Dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics


dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

Lyrics of MEET ME AT THE MISTLETOE by Dave Barnes: The mistletoe is looking so good tonight, Let's rendezvous and sneak a kiss the time. Christmas tree, baby baby you and me. We untangle plans and hung some memories. Suit and tie, places to be tonight. Girl, you've gotta know what I wanna go. Meet me at the mistletoe You're glowing like these Christmas lights You're the Belle of.. (paroles de la chanson Meet Me At The Mistletoe – DAVE BARNES).

I'm pretty good, Josh.

Dave Barnes - Holiday Made For Two

You have a beautiful new album, Illuminations. Well, it's out November 15th, and I'm extremely proud of it--it's been a long time in the making. You recorded it with legendary producer, Rick Rubin. Can you tell me how that came about? Well, we were connected through our mutual friend, Guy Oseary, who is another great mogul in the industry.

We met out of mutual respect--Rick is one of the few guys in the industry that I hadn't met, but I respected him so much. So, we just met very casually, at his house, and talked about music and how we like making music. We realized that we had a lot in common, so he basically said he would love to hear some songs when I wrote them.

dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

He came over again, we played some songs, and he said, "Look, I know I said, 'Let's just be friends,' but I really want to produce this record. Recently, I interviewed Dan Wilson and we talked about your collaborations.

Dan is somebody who I'd heard his voice and heard his songs but had never really sat in a room properly with him. One of the great things about Rick is that he's got a great sense as to what the right puzzle pieces are, to get in the room with the artist he's working with.

So, as Rick was hearing my songs, he felt right away that Dan would be somebody that shared the same musical sensibilities that I have, and could help me achieve the very fine balance that Rick and I were trying to get to on this record. So, I went to Minneapolis--I didn't want him to come to L.

Then, I wound up going back about six or seven times because Dan and I just clicked. We very rarely had any of those awkward co-writer moments where you go back and forth, "I don't like this. We always were in agreement, and we had a great time trusting each other to go too far and the songs are proof of that.

Dave Barnes - Meet Me At the Mistletoe Lyrics

We wrote tons of songs, and I think six of them are on the record, a couple of other ones will be on the next record, and he's a wonderful new addition to the family tree. You recorded this album in a live-ish setting--Rick Rubin took you, put you at a piano, and that's where it all started, right? Yeah, we got into a room, and we started with a bunch of cover songs--some rock songs, some folk songs, some jazz songs--just kind of doing dry piano and dry vocal, just to get our feet wet and to see what we were up against.

That day I remember very specifically--and it was almost two and a half years ago--it was equal parts frustrating and wonderful. I think we were just trying to find where our formula was. So, out of that session--again, you do fifteen things and one thing rises to the top--the Nick Cave song, "Straight To You," came out of that session, which was one that was kind of in our pile of things we really wanted to try.

Some might say, strangely enough, that that song was the one that was most appropriate for our project. The session with those guys was really the moment, for me, where I felt like the record was clicking into the place I wanted it to be in.

Barnes Dave - Christmas Tonight - text

I'd always been comfortable standing in a room with an orchestra and doing things very technically or traditionally, but to be able to sit at the piano and just jam with those guys--that was the kind of Rick Rubin experience that I had been waiting for because I knew that he knew and worked with all those guys. For him to bring them into this project and to try some of those songs I had written with Dan with those musicians, not only did I make some new friends, but nothing could have prepared me for the master class of being able to play those songs.

So, the songs that I recorded with them were really done in the way that they like to record, which means we did them in one or two takes. We rehearsed, and we felt like we had rehearsed to the point where we had some really nice moments. Rick pressed the big red button, we got a few takes and certainly all those tracks are one performance all the way through.

Josh, you have a reputation for being one of those artists who has a live show that is powerful and you capture your audience.

dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

It seems like that is such a forte with you, so taking a "live" approach with your new album seems like a no-brainer. On the other hand, this is a new approach for you, isn't it? You know, a lot of actors love to do theater, but sometimes the movie making process is much less "in the moment," and the same goes for recording.

I love the aspect of live performance, the energy of filling the room and the uncertainty of what kind of moments will be created. A lot of times in the studio, it's just kind of the lab, you know? You're just kind of doing it as many times as it takes, hitting notes over and over again until you get it. A lot of times with technology, especially if you're doing orchestra work, half the time you're sitting in a room listening to an orchestra play over your voice that's already been recorded.

The audience often times doesn't know the difference, but I think just coming from the perspective of loving the live aspect, I really appreciate that Rick wanted to do this record that way because it was more fun for me and it was certainly more fun for the musicians.

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Because I respect the musicians so much, it was nice to have them in there with me and have a recording atmosphere that says, "Let's be scared together. If I mess up, you guys have to start over, and if you guys mess up, I have to start over.

We were just kind of talking about the city, how it keeps drawing us back, and how a certain time of year here kind of makes us feel. Then, he went to the bathroom, and I just sat down and started playing that bell part on the piano at the beginning of the song, then he came back in and said, "What's that? Let's work with that.

dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

Again, it's a gorgeous song, I'm a big admirer of Nick Cave, and I think it represents the universal quality of great songs. Again, strangely enough, our styles couldn't be farther from each other. But the grandness and the drama of the lyric and the melody really lent itself to a full blown orchestral arrangement, and I think it really made the lyric very powerful. Was that by David Campbell? Ah, but you also had David on the album, right? People are used to you singing both pop and art songs, but on this album, you talk about getting out of your comfort zone and getting scared a little bit.

dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

For instance, you did a Portuguese song too, right? I've always enjoyed singing in many different languages--usually on a record, I'll have three or four different languages on there, and this is no exception. The Portuguese was something that I was really excited to tackle. It's not something I had ever done before, but I've always loved Brazilian music and songs in Portuguese.

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Unsubscribe from Dave Barnes?. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. A December to Remember Dave Barnes. We chatted with Dave Barnes ahead of his Nashville Christmas show. The singer-songwriter opened up about the holiday and how John Mayer inspired his new EP.

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dave barnes meet me mistletoe lyrics

Discover top playlists and videos from your favorite artists on Shazam!. A Music City holiday tradition! It is the follow up to his successful holiday project Very. Dave Barnes is an incredible song writer and that's evident on this CD where many of the Christmas songs are original.

I prefer Christmas albums where the artist hasn't just recorded all the same old Christmas classic tunes. Buy tickets for an upcoming Dave Barnes concert near you. List of all Dave Barnes tickets and tour dates for