How to meet broadway stars after the show

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how to meet broadway stars after the show

The stage door is a unique opportunity for theatergoers to meet and interact with actors from a Broadway show. After a show, most Broadway. I will go to the stage door right away after the show then! if you are trying to meet a specific actor, send a note to them via the Theatre telling. Answer 1 of 6: I'm looking to hang by the stage door after their broadway shows to meet Alicia Silverstone and John Stamos. (They're in separate shows, by the.

Adam Jacobs, the actor bringing the character Aladdin to life took a moment to stop and talk. Just when we were getting ready to leave, the final star of the night stepped out the stage door.

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Boy was I excited to meet James. I had seen the show previously and was wowed by his TONY award acceptance speech. These interviews are available on the Disney Dose podcast episode below. Listen to the Aladdin interview here. The next day we attended one of the last showings of Newsies in New York City before the production went on a national tour.

After the show, audience members are invited to stay to meet the stars at the stage door. Not only do you get to meet the stars, but you can most likely get all of their autographs as well.

how to meet broadway stars after the show

The youngest member of the cast was a big hit with the grandmothers in the audience. Disney creates incredible stage door experiences, but by no means are they the only shows to conduct them.

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During this last trip I also had the chance to see Neil Patrick Harris up close and personal outside the theater where he was performing in Hedwig and the Harry Inch. What do you do at the stage door? Do not disobey security. Line up wherever they tell you to.

how to meet broadway stars after the show

Where the heck is the stage door? The answer is different for every theater. From my last post, I was asked specifically about the theater where She Loves Me is playing—Studio The stage door for Studio 54 is a little tricky.

The main door for the theater is on 54th St, but the stage door is on 53rd St.

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The quickest way to get there is through the back door, which spits you out right beside the stage door. You can also exit the main door of the theater and walk around the block, but that takes more time.

how to meet broadway stars after the show

How long do you have to wait at the stage door? Usually, you should be prepared to be at the stage door for at least 45 minutes after the show. I think that for She Loves Me and Aladdin, my friend and I were at the stage door for about an hour total. The cast has to get out of costume, gather their belongings, and finish up any visits inside the theater before they come to the stage door.

Who comes out to the stage door? I bet you can guess my answer: At Hamilton, the first time I went, almost the entire cast came out and most of them stuck around long enough to sign and take pictures with everyone who wanted it. This time, two actors came out.

5 Stage Door Tips Every Broadway Fan Needs to Know

For Aladdin, the actors playing Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie came out, but the actor who plays Jafar rarely comes out. Zachary Levi actually makes two laps of the stage door: And he brings out some music, too. Because why not, I guess. There is always a possibility that an actor who almost always comes out will decide not to, for one reason or another. It can be disappointing, but remember that actors are people, and they are almost certainly exhausted after the show.