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I will see what I can do about it,” she added. No, woman! No! “Tijani! Tijani! I thought I asked you to come and wake me up.” “I came ma, but. This track premiered via Thissongissick however their Soundcloud has been temporarily suspended. TJANI's remix garnered over k plays. Perhaps I owe it to the beloved souls that taught me my first lessons in beauty. who brought the great Tijani fayda, or flood, that Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani, from They love to see people love them for the sake of Allah. It was between 8 and 10 pm when we arrived at the house where Shaykh was staying.

Do you agree or disagree? The did not find a better solution than peace and to end the war when they saw the matter is started to be cleared and not achievable through war.

They departed from each other agreeing on their resolution. Ali came back to his barracks and Talha and Al-Zubair wnet back to their barracks. They all said yes for a peace. They ended up on peace and they slept in a night that they never had before because of the goodness they are near to and because they got away from what some people desired and embarked on whatever they embarked on. And the people who provoked the matter of Uthman had the worst sleep ever because they came close to be doomed.

They were discussing their plight the whole night until they agreed to ignite the war in secret. They took that as a secret so that no one would know what evil they were planning.

They woke up at dusk and while their neighbors did not feel them, they the agitators sneaked to do the dirty job in the darkness … they laid swords in the believers. Then the people of Al-Basrah got angry and every people fought his comrades who were stunned …. Then they started throwing Aysha with lances while she was on her camel. The rest of you, the rest of you, — then her voice increases in tone — Allah Allah, remember Allah and Judgment Day.

Then the people of Basrah started supplicating. Ali bin Abi Talib heard the callers. This truth is strengthened by true hadeeths, which proves that neither Aysha, Al-Zubair, Talha, nor Ali wanted to fight each others.

History has recorded some aggressive stances against Ali that could not be explained and these are some of them. Had Aishah heard the saying of the Messenger of Allah saw: Loving Ali is believing, and hating him is hypocrisy?. Whoever accepts me as his master, then Ali is his master?

Undoubtedly she heard all that, but she did not like it, and she did not like mentioning his name, and when she learnt of his death she knelt and thanked Allah. Did she come out to prevent Ali from taking the Caliphate? And if Al-Tijani was asked for the reason, he would say that Aysha hated Ali because Ali advised the prophet peace be upon him to divorce her?!

So I tell him, if Aysha hated Ali, then how would you explain the fact that thousands of people followed her? Does Al-Tijani has any logical reason for this?

Or these thousands hate Ali too? If Al-Tijani said yes, then I will ask why? Had Al-Tijani has the answer, then he is welcomed, otherwise I herald him as the most lost man. Al-Tijani claims that the historians mentioned Aysha as not wanting to mention the name of Ali. And I ask him, which historians? Can you tell me exactly so that we know the liar from the truth teller? And on which references did you depend? But the truth is that Aysha mentioned Ali by her full mouth. Shareeh says, I went to Aysha and asked her about washing the feet for prayers.

I said earlier that Aysha does not hate Ali but she argued with him about the blood of Uthman. She did not left her house to fight Ali, but to makpeace between people after people desired her to go. They hoped her blessing in the reformation, and they wanted that the fighting factions would be ashamed when she is present with them and stop fighting.

She also thought that. Therefore, tell your people to stay at their house, and to be content until they get what they love i. This is a plain lie, which does not stand on any correct evidence.

I did not find any trace for this claim! What a liar he is! Who was right and who was wrong? Either Ali and his followers were wrong, or Aishah, Talha, al-Zubair and their followers were wrong. There is no third possibility. For the sake of further clarification, and for the sake of my own satisfaction I mention here what al-Bukhari had to say in his book about the civil war.

In matter of fact, there is a third possibility. The third possibility is that the two warring factions tried to reach to the truth, and none of the two factions was an oppressor because the death of Uthman divided the Islamic nation to two parties.

The other party sees also to kill the killers of Uthman but wait for the moment until they reach to their goals because these killers had tribes that would defend them. Ali and his companions shared the second opinion. These killers are the responsible for the battle of the Camel, and none of the two parties had any responsibility to ignite the battle as I clarified earlier. The story that Al-Tijani was happy about and narrates it from Saheeh Al-Bukhari, is one of the greatest evidences on the virtue of Aysha!

But what would you say about an ignorant who takes arguments against Ahl-Sunnah and does not realize that these arguments is against him and his Shia? In the hadeeth, Ammar testifies for the Mother of Beleivers that she is the wife of the prophet peace be upon him in this life and the life hereafter! And is there any virtue beyond that? And did she get this virtue but through the pleasant of Allah of her?

