Long distance relationship cake topper

How Real Couples Handled Long-Distance Engagements | Martha Stewart Weddings

long distance relationship cake topper

Wood state shape wedding cake toppers for the long distance couple. Two states with a heart engraved in your hometown with an ampersand engraved with. We've searched to find the best long distance relationship ideas out there to Welcome Home Cake Topper (Oh Happy Day) – Get the party. Jun 20, Long Distance relationship Custom Wedding Cake Topper # custom #wedding #caketopper.

His father, Fernando Ramirez, lives in Colombia.

long distance relationship cake topper

The two met at Dulaney High School in Tori was a freshman manager for the football team; Juan was a running back. Tori was immediately attracted to Juan. The two quickly became friends, and talked daily throughout high school.

How Real Couples Handled Long-Distance Engagements

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And even when they attended different colleges — she in North Carolina, he in Pennsylvania — they continued to keep in contact. The summer before Tori's senior year of college, they decided to make it official.

Six months into their official relationship, they broke up because of the distance.

A Running Wedding

But the two continued to be friends. After an additional six months of not seeing each other, Juan told Tori that he couldn't imagine being with anyone but her.

long distance relationship cake topper

Their relationship continued to flourish even though she accepted a job in North Carolina and he accepted a job in Texas. Distance isn't an issue anymore — the couple lives together in Burleson, Texas. Catina Smith created Just Call Me Chef to give women running kitchens and businesses more recognition in a predominately male industry. Unlike everything else, I could not find a running themed wedding invitation that I liked on Etsy shocking I know.

Simple, sweet, and clear, he nailed it!

Texting in a long distance relationship ( Make It LAST! )

No I am not kidding. We sent out invitations for that as well because I love keeping USPS in business and Gordon pulled through a third and final time to make sure we had exactly what we wanted. Oh yes and costumes were encouraged. I could not decide how I wanted to do our table numbers for the longest time. I went back and forth on using names of the races we have run together, locations of our favorite running spots, or using running bibs.

Robert has kept every running bib he has ever earned so we had a ton of numbers to choose from if we used our own. He was nervous about using our own because of the risk of losing them in the hustle and bustle of wedding day. I was wary of the numbers not actually being sequential if we used our own and the fact that I would have to frame them and then they would have to be low on the tables which makes them difficult to see when people are looking for their tables.

long distance relationship cake topper

I do not like cake and did not want to have any cake at our wedding, but knowing we had to have something to cut into and that some people do like traditional cake I did get a small round that we could use for the ceremonial cake cutting.

In doing so I opened myself up to the ability to get a cake topper that portrayed us doing what we loved.

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After visiting Brian in Scottsboro a few times, I discovered a beautiful park that overlooks the Tennessee River and planned a surprise picnic date for him after work. We watched the sunset and everything was perfect.

A few months later, Brian told me that he wanted to go on another picnic. When we arrived at the park, I went around to the trunk of the car to help unload, but then he grabbed my hand and led me to the picnic that was already set up.

long distance relationship cake topper

It was a perfect day! May 10, How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? If so, what was your favorite phrase, verse or line?

long distance relationship cake topper

No, Brian and I both wanted to say the vows that couples have been vowing to each other for centuries. I love the simplicity of traditional vows. Describe your wedding flowers. For my bouquet, I carried all-white peony blooms.