superhero emblemsbut has since become his primary look.

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While he uses the red jacket outfit on the side, he's basically become synonymous with owls as a result of him redesigning his channel around it. His Garry's Mod avatar has become a stylized version of the outfit, and he's changed his Twitter description to "professional superhero".

This outfit of a completely black Batman-like suit with a raccoon mask, is similar to Vanoss but is used less frequently since his main caricature consists of a blue sweater and a hockey mask. A pig with a helmet. His outfit isn't superhero-oriented, and it took advantage of a glitch in the game where the mask could be worn with a helmet. It has since become his caricature too following a channel redesign in August The outfit is made as an addition to his non-superhero one, where he gets a blue jacket and a bald eagle mask.

A glitched horse head following a GTA video where he accidentally creates the glitch, though he doesn't always wear it. His Garry's Mod avatar is a giant rabbit suit. However, he doesn't transfer this outfit to other games. Panda is right in his name, but his GTA avatar doesn't wear a panda mask. Instead, his Garry's Mod avatar wears a panda hat and underwear.

During sessions, others often joke that his avatar is homeless and commits crimes regularly. Lui and Basically both use monkeys. Though Mini doesn't have a signature animal character, he does have his "giraffe camel man" Mii. This comes up in Far Cry Primalwhere many of the guys played the game early under sponsorship by Ubisoft. Moo, Vanoss, Delirious, and Wildcat had solo sessions where they'd meet an animal matching their friends, and proceed to name them accordingly.

All except Vanoss named the owl scout after Vanoss, the owl himself fought a boar and referred to it as Wildcat, and the list goes on for a bit longer. In Gmod, some of the members use a model based on an inanimate object as their player character.

Whenever some of their well planned shenanigans go south, so do their reactions.