And His messenger peace be upon him? Ammar was a supporter of Ali bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased of him and wanted to trigger people to fight with Ali. But these people were hesitant because the Mother of the Beleivers was in the opposing party. So Ammar clarified for them that the truth is with Ali, because he is the Caliph, and he must be obeyed as Allah ordered them before seeking revenge from the killers of Uthman as the Mother of the Beleivers sees.

The mobs from the cities and the lowest tribes invaded the house of the messenger of Allah peace be upon him and did whatever they wanted. They housed al-muhaditheen, therefore they deserved the curse of Allah and His messenger as they killed the leader of the Muslims without an excuse.

They shed the holy blood, stole the holy money, and stayed at the holy land in the holy month. They tore honors and skins, stayed between people who hated their stay. They were harmful, never beneficial nor pious. They are not to be trusted.

So, I left my house to the Muslims telling them what these people did before us and that the Muslims should reform the situation… we want to reform as Allah and His messenger peace be upon him ordered the young and old, male and female to reform. These are our matter, calling you to a reform, banning an enormity and urge you to change the enormity.

Both parties came out to reform as I said, and none of the two parties wanted to fight, but it happened. Allah has the matter in His hands, before it, and after it.

And Al-Tijani takes this hadeeth as an argument that Aysha is the source of afflictions? This claim is obviously false because the prophet peace be upon him meant the east.

He also wrote about her pretention towards the Prophet until Allthreatened her with divorce… and there are many other stories but we are limited by space. It is of cheap lies what Al-Tijani says that Bukhari narrated in his Saheeh stories about the bad manners of Aysha towards the prophet peace be upon him, and that Abu Bakr beat her until she bled!

tijani meet me in a house of love

Otherwise, let him show us where in Saheeh Bukhari there is such a narration, and only after that let him show the hatred inside of his heart. Instead, every person is exposed to fall in small and big sins except the prophet peace be upon him. So, if anyone committed a sin, whether Aysha or others, then it would not be strange, because no one is infallible.

It is not accepted nor understandable that Al-Tijani accounts Aysha badly because she fell in a guilt and repented from that guilt.

tijani meet me in a house of love

Al-Tijani also slanders against her as if she did something really awful. I do not permit, and I do not permit, and I do not permit. It is not acceptable to make this matter as a slander against Ali!! Except for the most ignorant people! It is not true that Allah warned Aysha by divorce and to give Muhammad peace be upon him a better wife than her. And this verse revealed.

Therefore, this verse was called the Verse of Choice. Even if we assumed that this verse is pertained to Aysha only, and that Allah threatened her with divorce, I say, is there any slander against Ali when the prophet peace be upon him threatened Ali with divorce? If it was like that, then whatever slander you have against Aysha will be against Ali as well. But if you say that Ali was mistaken and later repented, and there is no slander against him, then Aysha is the same!

Hence, choose whatever you want Al-Tijani! But he had so many wives, and some of them were better than Aishah, as the Prophet himself declared in the footnote, Al-Tijani mentions: I was with the Prophet saw supporting his head on my chest, then he asked me to bring the washbowl, as I bent down he died, so I cannot see how he recommended Ali. Aysha deserved all this respect, regard, and more from Ahl Al-Sunnah because she is the wife of the pure prophet peace be upon him which he chosed to be his wife because she is pure too.

Ibn Jareer Al-Tabari choosed that. And we value her because she is our mother in faith. But he had so many wives, and some of them were better than Aishah, as the Prophet himself declared. We need goodness, as Aysha does. Therefore, ask the prophet peace be upon him to order the people to give gifts wherever he is. Therefore, order people to give you gifts wherever you are. I perceived revelation when I was in the blanket of another woman.

I answered wa alayhi al salam wa rahmat Allah. I told the prophet about that. How could you be better than I could and Muhammad is my husband, Haroon is my father, and Mousa is my uncle?

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And also said that they were the wives of the prophet peace be upon him and his cousins. There is no doubt that Aysha is the best among the wives of the prophet peace be upon him because all true narrations indicate such a thing. Examples are found in Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim. It says nothing that she is better than Aysha or Hafsah because the prophet peace be upon him said that to her to make her pleased as a result of what Aysha and Hafsah said about her.

