Tmnt 2012 meet krang figure

Old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover into TMNT This Month

tmnt 2012 meet krang figure

Four ninja turtles, mutated by a mysterious alien substance, must rise up out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles () Roseanne Barr and Rachel Butera in . the show has many parodies and homages to pop culture features and figures. The way they are using Krang is also unexpected, but its sort of a neat idea. Krang (also spelled Kraang) is a supervillain appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Krang's first comics appearance was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles antagonists to the Ninja Turtles, appearing as General Krang in the IDW . two toys of Krang and his android body, one a large-scale figure and the other similar. Extra-dimensional enemies of Earth! Contents[show] Description Creepy, controlling and vicious, the Kraang are extra-dimensional, multi-tentacle, brain- like.

Raphael, do you know what I do when I miss my loved ones from the past? I focus on the friends I have in the present. What are you doing Leo!? I was goin' for Mikey! What part of "last Turtle standing" don't you understand!?

These are the other friends I told you about. Casey meet Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and the one and only Raphael. So the Turtles are all Italian? I named them after my favorite painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance. He's a giant, t-talking rat? This is Master Splinter, Casey. You do not have to fear me, my friend. Rest assured, I do not bite. I'm never gonna live this down. We've all been there, April. You're not entirely human, April. That's why you have psychic powers.

In fact, you are a half human, half alien-mutant. Leo, Raph and April: Welcome to the family! You know, Casey, it's awesome there's someone else who knows about the Turtles. I have, like, no one talk to. Especially after Dad turned into a mutant-bat. Four mutant-turtles living a sewer with a talking rat? I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up. Can't seem to focus. What is it that troubles you, my son? I keep having the same nightmare, Sensei- every night!

I let the team down. They're dragged off into darkness and I'm powerless to help. This is not uncommon. All leaders must face the fear of losing their team. I face this every time you and your brothers' leave the lair. Donnie, you gotta turn off his A.

Turn off his A. That's like turning off his brain! He has to keep it open for us. But what about him? Of Rats and Men Michelangelo: Can we keep her? You know, Master Splinter is a rat. What if that cat goes nuts and attacks him? She'll feed of his body for months.

You know, there is something seriously wrong with you. You think you have the upper hand in a situation. How's that floor taste, Lame-nardo? It is not hard to sense loudmouths. Master Splinter, I tried to tell Karai that you're her father.

tmnt 2012 meet krang figure

I thought that if she knew, she would come over to our side. There is a saying: He who runs his mouth gets a face full of nintako. They say that in Japan? They would if you were there. Still, your heart is in the right place. Perhaps it is time she knew the truth. Maybe you should tell the other guys, sensei. This is difficult, but it is time you all knew the truth.

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The child I thought I had lost in the fire, Miwa is Karai - my daughter. Fury became flame, and flame darkened the world with smoke. And in that darkness, Shredder stole Miwa away. I thought she had perished, but she raised by Shredder as his daughter and trained as a deadly Foot assassin. Some kind of joke, right, sensei? Sensei, she's still our enemy. She was raised by Shredder. How can ever trust her? There is good in her. But truth must be told, and it too will be an earthquake. Nice work, Tiger Claw.

You finally captured the great Splinter. So is the poison going to finish him or not? Most men would have expired, but it's only weakened him. He may be small, but he's tough as iron. Bradford, Xever, leave us. Hamato Yoshi, so you have come to this- a wretched rat man waiting to be put out of his misery. At least I do not wear a mask, hiding what little humanity I have left.

It is because of you that I wear this mask! All these years, you continue to deceive yourself and everyone around you. You would stop me!!? You'd kill your greatest enemy while he's poisoned and chained? Everything you taught me? The girl is right, Master Shredder. I will offer Hamato Yoshi one last fight. Don't you have mutagen to find? The Kraang are shown to control New York's streets, with any humans caught out in the open being captured and mutated.

They also placed a security drone in the Turtles' lair to prevent them from occupying it again. These security measures force the Turtles to act with caution throughout much of the following arc, and in "Serpent Hunt" prompt Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko to seek to make a deal with the Shredder to get themselves out of the city.

