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cast uk meet the team questions

Common interview questions and questions to ask from Cast UK; Business Change & Transformation, HR, How would members of your team describe you ?. The cast of Hetty Feather answer questions sent in by you. If you were a member of staff at the Foundling Hospital and a governor was inspecting it and she. Meet the cast on the all new series of Doctor Who! Sunday 22 October , The Doctor Who Team. When Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Thirteenth.

I can't thank my consultant and Cast Uk enough for their guidance through the process. Lucie Brett-Moore CRM Executive My Cast UK is very focused on projects and clients, always ensuring thorough research and investigation in all relevant companies within the industry for full consideration. Cast Uk have a really good wide network across retail and maintains strong links to all their contacts due to their excellent communication skills.

The consultant I dealt with has a great friendly personality and combined with her efficiency, this made the recruitment process seamless. After a friendly and informal chat, they put me forward for the position that I managed to secure. There was lots of regular contact throughout and I'm made up to have secured such a good position with the help of Cast Uk.

After a few bad experiences with other recruiters, Cast Uk was a breath of fresh air and I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking for a new position. Cast Uk were all very friendly and professional with the help and information provided for the job position I was going for. My consultant's follow up emails and calls were great for keeping in touch with updates and checking in with me.

It has been a pleasure to have found employment through Cast UK. I hope in the future other people who are looking for work have the same positive response as well. Not only did they help with my application and guide me through the interview process, when I was rejected they came back to me with the next suitable role.

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I found CAST UK really helpful since they specialise in the supply chain field which sped up the whole process for me. Very helpful, friendly and thorough and couldn't recommend enough.

Thanks for all your help!! I cannot thank Cast UK enough. My consultant was thoroughly professional throughout the recruiting process, keeping me updated along the way. I can honestly say without my consultant's assistance, I would not be in the great job I currently am. This recruiting process was far from straightforward due to several factors but my consultant assured me all along and was totally honest during the process.

It's Cast UK's dedication that makes them stand out against any other recruitment consultancy I have dealt with in the past.

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I found them very helpful and supportive with a highly professional but relaxed attitude. My consultants way of communication and guidance gave me motivation and confidence during the interviews I've had. I have never met any consultant with such a great sense of tact before. The information flow between us, I can easily say, was better than perfect.

I would like to thank her very much for her assistance and I think you should know about it as well.

cast uk meet the team questions

I would highly recommend Cast UK to anyone who expects only the best recruitment service. Thank you once again and I cannot wait to start my new job! She was receptive to the roles and companies I was interested in and worked extremely hard to get me my dream role.

I couldn't recommend her more highly. A massive thanks for helping me find my new position and even contacting after commencement of my new position to see how I am settling in. Thanks for all the time and effort you have shown me over the past couple of months and placing me into a position that matches my skills.

She took time to understand my skills and requirements and built up a good rapport. She had a great understanding of the jobs she was recruiting for and was particularly helpful when preparing for interviews. Overall, I feel Cast UK are excellent recruitment consultants and I would be very happy to work with them again. After our first discussion regarding my career goals my consultant contacted companies I was interested in and put my name forward the very same day!

I had an interview within 2 weeks and she helped me prepare for it, giving all the help and advice possible. Charlotte Bradley Junior Buyer Cast UK take the time to find out what type of role and — more importantly — what type of cultural fit you're looking for.

My consultant took time to discuss this and picked up quickly on what ticked my boxes and then went through what opportunities he thought would be good for me. For the opportunity that I was successful with, my consultant talked me through the company, role and what to expect at the interview, including some of the left field questions that were asked! I have nothing but praise for Cast UK as they were professional, conscientious and totally trustworthy in all my dealing with them, one word sums up my experience - fantastic!

My consultant is naturally positive and engaging, very thorough in her research about roles, companies and individuals, possesses first-class communication skills and has always been thoroughly professional and charming in her approach.