Nevertheless, many obvious hadeeths are presented where the prophet peace be upon him proves the virtue of Aysha over the rest of his wives. I was assuming the correctness of the previous hadeeth. Therefore, I said what I said. But the true is that this hadeeth is weak in its attribution. We do not know it except from Hashim Al-Koufi and the attribution is not like that.

But when the book talked about Aysha, the author presented a lot of her virtues. No hadeeth is found in the book of Al-Isabah that says that Safiyya is better than Aysha except for the previous one.

If the prophet peace be upon him really wanted to make a will for Ali, then Aysha could not deny it in front of the Ummah.

tijani meet me in a house of love

Aysha said what she knows that the prophet got sick and passed away when he was with her and she heard nothing about the will.

If the prophet peace be upon him wanted to make a will, then he must have do it in front of people, not only mentioning it to his wife. Al-Tijani claims that the evidences that the prophet peace be upon him gave the caliphate to Ali is abundant and Al-Tijani mentioned some of these in his book. And Al-Tijani claims that these evidences are clear to give the caliphate to Ali. Then how comes he say that Aysha played a big role in denying the will for Ali? Aysha may Allah be pleased at her, the Siddeqah the always truth tellerthe daughter of Al-Siddeq Abu Bakr cannot deny the will of the prophet peace be upon him for Ali, if it was true.

She is the pure, the wife of the pure in this life and the life hereafter. She is the best of his wives, and the most beloved to him. She deserved this status because she is the best woman on earth. So how come we believe Al-Tijani who is expert in lying who shows a true narration and belies it, and shows a false narration and believes it!

And accuse the best of people as the worst of people, and claims that the worst people are the most guided ones. What can we do about a man like that?

Should we believe him and belie the best Mother of Beleivers? No wonder, for they were so dear to him! But what about her son, al-Hasan, why was he not buried beside his grandfather? That was because Imam al-Hasan requested from his brother, that no blood should be shed for his sake. Ibn Abbas said a few verses regarding this event: What are the sources of these lies?

And what is their validity? If Al-Tijani was courageous enough, then let him show us from where did he get this non-sense. Otherwise, every stupid can say anything of delusion about the best of people. There is no doubt in the falsehood of these stories about the Mother of Beleivers. Indeed, all stories in this section of Al-Tijani books are lies against her. I did not find any of what he said in any Sunni books. In matter of fact, I found the opposite.

She gave him the permission. The real enemies of Al-Hasan bin Ali, may Allah be pleased at both of them are the ones who claim to be their Shia, or party. They are the most corrupted and degraded people by the confession of the twelver Shia! These people wanted to kill me, stole whatever I had, and took my money. Although the two verses are weak in structure, it is contradicted what Ibn Abbas said about her when she was about to die.

tijani meet me in a house of love

Abdullah bin Abdulrahman, the son of her brother was present also. He is the best of your sons. Let him in to give a salam to you, and to say goodbye. By Allah, there is nothing between the removal of pain and lie and the meeting of the beloved ones, Muhammad and his Companions except that your soul leaves your body. He loved none but purity. Allah Almighty revealed your innocence from the seven heavens. There is no mosque on earth that does notrecite the verses that proves your innocence day and night.

One day your necklace was dropped, so the prophet peace be upon him got caught with the people in the house. And when they wanted to pray, they did not have water. So Allah revealed the verse of Tayamum. It was a permission for people came through you. By Allah, you are holy. By Allah, I wish I was forgotten. Do you want to take your mother Aysha as a slave?

And you make it allowable to take from her what you make it allowable to take from others, yet she is your mother? If you said that you make it allowable to take from her what you make it allowable to take from others, then you became disbeliever!

And if you said that she is not your mother, then you became disbeliever! Go and find a way out. Do you know what a fabricated hadeeth is? A fabricated hadeeth is a hadeeth where its narrator is accused of being a liar.

And because the narrator from the prophet peace be upon him is his wife Aysha may Allah be pleased at her, then is she also accused of lying? If you said so, then you lack evidence! Because all the Quranic, Sunnah, and her biography prove otherwise, that she cannot lie on her husband the messenger of Allah peace be upon him by fabricating hadeeths about the virtues of her father!

Nothing is left to judge that Al-Tijani is a liar. If Aysha narrates fabricated hadeeths, then how come you take the hadeeths that she narrates as arguments?

How can you say that Aysha fabricates hadeeths when you take all the previous hadeeths as arguments, and true stories, while Aysha narrated all these stories?

