Chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

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chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

The Greeks of Troy + Years of Greek Life at Rensselaer. Amos Eaton . 39 Gamma Tetarton of Phi Sigma Kappa founded October 14, The Greeks of. What do Carrie Chapman Catt and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity have in common? At the Grand Chapter meeting of December , a resolution was adopted and the Theta Xi Fraternity was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( RPI) in Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated, the first Greek-letter organization for . Greek Life remains strong with a diverse array of fraternities and sororities through Schedule a Meeting with the Associate Dean for Greek Life Commons Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Theta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi Upsilon, Sigma Delta.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

Rensselaer became the first civilian school to graduate civil engineers inand Union began offering a degree in civil engineering after Nott's resignation from RPI in Nott remained President of Union College until Stephen Van Rensselaer was a Harvard graduate, a millionaire, a philanthropist, and the head of one of the leading families of New York State.

Born the same year the US declared its independence, after founding the Rensselaer School in Eaton served as Senior Professor for the rest of his life.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

He trained a significant number of influential scientists of the day, and remained involved with Rensselaer until his death on May 10 at age Greek life begins at Rensselaer. Today, Theta Xi Fraternity has close to 60 chapters nationwide.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

Founded at location currently occupied by the Greene Building. Theta Xi was the only fraternity formed during the Civil War.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

National fraternity founded at New York University in One of the ten oldest local fraternities in the United States today. Oldest Hispanic American student organization in the United States.

Becomes Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity in Re-built campus after the fire of Phi Iota Alpha was created. Today, Phi Iota Alpha has over 40 chapters.


The chapter becomes SigEp at Rensselaer. The early s were turbulent times in the United States.

chi upsilon sigma meet the greeks rpi

Racial vindictiveness emerged as a result of earlier waves of emigration, and divisions developed along religious, ethnic, and economic lines. The city of New York was seen as a cauldron for social change.

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They wanted to start a sorority that would promote open membership to all women of character regardless of background; a sorority committed to sisterhood, excellence in scholarship, and selfless giving. On November 26,Phi Sigma Sigma was born. It was the first nonsectarian sorority; the only one that was open to diverse membership from inception and the only one with a ritual that was not based in any one religion.

The original name of the Fraternity was Phi Sigma Omega, until, when trying to have it incorporated, the Founders learned that the name was already being used by another Greek letter society.

Our Founders selected our symbols after careful consideration.

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The American Beauty Rose was chosen because it was the premier flower in the U. Shirley Cohen suggested the sphinx as a symbol because of its mythological significance to women, and because it represents mystery and secrecy. They attained high scholastic standing, developed intense bonds, and each served in philanthropic activities, donating to a variety of charities consistent with Phi Sigma Sigma's twin ideals and nonsectarian trait.

Three new members were accepted into Phi Sigma Sigma during the first year: For five years, Alpha Chapter continued locally. When a friend of Rose Sher who attended Tufts College contacted her with interest in the sorority, expansion became a reality.


This Supreme Council served from Following the election of the first Supreme Council, the national headquarters of Phi Sigma Sigma resided at the home of the national tribune, a member of Supreme Council. The headquarters moved with the placement of each new tribune.

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Eta Chapter at the University of Michigan, was established inand Theta Chapter at the University of Illinois, founded inintroduced our ideals to mid-west campuses. Reflecting the expansion of the twenties and the widespread geographical distribution of our chapters, a regional administration system was developed, grouping chapters into geographical divisions managed by Division Presidents who reported to the national Director of Undergraduates.

Inthe name of the national headquarters was changed to Central Office and the first Executive Secretary was hired. The badge had remained unchanged since our founding.

Our first traveling secretary now called a field consultantMeriam Lipkind, began to visit chapters in