When Cast UK first approached me I wasn't actively seeking a new role, however, I was immediately impressed by how well my skill-set and experience has been matched to the role she was recruiting for. Coupled with her upbeat communication style and friendly manner, my consultant handled the entire process faultlessly. Even after my accepting the role, my consultant has maintained regular contact, which highlights her personable and friendly approach to life.

Since our initial meeting I have been extremely impressed by her industry knowledge, communication, efficiency and professionalism. Not only did she help guide me through the initial recruitment process, but she also provided me with invaluable assistance before, during and after the interview stages, keeping me updated on a regular basis.

Good recruitment consultants are extremely difficult to find, so once you find one as good as the consultants at Cast UK, you appreciate them a whole lot more! I have no hesitation in recommending Cast UK to other potential candidates looking for a senior role within the Logistics sector Steve Sykes National Logistics Manager I initially spoke to my consultant at Cast UK at length about what my requirements were, before he set to work to find me my dream role.

My consultant was helpful every step of the way and took the time to email and call whenever I needed help. She was able to give professional advice based on her experience and knowledge of the industry. My consultant has a very personable approach and was very quick to understand my strengths and requirements in order to match me with the perfect role.

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication. I was kept updated at all stages and was always available for support and advice. I could not recommend Cast UK more. My consultant was quick at getting back to emails and proactive in calling me with updates. The whole process from discussing the role initially to being offered was a matter of a couple of weeks, whereas other recruiters can be sometimes difficult to get hold of.

I would definitely recommend Cast UK to others looking for job roles. Katie Prescott Junior Buyer During the recruitment process my consultant kept a very relaxed, friendly but professional approach. I was made to feel comfortable asking any questions I had, however trivial they may have been. If I was ever looking for another role, I would get in touch with Cast UK, just as I would if I was looking to recruit for a role within my team.

He always kept me in loop as to how my progress with the position was going and whenever I called, there was always a member from Cast UK to help. I highly recommend Cast UK for their job prospects as they are most professional team I have come across.

Once again thanks to the Cast UK team, your help was very much appreciated.

cast uk meet the team questions

Yogesh Patel Warehouse Shift Manager After finding myself in the unfortunate position of being made redundant for the first time, I contacted a number of people I knew, including my consultant from Cast UK. From day one, my consultant delivered on every commitment he made to me. His integrity shone through in all of the dealings I had with him. He had great insight into his client base and only suggested positions where he was confident there would be a good fit for me and his client.

cast uk meet the team questions

This approach really paid off and I have now secured another exciting opportunity! I would have no hesitation in recommending my consultant as a recruitment partner, and I am sure he is typical of how the whole team at Cast UK operate.

Gary Thompson General Manager During the recruitment process my consultant had a very relaxed yet professional approach. I felt very confident and at ease as she understood my desire to get my dream job! Throughout my interview stages, Cast UK helped me and kept me informed and positive.

Now I have my dream job I feel my consultant should definitely take the credit. Raffaela Wheeler Buyers Assistant Cast UK match the person to the job which makes them different from other recruitment professionals.

My consultant went into detail about the job to make sure it was right for me. I would recommend him and Cast UK to anyone who is looking to move employer. My consultant there was extremely helpful in placing me in my current role; friendly, knowledgeable and not too pushy. The communication was regular and informative, there was complete focus on my needs and requirements when searching for my next position.

I am really happy in my new role and thank Cast UK for finding something so well suited. They were very thorough and always available to speak to if I needed advice. My consultant's guidance motivated me to really believe I could get the role I applied for. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and genuine enthusiasm to help and support my application. They were always there to guide me through every step of the way.

I cannot thank them enough and cannot wait to start my new job! Barbara Turk Senior Supply Chain Planner Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to my consultant at Cast UK, he has been very formal and has kept me up to date every step of the way; he could not have done anymore to make the process run smoothly.

Again, thank you for all your help with everything. Gregg Scott Senior Transport Planner During the recruitment process my consultant was simply excellent. He was communicative, professional, and honest. Throughout it was consistently clear that he held my aspirations at the centre of everything he did. I would highly recommend Cast UK and would be more than happy to work with them again in the future. Even during tough times, my consultant has managed to find solutions to challenging problems.

