Difference between love relationship and marriage

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difference between love relationship and marriage

Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? If you're curious Originally Answered: What's the difference in love and marriage? Love vs. Marriage. It is second nature to categorize our lives. Everyone goes into a box. Every relationship has a label. And once they're there, it's hard sometimes. What's the difference between loving someone versus "being in love" versus limerence/new relationship energy? And how important is the.

Jokingly said, it also bears some truth to say that sex is legal in marriage, because it is almost always illegal, or perhaps immoral in most religions, if it is performed before marriage hence the term fornication. Love has different levels. Romantic love is the love that you can often see, or experience, between partners like a husband and wife. This love is more intense and passionate, and is more or less sexual in nature.

difference between love relationship and marriage

Love can also be filial, and be more in-tune to the family. It can also be a religious type of love, like the love for God and the like. The highest level, or form of love, is said to be termed as agape.

If you like this article or our site. Between two such people, marriage is a joy, the most natural expression of human nature, and it just gets better with time kids, material success, shared experience, etc. At no moment or, okay, hardly any moment does any difficulty of marriage make one wish one wasn't married. By contrast, unhappy individuals have unhappy marriages, no matter how much they love one another.

Some marriages of unhappy people still make them better off than being alone -- but not many. And we've always put the friendship first.

We're coming up on 10 years, now.

Difference between Love and Marriage

And we've both grown and changed over that time. But we are still friends and lovers, and partners and companions. As we've always been. We did go through that euphoric phase where everything was sunshine and rainbows And when it wore off in both of us - simultaneously - the following month was absolutely miserable, the most contentious month we've had thus far, until we figured out what was going on.

Since then, we have a very deep, passionate, rich love.

Difference between Live-in relationship and marriage | Dating

Not as reckless, not as chemically intense, but I wouldn't want to be without him, and I miss him incredibly when we're at work, and not together.

He is rarely far from my thoughts. I don't think that the euphoria was necessary to our relationship, and well, didn't do anything much positive for it. One interpretation of this is that you look for someone to balance you out, but this sounds suspiciously pragmatic.

Why would you go weak in the knees for something so mundane? I don't think evolutionary psychology is very convincing, not every irrationality can be explained by appealing to supposed rational savanna instincts that we've inherited. They've done experiments on male monkeys, presenting them with the ideal but inaccessible sexual partner and a less than perfect alternative who is accessible.

But humans are much more irrational, it's very common for us to fixate on the ideal and never let go, pining endlessly and persisting even when it's obvious that it's never going to happen. Irrationality is a major part of experience of love, and I don't think it can be accounted for in any kind of rational genetic determinism.

Maybe the reason there are so many rationalized love theories is to help us stigmatize the bad kind of love, where someone is deeply in love someone who is abusive and destructive to them. We can say "You aren't really in love with them, it's a malfunction of some kind.

When someone is in love with you, you are vulnerable to their irrationality, which can be extremely threatening in some circumstances, like when a stalker shows up on a celebrity's doorstep claiming they are meant for each other. And sometimes we worry that our own feelings are too strong, and potentially threatening to others. Counter-intuitively, the romanticized ideal of love, the One you are meant to be with, is somehow too rational for me, it tries to eliminate this risk by fantasizing about a guarantee, that the feelings are directed at the person you are supposed to love, who will reciprocate, etc.

So I guess for me, if love is irrational, then I count that as "in love". Even asking this kind of question could be a sign of that irrationality, if you think your feelings aren't really proper, somehow. Intense feelings are often taken as a sign of irrationality, but today we're almost expected to live our lives in pursuit of deep, extraordinary feelings and experiences, and it seems like most people have this internalized belief that if they don't have that, they are letting themselves down, or not really living.

difference between love relationship and marriage

This is similar to the myth of the One, but instead of fantasizing of a person who can make us whole, we focus on a particular feeling that can make us whole while being "realistic" that more than one person can provide this. This is the logic of the lost object, where we passionately pursue something that we think we're missing or has been taken from us.

The experience of finding what we think is IT produces rapturous feelings temporarily, until it inevitably let's us down and we conclude we were mistaken and start the search all over again--I think this is not really love, there is nothing on earth that can fill this void.

It reminds me of the quote "What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?

difference between love relationship and marriage

It's hard for me to summarize his stuff, which is really comprehensive research about marital satisfaction, happiness, etc. Marriage Clinic is the most thorough, a great read if you like psychology. Anecdotally, being "in love" has jack all to do with a happy anything. People are in love with assholes who make them miserable! Also anecdotally, the feeling of being "in love" that I think you're referring is what I call a crush I get all excited when I'm at a party and he meets me there.

You know how dogs get sooooo excited every time you come home and soooo excited every time you take them for a walk, like it's the first time?

difference between love relationship and marriage

I'm like that with him. YAY, he's watching TV with me! I think that having a crush helps marriage be awesome! Then again, he doesn't seem to have a crush on me, but maybe I don't know about it? I guess I'll ask. Also, I have crushes on other people sometimes, too, it's not just him. Of course we have all the other stuff going on that makes it a marriage and a crush. Shared living space, shared fluids, shared medical info, kisses and hugs yay!

I get excited and happy just to type thatin-laws, shared money, kisses I just asked him, he said he thought I was so cute at the gym today and that in fact he does have a crush on me. He might be lying, you never know.

Lying is also a good marriage skill that might be as important as being "in love".

difference between love relationship and marriage

A marriage is governed by a separate set of laws in all countries which safeguards the interests of both parties who enter into the union. Live-in relationships on the other hand have received due recognition in a few countries such as France and Philippines.

In India, presently there is no law defining the maxims of a live-in relationship. The Supreme Court however, has observed in a current ruling that a woman who has lived in a live-in relationship for a long period of time should enjoy the same rights that a married woman is entitled to.

The decision to enter into a live-in relationship or a marriage depends entirely on the two people involved. They need to be aware of the pros and cons of both and should at the same time rationalise as to what they really want out of the relationship.

Entering a live-in relationship because it is fashionable or marrying someone because that is what the society wants are both ill-informed decisions and hence should be avoided.