The mentalist cho and summer relationship lyrics

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the mentalist cho and summer relationship lyrics

While it seems as if The Mentalist's Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon have been in one of the most drawn-out, slow-burning, subtle relationships. Kimball Cho is a fictional character portrayed by Tim Kang on the American TV crime drama The Mentalist. . In season 4, Cho has a new love interest. In the episode "At First Blush", Summer confronts Cho after he fires her, saying she wants. CBS' “The Mentalist” had a love interest except for Kimball Cho (Tim Kang). This past November, Cho met Summer (Samaire Armstrong), who co-created that classic show along with “Alias” and “Fringe. singing its defiant lyrics to the judges (e.g. “I don't care what you say anymore/This is my life!.

Within weeks of getting out of the gang, Cho enlisted in the U. At most times, Cho seems to be the calmest and most clearheaded of the agents, but is shown to have a loose temper if someone he cares for is threatened. Due to his former gang affiliations and military background he is street savvy and also highly proficient in and has an extensive knowledge of firearms.

the mentalist cho and summer relationship lyrics

He is good friends with Rigsby and his deadpan sense of humor and calm demeanor both complements and contrasts Rigsby's happy-go-lucky nature.

His loyalty to Lisbon is shown in this episode, as he offers to let her call the shots, but she refuses.

Kimball Cho

In one episode, he shows some belief in the supernatural when a witch apparently casts a spell on him. In season 3 episode " Bloodsport ", Cho is forced into an uncomfortable position when he finds out Special Agent Wayne Rigsbywhile lying to a parole officer to give his father an alibi, has named him as a person that could corroborate the alibi. Cho is angered and states that in his nearly a decade of service in law enforcement, he has never lied to a fellow officer.

the mentalist cho and summer relationship lyrics

Though unhappy about it, when LaRoche questions him, he sides with Rigsby and lies. He eventually forgives Rigsby. The pickpocket steals Cho's car, and is later caught and held at CBI headquarters until foster care can take him. Cho ends up helping the kid prove his father, who had been arrested for robbing a store, is innocent. At the end of the episode, father and son are reunited, and Cho laughs as Rigsby reacts to having had his wallet stolen. Early in season 4, Cho injures his back when he is hit by a car while chasing a suspect.

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This leaves him with constant and severe pain which he overcomes with the use of painkillers, of which he takes more and more as the pain remains. He falls asleep on the job and it almost costs Rigsby his life. He is later seen flushing the pills down the toilet. He is happy to see Jane again when Jane returns to the US. Personal relationships[ edit ] In the season 2 episode "Blood In, Blood Out", Cho is shown as having a girlfriend, Elise Chaye portrayed by Sandrine Holtwho says he is talking even less than he normally does because he is worrying about somethingimplying that he is a reserved man even when in a relationship.

He evidently cared deeply for Elise, because after masked men threatened the pair of them and hit her, he became determined to find who they were. This past November, Cho met Summer Samaire Armstronga perky, blonde prostitute who showed sensitivity toward him and noticed he was still suffering from backaches after being hit by a car in a previous episode.

Why, she even made him smile! Some viewers were aching to see the two of them get closer, loving their chemistry. Summer was wired as she approached the suspect and Cho and Rigsby Owain Yeoman listened in, waiting for the right moment to make the arrest.

The cops had to rush in and Summer was held at gunpoint until the suspect was disarmed and arrested. Angry, Cho fired Summer. She pleaded with him to give her another chance. She really needed the job apparently, she was trying to go straight. At the end of the day when Cho was ready to go home, Summer showed up again with the same pleas. He angrily told her she blew the undercover operation because she thrives on drama and has issues.

Summer shot back that he did too. When he continued to ignore her, Summer threw his papers on the floor, which got Cho even angrier. He quietly admitted, yeah, he liked her. Then she aggressively kissed him. At first, Cho was surprised, but he thought for a second, then kissed her back. Then we found him still in bed with… Summer!

INTO THE NEXT STAGE: Agent Cho’s Girlfriend: A Prostitute

She turned off his alarm because she felt he needed more sleep. By this point, Cho had developed an addiction to pain medication for his back problems.

the mentalist cho and summer relationship lyrics

He fell asleep on a stakeout and Rigsby was almost killed because of it.