Their attempt to do so through capturing Shredder's adopted daughter Karai and holding her for ransom lead to their mutation into Bebop and Rocksteady after Karai escapes due to the Turtles' interference. In "Battle for New York," the Turtles's confrontation with the Kraang for the city occurred when they are unexpectedly joined by the Mighty Mutanimalsa rebel team of mutants.

The two teams manage to thwart a Kraang plot to launch a mutagen missile, and then launch an attack on the Kraang portal so that the Turtles can infiltrate Dimension X and cure and free the mutated humans. This leads them to another confrontation with Kraang Sub-Prime, who follows the Turtles to Dimension X while the Mutanimals fight to capture and hold the portal.

After battling Kraang forces on both sides of the gateway, the two groups of mutants succeed in teleporting the cured humans back to Earth while sending the Kraang back to Dimension X, putting a halt to the invasion for the time being. The Kraang would later return in truth during "Dinosaurs Seen in Sewers!

Their various operations were decimated when Zog, an advance scout for the Triceratons-sworn enemies of the Kraang-attacked them, causing considerable havoc despite being nitrogen-poisoned and lacking his equipment. After encountering Zog, the Turtles joined in his efforts, unaware that he planned to alert the Triceraton armada of Earth's location so that they could destroy it and wipe out the Kraang. The Kraang's plans to open a portal were thwarted, and the signal reached the other Triceratons without difficulty.

In "Annihilation Earth" the Turtles learn of the existence of the Utrom Tribe, a splinter group of the Kraang, from a member who goes by the name of Bishop, who is responsible for the design of the Kraangdroid bodies. He informs them that the Triceratons are approaching Earth, and also that the first Technodrome the Kraang brought to Earth has nearly been fully repaired. The Turtles and their allies launch an all-out assault on the Technodrome in an effort to bring it down that leads to several of them being captured and being brought before Kraang Prime and Sub-Prime, both of whom are present on the ship.

Unfortunately, right as the rest of the team arrives to liberate their comrades, the Triceratons arrive in Earth's orbit and attack. The Kraang deploy stealth ships to engage the attacking Triceraton fighters, but they are easily shot down.

The Triceratons then destroy the Technodrome with Kraangs Prime and Sub-Prime aboard with no apparent time or means with which to escape. After being captured by the Triceratons, Mikey then reveals knowledge of all the Kraang hiding places in Dimension X; however, in "Beyond the Known Universe" the Turtles travel back in time to six months earlier in an effort to prevent the Triceratons from attacking Earth using the Black Hole Generator, which the Kraang previously used to destroy the Triceraton homeworld.

In this altered past, Kraang Sub-Prime captures the Salamandrians after they approach the Kraang about forming an alliance against the Triceratons, having learned that they are friends of the Turtles. He then tracks the arriving Turtles to the Utrom base, where he captures Queen and takes her back to his Sub-Command Center. Despite possessing a Dracodroid, Kraang Sub-Prime's forces are defeated and he loses a duel to Bishop, before having the damaged cyborg dragon crash into him and explode.

In "Trans-Dimensional Turtles," the version of Krang is revealed to be a Kraang who was banished from Dimension X because he was the least intelligent member according to Kraang Sub-Prime. When Sub-Prime learns that Krang was planning to wipe out the, and Mirage Comics universes rather than enslave and mutate the inhabitants, he knocks Krang back to the universe before the and the Turtles temporarily defeat him by sending him to the Mirage Comics universe.

The events previously seen in "Annihilation Earth" later played out in virtually identical fashion up until the future Turtles and their allies arrived to stop the Triceratons. As such, it can be presumed that the Technodrome was once again destroyed, though the fate of Kraang Sub-Prime and Kraang Prime is uncertain. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Krang frequently appears in TMNT games as either a final boss or the penultimate boss, as the final boss before fighting Shredder.

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In the first arcade game and the version ported to the NEShe is one of the bosses of the final Technodrome stage. He is the penultimate boss of the game. The Manhattan Projecthe is once again the penultimate boss. Back from the Sewershe has two boss battles.

The first is at the end of the third level, where he fights the Turtles in his walker. He is also the final boss, and fights the Turtles in his exosuit. In Turtles in TimeKrang initially makes an appearance in the opening, using his giant-sized exosuit to steal the Statue of Liberty.

