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LIVE IN CONCERT: REO and Styx to return to Cape Girardeau

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It will be exciting to see where he takes this program as it develops and who who brings with him! Getting to meet the band in a situation like this was an extraordinary experience. While ticket prices are going up for the series, this makes for a perfect mancation experience since it combines the thrill of doing something awesome like getting to meet the band, see them in a small venue typicallyseats depending on the ship - plus all the other great stuff about cruising such as steak every night if you want it, tons of bars including the Red Frog Pub where they had a great acoustic guitar guy "Justin Time".

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Of course, it's also a great opportunity to get away from the kids and go with someone special on a romantic getaway too. I met these folks at the concert and they were super fans who even brought their albums to get autographed. What's nice about this concept is that it isn't just for the "hard core fans" and it isn't just for the established cruisers. It is a great way to draw in the people that love a band's music and are just looking for an excuse to see them on vacation.

I always try to judge my experiences as a blogger by saying "would I do this again and pay for it?

LIVE IN CONCERT: REO and Styx to return to Cape Girardeau

In fact some of the folks that we met on this cruise are already looking forward to meeting up again in St Thomas in March to see Journey on the Carnival Liberty. Ready to experience Carnival Live for yourself?

  • LIVE IN CONCERT: REO and Styx to return to Cape Girardeau
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Even for a band that never hit my personal top 10, I really enjoyed the music. With a co-headlining show format, REO and Styx swap the headlining slot each evening, with Styx slated to close the show on this date.

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Pardon me; I need a minute to compose myself. REO Speedwagon spent nearly eighty minutes belting out hit after hit to a throng of fans that seem to know every lyric. Guitarist Dave Amato, bassist Bruce Hall and lead vocalist Kevin Cronin spent the entire set traversing the stage, jumping off risers and whipping the audience into a general frenzy.

My only disappointment was the continued absence of founding guitarist Gary Richrathdue to ongoing bad blood with Kevin Cronin. Styx, a band known for theatrical stage shows and lots of effects, took the stage to close the show at approximately 9: Although the set featured a colorful light show, the band seems to have opted to rely on more high energy antics and a catalog of hit songs to win over the audience, rather than fancy sets and gimmicks.

When stripped of the glitz and glamour, Styx is a pretty good rock band. For many people, a really good, old-fashioned, classic rock show will always win out over the onstage hysteria and theatrics that many bands rely on to entertain an audience.

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