Nkotbsb meet and greet manila

NKOTB Tour - Lights, Camera, Memories

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

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They were going to meet Barney. Trembling After about two hours, Jill stood up.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

They had brightly colored leis around their necks and were surrounded by guards. I spotted Jordan Knight. My hands fumbled to find my phone. I was trembling so much that my fingers kept slipping.

Diary of a New Kids On The Block stalker

I posted on Twitter: We spotted Howie D. In the barely five minutes I was gone, Jonathan Knight had reappeared and Jill had taken his picture and asked him to sign her sketch from I tried to catch up but failed. He had left the hotel. But Jonathan returned to the hotel just minutes later. I grabbed my chance. I returned to our table giggly and giddy.

There was Howie D. But it turned out to be a bust—there were 14 of us and only 10 wristbands available.

NKOTBSB In Manila 2012 Opening - NKOTB & Backstreet Boys: Medley "Single" / "The One"

I decided to give up my slot and we left to drown our sorrows at Bistro Ravioli. We returned to the Arena a few hours later to see a massive crowd waiting to get in.

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It felt like a reunion of sorts. We were constantly running into people we knew and they looked just as excited as us. All around us people greeted friends, high-fived one another, pumped their fists in the air and stifled shrieks. We were in front, right by the stage, within spitting distance of the two boy bands.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

We spent the next two and a half hours screaming, singing, applauding, dancing and reliving our childhood. At one point during the show, Jonathan squeezed my hand and gave Jill a big hug.

The entire experience had me laughing harder than I had in years! Joe was commentating, Jordan and Donnie were being absolutely hilarious.

NKOTB 2017 Tour

I quite literally had the time of my life in that minutes I was with them. They all made me feel so special and really after the year I had to that point I needed a great laugh and they sure delivered. I had a pit ticket for the Raleigh show and then had a lower bowl seat for Charlotte.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

The pit is always such a crap shoot. In retrospect I probably should have done the bar stools like last tour. The lower bowl seat in Charlotte was ok and we did have interaction with Donnie when he was returning to the stage one time. I was so helpless, it nearly ruined my night so I decided to go back to my friends.

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I mean, they were big in the 80s and only rose to fame here in the Philippines in early 90s and I was just a toddler then. They were full of energy and still captured every girl's heart from the audience. That was the moment I have been waiting since I was 9 years old. My heart skipped a beat, I needed to internalize what I was seeing.

They played most songs from their first three albums and my little heart couldn't contain the happiness. I sang my heart out until I choked out, it was a great feeling.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

When they played 10, Promises, I felt like my hair raised like there was a strong magnetic field around me and I started crying!

That song is full of emotion, and it's one of my most favorite songs.