Meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

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meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

They live in the heart of Chicago's murder zone, the five troubled neighborhoods in I met TJ because I was looking into the case of David Lewisbey, arrested in for trafficking guns from Indiana to Chicago and became a When she greets me in the driveway, she's dressed like a New Yorker in. Joseph Coleman, 18, was shot to death in Greater Grand Crossing on September 4, RedEye tracks homicides in Chicago by location, cause and more at There have been more than victims in , the worst start in nine years. President Obama returns to Chicago for his farewell address, but the hope and change he spoke of here in never came.

Melvin Worley says President Obama did all he could with obstacles in front of him to help the black community.

meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

Some of President Obama's faithful supporters gathered inside a historic Catholic church for Sunday mass ahead of his farewell address this week. Believers like Savannah Dean say their prayers were answered when Obama was elected. And when people are critical of President Obama for not fixing Chicago's problems, she says they are being unfair. She points to some of his successes: Other supporters defend Obama by saying he was the leader of the country, not the mayor of Chicago.

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There were plenty of economic and international pressing issues he had to deal with as president. He couldn't drop everything for one city.

Where change never came: Obama's hometown

He's only the president. He's not a dictator.

meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

He can't do whatever he wants to do," Chicago resident Melvin Worley says. Obama's next legacy Photos: Click through the gallery to see moments from his administration. Hide Caption 1 of Photos: Hide Caption 3 of Photos: Hide Caption 4 of Photos: The goal was to stimulate the country's staggering economy by increasing federal spending and cutting taxes.

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Hide Caption 5 of Photos: The President focused on the three priorities of the budget he presented to Congress later in the week: Hide Caption 6 of Photos: Sotomayor went on to become the court's first Hispanic justice. Hide Caption 8 of Photos: Hide Caption 9 of Photos: Hide Caption 10 of Photos: In a speech at Cairo University, Obama pledged to "seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world," imploring America and the Islamic world to drop their suspicions of one another and forge new alliances.

Hide Caption 11 of Photos: Hide Caption 12 of Photos: Sasha was 7 when her father took office. Hide Caption 14 of Photos: Operation Incubator obtained about a dozen convictions or guilty pleas, including those from five members of the City Council and an aide to former Mayor Harold Washington. Operation Silver Shovel resulted in the conviction of 6 Chicago Alderman and a dozen other local officials on a wide range of corruption related charges.

meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

A report from the Office of the Legislative Inspector General noted that over half of Chicago's elected alderman took illegal campaign contributions in The audit noted the criminal shakedown of a CPS vendor, a records falsification scheme by a principal, numerous instances of employees abusing CPS's tax-exempt status to purchase personal items at big-box retailers, illegally using taxpayer-funded resources to campaign for political causes and stealing from taxpayer-funded accounts intended for purchasing student materials.

Department of Justice began compiling the statistics. UIC Professor and former Chicago Alderman Dick Simpson noted in the report that "To end corruption, society needs to do more than convict the guys that get caught.

A comprehensive anti-corruption strategy must be forged and carried out over at least a decade. A new political culture in which public corruption is no longer tolerated must be created". Examples of other high-profile Chicago political figures convicted on corruption related charges include Rod BlagojevichJesse Jackson, Jr. Anderson commands a team of agents in Chicago along with analysts and support staff.

And I do believe that by doing so, it sends a deterrent message. Built inthe center is integrated with more than cameras, communications with all levels of city government, and a direct link to the National Counterterrorism Center. Police credited surveillance cameras with contributing to decreased crime in The cameras are able to rotate degrees and zoom to a fine level of detail.

meet and greets in chicago 2012 homicides

The devices are also bullet proof, operable in any weather condition, record continuously and switch into night vision mode after dark. POD's are used to monitor street crimes and direct police deployment. In addition to PODs, often referred to as "blue light cameras" colloquially, the city has added general surveillance cameras to CTA stations, busses, Chicago Housing Authority buildings, public buildings and schools.

Chicago police officers record all criminal sexual assaults, as opposed to only rape. They count aggravated battery together with the standard category of aggravated assault.