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But Hayes gave up sports to join Nash on the "Magcon" meet-and-greet tours, where his own celebrity surged. He currently plays Noodle. [1] Early life Hamilton Nash Grier was born and raised in North Carolina by mother joined the touring group Magcon (Meet and Greet Convention), a convention where .. Luis Guzmán, James Rebhorn, Peter Boyle, Pam Grier and John Cleese. .. [1] A Paula Abdul – singer, choreographer, former Laker Girl, born in San. MEET THE MAGCON FAMILY. IT'S MORE THAN AN EVENT! MAGCON SPECIAL GUESTS. SUBJECT TO CHANGE PER CITY. textured-backgrounds jpg.

They share [his videos] over and over again. He favors Vans sneakers, enjoys crossing hallways by skateboard and has little overt interest in humoring reporters who might have flown in from New York to follow him around for a weekend. But Nash, of course, is not average. As he ducked away from the screaming throngs at the mall, leaving them with nothing more of himself than the same digital images, an uncomfortable truth became clear: The closer you get to Nash, the farther you feel from him.

In person, you can feel lucky to get a full sentence. At the dinner table, waiting for his takeout, he stares at his phone. He slips easily into the clipped, non-committal generalities of the disinterested teen. How much has your life changed since you started making Vines? The most intimate moment most fans get to share with Nash is taking a selfie.

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All this raises a few questions: How precarious is stardom built on the mirage of a personal connection? Can Nash keep an aura of availability as his celebrity grows, or will he travel further out of reach, only to be replaced by a nearer star?

In its short life, Vine has spawned a suite of homegrown celebrities who are creeping toward six-figure salaries thanks to an exceptional — and exceptionally strange — talent that until now had little marketable value: They include Viners like "KingBach," a year-old actor who has landed a role on Showtime's House of Lies, and "BatDad," a father whose Batman alter ego helped him land a lucrative gig pimping laundry detergent for Tide.

Like other Vine sensations, Nash hopes six seconds of fame will be the gateway to something more lasting than minute stardom. Instead, having conquered the smartphone, Nash is going after larger screens that can put distance between an idol and his fans. A year into his Vine venture, Nash has nixed his college plans and dropped lacrosse, which he once counted on as his ticket to a school like Princeton or Penn.

I always thought about that.


And I liked it better. This spring, Nash also moved out to Los Angeles with Cam, a Vine star and aspiring actor Nash met through the social media site, so the two teens could be closer to their agents at William Morris Endeavor. Nash's father, Chad Grier, declined to share details about their new living arrangement, as the boys "are stalked on a fairly regular basis as it is.

And they have to be able to monetize the popularity while they have it. Louis to enjoy another new perk of fame that had come only recently: He, Hayes and Cam — Vine sensations with a few million followers each — were making their first appearance at Wizard World, a fan convention that seats its talent behind bouncers. The tickets — well over in total — sold out. On Friday, the group's first day in Missouri, Nash showed up half an hour late to a radio interview. He was wearing sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt.

Julia had set up the talk radio appearance by messaging Nash's father on every one of his social media accounts. As the trio entered, she rearranged her sweater and smoothed her hair. The guys shuffled past her, taking little notice. Julia stared at their huddle, but failed to elicit a reaction. Nash has a collection of catchphrases — including "Nashty," "or nah" and "zayummm" — that his fans repeat themselves and sport on T-shirts.

Nash himself regularly consults a Bible app on his iPhone. Asked whether Nash's faith has shaped his view of gay people or same-sex marriage, Chad Grier, answering on his son's behalf, wrote in an email, "Nash believe [sic] in equal rights for all people," but "is not a political buff nor does he wish to engage in politically charged debates especially when he is not very well educated on a particular issue.

The upbeat teen Nash plays on smartphone screens diverges so sharply from the kid who lashed out against "homos" that it can be hard to shake the sense his online image is at least in part a carefully constructed fiction — one more staged than his casual candids might suggest.

Nash discusses "filth" in terms that hint he may consider it imprudent for business reasons: You don't want to limit yourself. You want an audience that [includes] anyone from 2 years old to 50 years old," Nash said in an interview, before his controversial Vine had resurfaced. Audiences are so devoted to these online sensations that they're likely to be influenced by whatever sentiments come through their screens.

When Shawn Mendes, another teenage Vine star, launched his debut album and asked fans to "get this bad boy to No. Nash said he posted a few videos to Vine shortly after it launched early last year. His second clip earned him thousands more fans. Currently, the 12 most popular Viners are each variations on the same formula: They are all comedians, they are almost all men and many of them are God-fearing Christians who bleep f-bombs and steer clear of sex.

Their videos also hum with a level of energy that can be exhausting in high doses. There is no filler or downtime, only punchlines and story climaxes in continuously looping six-second doses. While Facebook can feel like the Wal-Mart of social networks — the brightly-lit social media superstore teeming with parents — Vine can evoke a basement rec room on a Friday night — young, frenetic and full of inside jokes.


Nash realized from his study of Vine that the blockbuster formula had two ingredients: He had to be funny, and he had to be clean. He'll film his clips over and over again until nothing feels rushed, or spend hours on editing. Nash has an instinct for crafting short skits that go down easy in the din of the school bus or cafeteria, where his teenage fans inhale his videos. He saves them for after 3: Other Vine stars might spend days perfecting their uploads, devising elaborate sets or creating ingenious stop-motion animations.

For Nash, however, developing, planning and shooting an idea takes him "anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Louis, Nash did all three between stoplights. And then — action! He looked ahead, straight-faced.

Then, slowly, Cam rotated his head toward the camera and bared his teeth. Nash saved the clip.

Nash Grier

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