Mentor mentee relationship love meme

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mentor mentee relationship love meme

And relationships are built over time through getting to know one another and mostwontiwill businesslesson foreverlearning ⠀ from Instagram tagged as Advice Meme. Mentor-mentee relationships are just that, RELATIONSHIPS. . Advice, Fire, and Love: When I ask my parents for their opinion SUPER GOOD ADVICE. Keep in mind there are certain things that you can do, as a mentee, to make sure that the relationship with your mentor stays positive through. "I think the greatest thing we give each other is encouragement knowing that I'm talking to someone in this mentoring relationship who's.

As the senior partner in this relationship, mentors should set the example and delineate time parameters from the beginning.

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Say what times and days you can be available to be contacted. Be firm that if your mentee cannot make a time, they must give at least hours notice.

mentor mentee relationship love meme

The foundation to a good mentee-mentor relationship begins with both sides being clear about what they want and what they can bring to the table. Harvard Business Review outlines what a mentee should know about what they want before seeking out a mentor. Do you need a coach to work through performance-related issues, a sponsor who can champion your promotion, or a connector with access to the relationships you need to do your job well?

When a mentee is being vague about goals, a good mentor will kindly ask him or her to be specific about how they can help, so that the mentor can redirect them to the right person. That means no meet-ups for career advice coffee until everyone is on the same page about what this meeting will entail.

mentor mentee relationship love meme

But not everyone has the spirit to be a mentor. Not everyone has the maturity to be a mentee. Consider the off-the-wall, ambitious idea of your mentee. Such a mentor is committed to your growth journey through the ups and downs you experience, and entering and navigating you out of your "comfort zone" to make something extraordinary happen. You can measure the commitment of a mentor by the tough questions they ask, with the intent to get you to see things that you are not otherwise seeing, and get you 'unstuck.

mentor mentee relationship love meme

Curiosity As they say, "if you are doing what you have been doing, you will continue to get the results you have got. There is a reason why you continue to do what you are doing even when it may not be producing the results you are expecting in your life or business. These less-than-effective activities may have become 'dragging' habits.

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Whatever the reasons may be, it is not too late to change course. As Charles Duhigg says in his landmark book, " The Power of Habit ," the three elements of creating a habit are cue, routine and reward. A cue triggers an almost automatic routine that is producing a reward as a result of you engaging in the activity. So, to a start a new and better habit, you need to start with a different cue - something that you may not be aware of.

mentor mentee relationship love meme

A pre-cursor to that is for you to generate the curiosity to look at the same things that you are exposed to today with a different set of eyes. A good mentor opens up the doors to curiosity so that you get back that childlike enthusiasm to learn and grow.

mentor mentee relationship love meme

Clarity Clarity is the side-effect of a good mentoring relationship. In a good mentoring relationship, this comes automatically as your mentor is someone who cares about your life and business and by default has a "helicopter view" of both of them. The conversations automatically help you discover the "forest for the trees" - thus bringing clarity to your goals and actions. Capacity Power from a philosophical perspective is the "capacity to take action to produce meaningful results.

Sometimes it's a small shift in the way you are thinking that will put your capacity into high gear. Your mentor can unlock that untapped capacity which you can put to work to accelerate your success rate. A good way to know this is if at the end of a conversation with your mentor, you begin to find some things that seemed "impossible" seem totally "possible.