How to not be a control freak in relationship

This Is For Those Who Struggle With Relationships Because They’re Control Freaks | Thought Catalog

how to not be a control freak in relationship

Why having a controlling personality not only ruins your happiness, but also sabotaging your relationship. Learn how to stop being a control. I will be the first to admit it: I am a control freak. a control freak like yours truly, here are a few mistakes you can avoid making in a relationship. Curbing your inner control freak doesn't happen overnight. Fear causes us think in distorted ways, including catastrophizing (“If this relationship fails, I'll When you let go of what's not working, you make room for a life filled.

How to Stop Being a Control Freak in a Relationship

Some people get into a relationship to only later find out that they are dating a complete control freak. Thankfully, there are early warning signs for you to keep an eye out for, just in case you feel that you have entered into a relationship with someone who is a control freak. They go through your phone For most people, their phone is a pretty private place.

They may look through your messages and apps. If your partner is constantly telling you what to do, be aware: Nothing ever seems like the truth to them. Jealousy is a normal part of life, but control freaks take it to the extreme. You may notice that your partner gets angry with you when you spend time with someone else rather than them.

This Is For Those Who Struggle With Relationships Because They’re Control Freaks

They want your passwords To your phone, to your computer, to your Facebook … anything that you could keep them out of, the control freak will always want access to.

They may try to pass this off as proving that you are trustworthy, but it is really to make sure they have complete control over you and the things you do online. You are never good enough To a control freak, you can always use improvement.

A control freak will want to control your personality and change it into something that they can keep control over.

how to not be a control freak in relationship

They need to know everything What are you doing today? She is no longer in control, that well-intentioned control freak. Some days I actually focus on not doing things efficiently. Instead, I read and listen to what other people say about being retired, and I give their ways a try. But I still get to have control over some things.

Jealous? How to Take Back Control…

Now I focus my control-freak persona on only those things. Mostly, they are things that nobody else cares about, nobody else will even notice whether they get done or not. When that craving arises, I put myself to work on a current art project or go out for an invigorating walk. Or I tackle a few items on my to-do list.

And yet, it feels so good to cross something off the list.

Controlling Your Inner Control Freak: The Art of Inefficiency

In exactly the way I wanted it done. I take control over my avoidance and tackle my lists. My control freak no longer negatively impacts anybody else.

how to not be a control freak in relationship

Listen to what people think and say. Their ideas are just as important as mine, if not more important. Be completely open to alternative ways of doing things. Not if I care about my relationships. Expecting perfection in others is a good way to lose friends and alienate colleagues.

Just for a change, plan to not make a plan. Just forge ahead and see how it goes.

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Sometimes my way is a good way. But other people can decide that on their own, without my help. I can gracefully accept when others step up to take charge.

In fact, I enjoy encouraging them forward. I will absolutely learn something new when I observe how others do things. I enjoy following their path as a change from my own. Go with the flow.

Working with others is so much more interesting than working to control them.