See how Allah shows the truth on their tongues! Look how Allah shows His light even if the oppressors try to cover it…. What really seems is that the smell of lying — which Al-Tijani had mastered — had spread, and filled his book! The hadeeth that Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrates, which Al-Tijani claims that the prophet peace be upon him made a will for Ali is the hadeeth of Aysha when she was told that the prophet peace be upon him made a will for Ali and she denied it, saying that the prophet peace be upon her passed away when he was with her and did not make a will.

And she is the truthful in that. It is strange that Al-Tijani takes this hadeeth as an argument for him, not against him. By Allah, I do not know what kind of argument could be found in this hadeeth.

Is it an argument when someone says that the prophet peace be upon him made a will for Ali without a clear evidence from the prophet peace be upon him? Praised be the Lord!

Cut Copy - Meet Me In A House Of Love (TJANI Remix)

Look how Allah shows His light even if the oppressors try to cover it!? And in Al-Bukhari, Al-Tijani is talking about the hadeeth where he claims that the prophet peace be upon him gave a will to Ali by name.

Go back to the book of Al-Tijani where he mentions the same hadeeth [63]. And praise is due to Allah in the beginning and in the end. Ziyarah, or visiting sacred places and people, living or dead, was a widespread practice in pre-modern societies, among both Muslims and Christians, Sufis and non-Sufis.

Ziyarah continues to be a common practice across various Muslim cultures in various shapes and forms. Nasrul Ilm America has organized the Ziyarah annually to commemorate the life of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, the preeminent spokesperson of the Tariqah Tijaniyyah before his passing in Shaykh Hassan R was a consummate Islamic scholar and guide, emerging from a long and vibrant legacy of learning in West Africa.

The annual Ziyarah functions as an opportunity to visit with Shaykh Hassan by celebrating his legacy, to visit with Shaykh Mahy Cisse, his youngest brother and spiritual heir may Allah bless and preserve himand to visit with other murids students of a shaykh. In his speech at the International Tijaniyyah Conference in Fes, Shaykh Hassan emphasized fellowship as a central component of Ziyarah: The dhikr, if you miss it, you can make it up another time.

You cannot make it up. You cannot bring these people back. They love to see people love them for the sake of Allah. If you love them for the sake of Allah, you will follow in their footsteps, [which] is to follow the way of Rasul Allah Sand your ending will be their ending….

This is the real love. I had never met Malia, the sister hosting me, but when she picked me up, she immediately remembered me. Murids eagerly anticipate Ziyarah as a time to perform our awrad litanies in the company of our shaykh. But as Malia and I bonded on the drive that seemed like forever, those false walls were falling inside.

And then came the moment when I knew the whole thing was divine. And again the connections flooded in. Detroit is where the Nation of Islam started. The Muslim Center evolved out of Temple 1, the first Nation mosque. The Muslim Center demonstrates radical growth, love, and unity as it warmly opens its doors to the Tijanis and other Sufi communities.

It mirrored the radical flow of love and serenity in my heart. Just when I nervously opened myself to a new community, Allah made everything feel like home. Now inside the Muslim Center, the multiple conversations around the prayer space, the laughter, and the embraces indicated that we had missed the dhikr.

Smiles greeted me from both new and familiar faces, followed by heartfilled hugs. It was between 8 and 10 pm when we arrived at the house where Shaykh was staying.

It was bustling with men and women. The first familiar face was a brother I grew up with in Atlanta. We exchanged words, and then Malia and I were immediately directed to the room where Shaykh greeted visitors. And of course, another connection was made, this time related to gender. Sitting around Shaykh, the women outnumbered the men. Within arms reach of Shaykh, women remained in his proximity even after they greeted him.

I, in turn, greeted him and asked two questions. ThirdEyeLenz The gender interaction in the space certainly sustained my sense that I had left home only to return. Sure, there were gender boundaries but also signs that the boundaries were soft and flexible. A brother, for example, selling dresses and scarves from Senegal, sat comfortably among the women, his customers.

A wife sitting with her husband in the midst of brothers, for they were her brothers too. This movement across gender lines indicated that women were valued and their voices were fairly heard, what I had been accustomed to in my home community. The stellar choice of speakers made the night exceptionally memorable; however, there were two talks that especially stood out to me as a new murid still internalizing Sufi concepts and practices.

The first talk was by Shaykh Abdul Karim Yahya. He gave an excellent explanation of why we seek a shaykh as part of the prophetic tradition.