A long term business relationship

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a long term business relationship

No matter what industry you operate in, relationship building is key to success in the long term. As a recruitment company, we know how. If you've been in business a while, you've likely learned how difficult it can be to win a new customer. You can spend quite a bit of money and. You need to build long-term business relationships to help your business thrive. Here are some helpful tips for nurturing those relationships.

Once you have the right reputation, it is easier to gain trust and confidence in those with whom you do business.

a long term business relationship

Reduced marketing effort When you focus on the process of building relationships, you are creating life-long connections. Having a regular, established client base means that you do not need to use excessive marketing to try and win new customers, which can reduce overall costs. Nurturing those with whom you have already built relationships can grow your business through repeat use and recommendations to others.

a long term business relationship

Brand advocates When you look after your clients correctly, they are more likely to be satisfied with your service, which increases the chances of them promoting your business to others, through recommendations. By acting as brand advocates for your business, long-term clients are effectively doing the marketing of your brand for you, building your reputation and increasing awareness.

Successful outcome If you take the time to get to know your clients you will be better equipped to fully understand what they want. In our case, this would maximise the chances of placing the correct candidate with the most appropriate employer, creating a successful outcome for all parties. Your voice tone, or the ways in which you sound.

The benefits of building long-term business relationships - Frazer John Recruitment

This could be the speed and volume of your voice, for example. Speech patterns — pick up the key words or phrases your client uses and build these subtly into your conversation.

Do they like detail, or talk about the bigger picture? Rhythm of body movement and energy levels Body postures and gestures He says that rapport is powerful and created by a feeling of commonality: As a business you should be aiming to make your customers feel valued by investing your care and time into them; once you do this your business will reap the benefits.

Overall, to build a good rapport with your customers you must do more for your them than anyone else by adding value. After all, happy customers are better for your business. One word of caution: Use good judgment here.

a long term business relationship

As tricky as this can be, I have selectively addressed certain people directly and respectfully asked them to reconsider those conversations and choose not to continue interacting with them. We should be thoughtful, have the right motives and be connecting people for the right reasons.

Investing In Long-Term Business Relationships

Not all referrals work out. Get More Personal If you really want to get to know people, ask them to go for coffee so that you can talk more personally, one on one.

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Be willing to go out and do something fun together that may not have anything to do with work. Music, art, entertainment, meet ups and community events are all fun things to do to see different sides of people.

The benefits of building long-term business relationships

Not to mention some random and memorable conversations and laughs that can come out of it. Let Go of Expectations Always go into relationships with an open mind, realistic expectations and never assume.

a long term business relationship

People are only who we think they are based on what our interactions have been with them. One of the best pieces of advice I got from a client was: