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In the second process, properly constructed irrigation systems helped the farmers with paddy agronomy. Royal Property According to old concepts, the king of the land became the sole owner of every inch of land.

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Every citizen who managed to get an allocation of land from the king had to pay a particular form of tax to the royal household according to the type of service one rendered to the king. This method helped the King to have all the details at his fingertips, which acted as a comprehensive survey with statistics of the stock levels of rice produced, including the total number of farmers. To conduct a smooth operation in the way the king wanted all officials, including that of Vidanes were subjected to rigid royal command.

At times certain areas and fields had been allocated by the royal approbation for various types of cultivation. It is therefore clear that there existed a systematic and methodical forward planning when it came to cultivating different kinds of provisions.

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A study of the ancient irrigation systems adopted in the bygone era reveals about the professional approach adopted by expert planners, engineers and designers at that time. The present generation has access to observe and update themselves about the by-products of such intricate engineering with their own naked eyes, even today. It would undoubtedly help them to emulate such proficiency and benefit out of such observations when it comes to colossal projects of similar nature for the benefit of our future generations.

The boundless talents of our forefathers have been observed and appreciated by foreigners who have had the opportunity to witness such ingenious operations and have idolised and adulated such masterpieces in the following manner. During his visit to Ceylon he had this much to say: I have to admit that it is astonishing when one looks at the irrigation industry in Ceylon where they had adopted ingenious methods of building reservoirs, water holes simply to supply water to their cultivations.

Sri Lanka national basketball team

In the foremost reports on irrigation published by the order of the Ceylon Government inJohn Bailey, Assistant Government Agent of the Badulla District, has recorded thus: Sir Henry Parker, an English engineer, whose duties permitted him to gain an intimate acquaintance with the ancient works said: Former teams or former names in blue Announced future teams in green Player allocations NBA G League players generally do not sign contracts with the individual teams, but with the league itself.

G League team rosters consist of a total of 12 players, 10 or fewer being G League players and two or more NBA players.

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The rosters are made up in a number of ways: Each team also has local tryouts, and one player from the tryouts is assigned to the team. The minimum age to play in the G League is 18,[40] unlike the NBA which requires players to be 19 years old and one year out of high school in order to sign an NBA contract or be eligible for the draft.

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The tallest player ever to be assigned was Hasheem Thabeet at 7'3", the second player selected in the NBA draft. The tallest player to ever play in the G League was England's Paul Sturgess at 7'8", who played with the Texas Legends during the —14 season. Team rosters are made up of returning players players who were on the team during the previous seasonplayers waived by an NBA team who are designated as an affiliate player to their respective G League affiliate, allocated players players who have local significanceand drafted players.

The 8 round draft utilizes a "serpentine" format, meaning the order alternates in each round; Team A who selected first in Round 1 will select last in Round 2, while Team B who selected last in Round 1 will get the first pick in Round 2.

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Round 3 was added inThe league holds an annual Player Invitational, where prospects hope to earn eligibility for the upcoming draft. Each team is allowed four affiliate players. These are players that an NBA team is interested in developing in their own system.

The affiliate players, however, still remain as free agents that any NBA team can sign.