If we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

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if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

Timbaland Lyrics. / 5. 16 reviewers. Do you like Timbaland & Magoo feat. Timbaland . If We Ever Meet Again · Timbaland feat. Timbaland · Indian Flute. 6 Timbaland feat Magoo – Indian Flute (). During the first half of the 00s 10 Timbaland feat Katy Perry – If We Ever Meet Again (). Songteksten van Timbaland kan je hier vinden op cypenv.info If We Ever Meet Again (feat. Katy Perry) · Indian flute · Intro · Intro By DJ Felli Fel.

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This is the ransom note for the hip-hop breakbeat: The first 20 seconds are staggering, a masterclass in funk in which elements are brought in one by one and yet paradoxically create more space as each arrives; India is still there in the sitars, but soon gets obliterated by an acid-house line vying with Aaliyah's alkaline coo. The snare drum is especially fine, a desiccated version of the already-harsh one used by D'Angelo to cut through his swampy erotica. He's torn off the leash, running into the avant-garde with rippling tablas flowing almost arhythmically through the stronger beat line, and it's so sparse that until the chorus it could have been made on a four-track.

if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

In verse three, there are periods of silence that are unimaginable in the charts today. Of course, you need an MC of the calibre of Missy to negotiate this broken terrain, who turns hectoring into hooks and lets the silences become unforgettable punchlines.

if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

Or perhaps just stoned to the point of sensuality: Tweet comes home high, take her clothes off and makes love to herself. Where Freak On has a thin string part that wonderfully fails to wrestle the song to the ground, Oops Oh My 's midrange is thick and luscious, built around a wordless vocal sample, while right at the bottom breathes what sounds like a surge of air from inside a tabla.

if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

After the purge of the previous two masterpieces, Timbaland is pulling elements back into coherence again.

This approach yielded Jay-Z's masterful Big Pimpin'whose beat is heavily based around Hossam Ramzy's Khusara Khusara — it set off a 00s rap sub-meme. Incidentally, this rather laissez-faire attitude to intellectual property tipped him into hot water inwhen he was sued by Kernal Record s for using a sample of Finnish chiptune producer Janne Suni's Acidjazzed Evening for Nelly Furtado's Do It.

Like Spector and Whitfield, Timbaland's production sometimes overshadows the credited performer and becomes the actual "star" of the song.

if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

With songwriters Steve "Static" Garrett and childhood friend Missy Elliott, Timbaland has helped to create some of the most successful songs in modern pop music and urban music, including singles for Aaliyah, Ginuwine, SWV, Total, and In Elliott heard his material and, taken by Mosley's unique sense of rhythm, immediately began working with him.

Mosely began working under Devante, who renamed the young producer Timbaland, after the Timberland boot popular in hip-hop fashion. Timbaland was also friends with Pharrell Williams, and had dabbled in projects with him as S. Pharrell recalls in an interview: That's twenty years ago by now.

Like I said earlier, we started producing beats together.

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But then again, I also played with this famous group which consisted of Timbaland, Magoo, myself and some other guy. A few tracks produced by the group float around on the internet, the most distributed being "Big White Spaceship".

Inmost of Devante's acts broke their ties with the producer and went their own ways. Elliott, Timbaland, Magoo, Playa, and Ginuwine continued to collaborate, and began working on individual projects of their own.

Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again ft. Katy Perry (Official Music Video)

Elliott began receiving recognition as a songwriter and guest artist for artists such as and MC Lyte, and Timbaland was sometimes assigned to produce remixes of Elliott-penned songs. One of these, the remix to 's "Steelo" inbecame Timbaland's first important production credit. Also inGinuwine released his debut album, Ginuwine The album was both a commercial and critical success, and its first single, "Pony," was the first example of what would later become the signature Timbaland sound.

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The track for "Pony," which Timbaland had created two years prior during the Swing Mob days, was characterized by a shifting, syncopated rhythm, similar to samba or jungle music, which used snare and kick hits on typically non-accented beats in the measure. This use of the "short snare" is in marked contrast to the "long snare" sound in New Wave music in the s, which featured a heavily amplified, almost white noise snare drum put through reverb.

Accompanying the unusual rhythm were melody lines created by playing odd sound effects vocal effects and cartoon slide whistles through a sampling keyboard. The other tracks on Ginuwine On many of the tracks, Timbaland can be heard either rapping or providing ad-libs, similar to what both Elliott and Puff Daddy where doing at the time; Timbaland's deep voice was usually vocoded to give it an electronic sound.

if we ever meet again timbaland lyrics indian

While work was being completed on Ginuwine The tracks that were crafted for Aaliyah featured innovative arrangements similar to those on Ginuwine One In A Million went on to sell over two million copies, and made superstars out of not only Aaliyah, but Elliott and Timbaland as well.