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A Family for Christmas by Mona Ingram

cute meet love hot scene of mona

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Recommend if you're after an extremely easy read which doesn't require any thought or some stereotypical chick lit.

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And as an added bonus, Mona offers up two love stories for the price of one. And in saying that, Mona does not come out and address the leading storyline couple in the beginning, in fact, you begin to wonder who the premise is about. But in all due time, you discover that the love of your life may be standing in the same room or sitting across from you at the same table.

Two months before Christmas and Maddie LaRoque has lost her position at a Calgary accounting firm in the Drummond building. With no potential prospects on the horizon, Maddie begins to outline a plan to set up her own business in the same building where she once worked.

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To lease the empty storefront, Maddie must engage Chase Drummond-billionaire owner of Drummond Enterprises. When Lily and Chase are finally introduced, Lily is quick to point out to Maddie that she is tired of playing the beautiful arm candy to rich men trying to make an impression in the world of business.

Both Maddie and Lily have suffered some amazing heartbreaks at the hands of men with whom they were in love. Maddie will soon discover that the man she is drawn to is not the man she thought.

cute meet love hot scene of mona

And it is no surprise to Maddie when she discovers that this man appears to have difficulty in the honesty department-betrayal and heartbreak greet Maddie with every waking day. Both Lily and Maddie find themselves devastated that old habits die hard when they fall in love with men who appear to be already committed to someone else.

cute meet love hot scene of mona

Add a couple of manipulative and greedy women looking to land a billionaire of their own, and you have the ingredients for a potential cat fight, but Lily and Maddie are beyond the games, and each will chose to handle their disappointment and heartbreak they only way they can. Who shows up there but her stepbrother, Cody, whom she doesn't know very well.

And he caught her doing something she shouldn't be doing in public, but he got a real eyeful. With that image seared in his brain, he makes an excuse to go by the bar where Kim is meeting her date, only to arrive just in time to save her from being drunkenly mauled in the parking lot.

A Family for Christmas

When they get home, all bets are off as they let their lust for each other rule the evening and the rest of the weekend. So begins a secret stepbrother-stepsister relationship.

cute meet love hot scene of mona

How can their minds find what they have together so wrong, when it feels so right to their bodies and especially their hearts? This is another smoking-hot-sexy-sweet offering from Mona Cox!

Kim Vs. Stepbrother

Hopefully, there will be still more of these guys coming out of the woodwork to be devoured much like chocolates!!! Kim works for the mayor and is finally ready to have a weekend in the Hamptons with all her Mona Cox friends for Alicia and Derek's engagement party. Cody is a spoiled rich partyboy who is actually getting tired of the New York scene and decides to get away for the weekend and go to his father's house in the Hamptons.

Kim and Cody are going to the same house at the same time. Don't worry, there were both full Kim vs Stepbrother is about Kim and Cody. Don't worry, there were both full grown adults before their parents married.