The exosuit appears once again in its giant form on the opening stage, "Big Apple: The Turtles face him first at the end of "Neon Night Riders", and destroy his exosuit. The Turtles face him again in "Starbase: In the Turtles in Time: Reshelled remake, Krang is voiced by Wayne Grayson. In The Hyperstone Heisthe is the mid-level boss of the final stage, featuring the exosuit.

Mutants in Manhattan voiced by Steven Blum. Krang makes a cameo in the Ninja Turtles' ending in Injustice 2. It's revealed that he's responsible for transporting the Turtles to the Injustice universe as he attempted to banish them to Dimension X.

The Turtles return home thanks to Batman 's Insurgency and easily dispose of Krang and Shredder thanks to super pills given to them by Harley Quinn. Out of the Shadowswhere it was the first official live-action appearance of the character. In particular, his transport device the Arc Capacitor was splintered, and its parts scattered across the Earth which had the capability to make a black hole connecting his dimension to Earth once reassembled.

Krang requested that Shredder gather them so that he would be able to invade Earth and rule the world. He also gave Shredder a purple ooze capable of mutating humans. Once Baxter Stockman assembled the Arc Capacitor, Krang immediately began assembling the Technodrome however, Krang had no second thoughts about betraying Shredder, freezing him and locking him away with his collection of other defeated foes.

But the Turtles were able to intervene, fighting Krang and his android body in the process while the humans helped reverse the Technodrome's components to return to Krang's dimension. Defeated and buried under his android, Krang swore that he would eventually return, stronger than before.

Krang appears in the independent film Casey Jones. Until I decide I can trust you to watch yourselves, you will remain here, grounded! Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo: All is in readiness, my master. This is the last of the component I needed that will give you complete control over her.

Before you give it to Karai, test it on the Mighty Mutanimals. In case there are any unexpected side effects. What's he waiting for? Raphael is mine now to control, as are your other mutant friends.

Meet Mondo Gecko Casey: Dude, there's something about Mondo I don't trust, for real. I don't wanna say "I told you so" about Mondo!

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I totally wanna say "I told you so! I think he's been bit! You're gonna have to suck the poison out, Brah! I'm not sucking the poison out! But I think the bite's on his butt! Just do it, already!!

You should be enjoying your victory. You did a great thing today, Leonardo. I tried to get Karai out of Shredder's control.

We saved her once, Leonardo. Perhaps we can save her again. And now you show great gifts as a healer. Being at the edge of your life, led you to unleash a power that few martial artists can tap. I am proud of you, my son. Turtles in Time Raph: Give it up, Leo. It's been weeks since we last saw her. When she poisoned us! If I can't find an antidote, we might have to let Karai go. It's not that easy, Donnie. You're still hung up on April. Sometimes you don't have a choice. You think about someone Dudes, I'm never gonna have a crush on a girl!

This Turtle is dedicated to one thing only: The leader, Leonardo, the inventor Donatello, the warrior Raphael, and the cute one Michelangelo.

tmnt 2012 meet krang figure

I finally found you- the Turtle warriors of legend. This is groggin' cold! What are you talking abut? No one even knows we exist.

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But I come from the future, and you're like You say you're from the future and we're important enough to be in history books? You saved the world many times. Tale of the Yokai Tang Shen: I was raised in Fukuoka but my grandfather is Chinese.

I moved here to be closer to Yoshi. I've heard yokai are always hungry. That's why I made a meal all kapas love. And your favorite food is cucumber. At least that's what the legend says. Our favorite food is pizza. Hook a turtle up. My grandmother told a story about a kapa who appeared as a young girl was fetching water. The kapa terrified her, but the girl always brought cucumbers with her to ward off yokai. The kapa was so thankful, it told of a great hurricane that would devastate her village.

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It saved her people. And we wanna save you, Tang Shen. Which is why we kapa have come to talk. We also bring you dire news. You can't leave Hamato Yoshi. He's a good man. Oroku Saki is evil. Saki is a good man. If you choose Oroku Saki, the world itself could be at risk. Take it from us, the kapa brothers. Yoshi is too dedicated to ninjtisu to raise a family.

Splinter loves little Miwa. I don't who I will choose. I must do what's right for my daughter. Follow your heart, Shen.