The information and help I got was outstanding in my opinion. Helpful tips and guidance during the interview process helped put me at ease and really boosted my confidence for which I am grateful.

My consultant provided great support every step of the way and made me feel at ease throughout. She is super friendly and I would definitely recommend Cast UK to anyone looking for a new career opportunity. Initially my expectations were low, as I'd never had a good experience with either recruitment days or recruitment agencies before.

I am pleased to say that I was wrong. My consultant and Cast UK helped me to kick start my ideal career within a month and I am now due to start my new job in Transport.

cast uk meet the team questions

Thank you Cask UK! Jonathan Terry Trainee Transport Supervisor I've had the pleasure of working with Cast UK recently, throughout the whole process my consultant has been highly professional, organised, extremely personable and very transparent.

Having worked in recruitment myself for a number of years both internally and externally I have never come across someone like my consultant at Cast UK, who clearly cares so much about his candidates and clients.

Responding to an email I sent late in the evening and getting an instant reply says everything about him, I would highly recommend Cast UK and I look forward to working with them in the near future. My consultant was a real genuine person who is clearly very good at what he does. It was refreshing to work with a recruiter who is totally honest and absolutely professional in their conduct. I do strongly recommend to both recruiters and candidates to use the services of Cast UK for their recruitment needs.

Issy Harash Operations Director I would like to say that my experience of working with Cast UK over the past year has been exceptional. From my initial contact up until I was successfully placed, my consultant has consistently supported me with my applications.

My consultant has always ensured that I was well prepared for interview and provided an approachable but professional service.

Really reliable and I was kept up-to-date at all times. My consultant was never pushy like a lot of recruitment agencies who aren't really bothered whether or not a job is it right for you. I've been put off quite a few jobs due to bad recruitment companies but Cast UK are not the same as most others.

Again, I am thoroughly happy with the service. I have been placed by Cast UK before as well as other recruitment agencies but the service provided by Cast UK is better than any other consultancy I have experienced. The contact was regular without feeling like I was being harassed and my consultant always acted quickly to reply to any questions I had and actually listened to my concerns and to what I was looking for in a new role.

I felt fully informed through every step of the process and feel that my consultant did brilliantly to find a job so closely suited to what I wanted. Craig Smith Supply Planner I was looking for a secure position where I could build a career and really progress and develop in the role.

My consultant was able to recognise that I was determined, driven and experienced enough to implement the processes that the business was lacking at the time when I joined. I chose Cast UK for this assignment because of my experience with them as a candidate. My consultant has guided me through every stage of the process, supporting me greatly with his detailed knowledge. Cast UK has made the transition to a new employer a much easier and enjoyable process.

Thank you Cast UK! Simon Theobald Assistant Distribution Manager Cast UK were professional from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble, they kept me informed all the way through the interview process and answered any questions that I had.

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I would recommend Cast UK, and in my new role I will be using them for any new appointments I need to make. Vincent Nash Warehouse Night Manager My consultant at Cast UK is one of the most professional, polite and welcoming people I've ever come across in the recruitment industry.

I have recently had the pleasure of being a Cast UK candidate and found that they did not only what is expected, but definitely surpassed all expectations relating to the support provided throughout the journey with Cast UK. I would recommend Cast UK and my consultant there to anyone who expects only the best service. Why was there a gap in your employment history? What does success mean to you? What are the key things that drive or motivate you?

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If you could have your time again, what career would you choose? Motivations towards the company and role How did you find out about this position? Why would you like to work for this company in particular? What do you know about the company? What attracts you to this role? What do you think this company could do better or differently? Working styles What important points came out of your last appraisal?

Describe your management style. What do you look for in a manager? What really winds you up in the workplace? Describe your greatest challenge so far. Describe a difficult work scenario and how you managed it. What would you say about your current and last employers? Describe your preferred company culture. How did you handle your most difficult client?

How do you deal with stress or pressure at work? At this point you should focus on issues that are important to you combined with showing an interest in the company and what is expected of a person in the position.