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Clemens Gleich's Traveller Guide to the German Autobahn, Part 2 - The Truth About Cars

kkt meet 2013 ford

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Instrumental variable analyses were performed to estimate effects of 15 selected clinical risk factors for fracture in a two-sample mendelian randomisation framework, using the largest previously published GWAS meta-analysis of each risk factor.

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Mendelian randomisation analyses showed a clear effect of bone mineral density on fracture risk. Hand grip strength was inversely associated with fracture risk, but this result was not significant after multiple testing correction.

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The remaining clinical risk factors including vitamin D levels showed no evidence for an effect on fracture. Conclusions This large scale GWAS meta-analysis for fracture identified 15 genetic determinants of fracture, all of which also influenced bone mineral density. Among the clinical risk factors for fracture assessed, only bone mineral density showed a major causal effect on fracture. Genetic predisposition to lower levels of vitamin D and estimated calcium intake from dairy sources were not associated with fracture risk.

Introduction The United Nations recently predicted that the ratio of people aged 65 years and older to those aged years will triple globally by Clinically useful risk factors for the prediction of osteoporotic fracture risk need not be necessarily causal and have been implemented by well validated risk score algorithms such as FRAX 4 and the Garvan 5 6 fracture risk calculator.

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Yet, the extent to which modification of predictive clinical risk factors reduces fracture risk is not generally known. A better understanding of causal mechanisms will enable prevention strategies, direct the launch of proper clinical trials, and provide targets for effective lifestyle and pharmacological interventions.

kkt meet 2013 ford

Acquiring this knowledge is particularly timely and relevant considering the increasing recognition that many individuals at high fracture risk often do not receive fracture prevention interventions. Large GWAS meta-analyses can also be used to perform mendelian randomisation analyses to explore the causal effects of heritable risk factors on disease in people, while reducing bias due to confounding because genetic variation is essentially randomly assigned at conception or reverse causation because allele assignment always precedes disease onset.

There are some passages that not only are unlimited, but also have curvature radii that feel like a straight at 70 mph but tear your face off your skull or your tires off the asphalt at mph. You could race down BMWs very own prototype test track: You will see all those disguised next-gen BMWs and perhaps a few such Audis, too. The Bahn through these hills is so steep that caravanists go a long way to avoid it for fear their underpowered bathrooms will be reduced to 20 mph or to going backwards very fast, disintegrating.

kkt meet 2013 ford

This fact alone should tell you everything: Yes, Google Maps is right: There are many miles in that bit. For pure, undiluted straight line speed visit the north of Germany where the landscape slowly peters out into the North Sea.

kkt meet 2013 ford

A famous example of this experience of American motoring in fast forward is the A27 from Bremen to Bremerhaven: Going straight towards the horizon, towards the sea.

My personal favorite are the Autobahns of Eastern Germany.

kkt meet 2013 ford

During the socialist occupation after the war, people were forced to live there at gunpoint, but when the wall came down, of course everybody with half an ounce of sense and two working legs left. The Autobahns they built are gorgeous, empty and give me a feeling of my money well spent.

The A2 from Magdeburg to Berlin is especially popular with tourists, because at the end of it, you are somewhere Berlin instead of nowhere the rest of the East.

But my secret tip for you would be the A71 connecting Schweinfurt with Erfurt.

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You can go the whole length of it, the only limits being in the tunnelly bit. Get off at Oberhof, race up an awesome hill course, pit stop, race down the awesome hill course, continue racing the A Another way of finding a good piece of Autobahn is asking a German who likes driving i.


These favorites are everywhere, so one will always be near your lodgings. The Rules In Germany, we love rules.

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The only thing we love more than making The Rules is explaining The Rules to the ignorant, which I shall do now. As the French expect visitors to know their history and culture and speak their language, the Germans expect you to know the unofficial rules without being told. The sign for an Autobahn is a white road on blue ground stretching into the distance, being crossed by a bridge mnemonics: So when you see this but no limit signs, you are allowed to go as fast as you can afford.

BUT and not even many Germans know this the Autobahn is not the only place in Germany where you can legally do that. Traffic will immediately be hampered the nanosecond you fall below the current speed limit.

The law is not often enforced, but when it is, we celebrate like Americans when they have found another terrorist.

On a more serious note, I have encountered tourists having a debate about their alleged whiplash on the leftmost Autobahn lane, our overtaking lane.