Target meet and greet after interview

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target meet and greet after interview

Questions and Answers about Target Interviews. Here's what people have asked and answered about working for and interviewing at Target. I applied for a job at a new Target here and I was called yesterday to be invited to a meet and greet on Friday(tomorrow). What is a meet and apply to Target. Not an interview but general networking with Target employees. I applied at Target and they got back to me with a Meet and Greet which from what I understand is like an interview but maybe shorter and less.

Questions and Answers about Target Interviews

The day of the interview, I show up early, sit nicely outside the HR office with my phone tucked away in my bag so I wouldn't play on it. Eventually, the Team Lead for the backroom arrives and we go into one of the offices to have my interview.

target meet and greet after interview

I'm asked all of the ridiculous questions and I answer the best I can. For some reason, there is nothing in the packet about my past work history that says I previously worked backroom at Target.

target meet and greet after interview

Anyway, we talk, we joke we get along. He shakes my hand and says that he can totally see me working on his team. I am then escorted to my 2nd interview with the store manager. He is nice, a little harder to read, but friendly.

I answer even more absurd questions. He is surprised I previously worked at Target but my paperwork said nothing about it. I'm surprised HR didn't pass on this info. We shake hands and he tells me we'll be in touch; that he is going to review other applications. Why would they reject someone who has multiple years of retail experience, 2 years of which are in the position they need to fill, someone they don't have to waste time training?

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It makes no sense. If you receive a detailed agenda, read it carefully for clues of possible conversation topics. Your attire should be the same as for the first interview. The same suit will be acceptable, but with a different blouse or shirt and tie.

target meet and greet after interview

If the meeting extends over lunchtime, be ready to follow proper table etiquette. New Questions Keep in mind that you're also interviewing the company and deciding whether to hire it as your employer. Now that you've been invited to return for a second meeting, dig deeper with your research into the company.

Questions and Answers about Target Interviews |

If the company is publicly traded, go to your public library and study stock analysts' reports. Consider setting up an information interview with someone in a different part of the company.

You might hear something different from what your target department is saying.

target meet and greet after interview

Prepare questions based on this research. In your second interview, expect more job-specific questions.

target meet and greet after interview

Be prepared to answer questions about how you would handle certain situations. Your Two-Month Plan Consider devising a day plan that you could use to answer a "how would you Work it out on paper, step by step. Use information that you learned from your research and during the first interview.