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same, I'd walk down the horror aisle at blockbuster just to look at the covers,q_auto:good .. Have you seen his otherbearly movies like Bad Taste or Meet the Feebles? Equally. [2] The series originally debuted as a two-hour television movie pilot in October Bad Taste () and the black comedy Meet the Feebles () before filming . for robots capable of various types of movement such as walking, crawling. the 4K restoration of Braindead, Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles und Heavenly

And in that regard, this didn't really disappoint. Scorchy -This seemed to get gradually better as it went along. You can't buy Connie Stevens as an action heroine at all, but that's what helps makes it charming.

This also has a very fun buggy-dirtbike chase through the city! Sacred Flesh -My nunsploitation pick. It's under 85 minutes and has got some good skin. Problem Girls -Despite being one of the more darker 50's reform films I've seen, there was too much time spent on the adults instead of the "Problem girls".

A few good moments here and there, but it's mostly flat and cliche'd. Bury Me an Angel -I've never heard good things about this one and I'll agree with it's problems: Sloppy directing,writing and acting. Yet it was still hard for me to not nod off. These 70's films just carry that certain magic for me. Bandh Darwaza -A Bollywood take on Dracula. I admit to fast-forwarding through those last two songs. Dragstrip Riot -I always seem to run into one of these 50's teen flicks that I surprisingly like in every marathon I do.

This appears to be this year's winner. It's got a hectic pace, but ultimately comes off as annoying. Megalon -My first time seeing this all the way through I had only seen the last half-hour of it MST3K Interestingly, that's about as long as it takes for Big G to finally show up.

Grindhouse Universe -As I was watching this, I noticed that some of the new trailers that were added to the 42nd Street Forever Blu-Ray came from this compilation. Wonder what the deal with that was. I might listen to audio commentary later in the month. Smokey Bites the Dust -Good ol' carsploitation zaniness.

William ForsytheLooking like Gary Busey in a few shots and a couple of insane stunts. Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders -Can't say that I completely loved this, but as far as the ideas and production values go, this was a very worthy sequel.

Torture Me, Kiss Me -Since this had to be one of the earliest entries in nazisploitation, I'll be very generous and give this one a slight pass. And at least this one didn't feature WiP elements or nazi prostitutes in it's structure. A very bland 3rd act, but I didn't mind what preceded it. Malpertuis -This movie definetly lived up to it's wtf?

Battle Creek Brawl -Really not as bad as I was always led to believe. Does the sound always appear that muffled? This was only an hour, but believe me, it felt WAY longer. The Black Connection -Never before have I seen a movie that's spent so much on people who are talking on telephones. The only saving grace for this was that some of the ladies are nude while delivering their dialogue. Bug -A tad bit long, but modestly fun movie about "Fire bugs". Not as cool as it sounds.

I wonder if this was an influence of Ti West's House of the Devil. The Weird Man -It takes a while to get going, but this eventually becomes an entertaining outing from Chang Cheh.

I Spit on Your Corpse -Watched with the audio commentary. A huge amount of information gets delivered from Sam Sherman. I just wish there was more emphasis on the it's infamous title-change. The Bizarre Ones -Typical roughie oddity. Doesn't appear to be. Kill Squad -Finally! A good bad movie! This is probably as close to a Miami Connection-clone that I'll encounter this challenge. Not one of their better "Experiments" I've seen.

Mostly because, in the 2nd half, the audio by Joel and the bots seemed to be drowned out by the film. Black Cobra Woman -Quite light on the sleaze factor Considering that we've got D'amato and Gemser here it still kept my attention though The Divine Enforcer -Even though it's shot on video and slows down near the end, I still managed to have fun with this priest-vigilante flick! Not of This Earth -This actually seemed like the most mature of Corman's monster movies. Wonder how the remake is.

The Motion Picture -Just a little over-the-top than your average raunchy 80's comedy. I never laughed, but Strangely I didn't mind it that much. The Beast of Borneo -Worth watching just for the hilariously-dubbed sounds that the "Orang-utan" makes.

American Grindhouse -Gah. I didn't plan on re-watching another exploitation documentary, but I just felt like watching this as soon as I woke up this morning. Shocking Africa -WAY too much circumsisions for my taste! Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny -Wow. That was quite a difficult 95 minutes to endure. I'm even hesitant to hear the Rifftrax version. Jackson County Jail -Watched with audio commentary. Kinda dry, but some good tidbits here and there. The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle -This seemed to move a little faster than your average Jess Franco erotica fest.

Did he really direct this one? It's got an unsatisfactory ending, but at least the action-climax that preceded it had a few cool stunts. Though this didn't get plenty of LOL moments from me, I still found it amusing enough. Aside from the silly ending, this ended up being one of the more better movies I've watched this challenge. King Bong -I didn't think this could be worst than the previous one A Bullet for a Stranger -These middle-to-bottom tiers of spaghetti westerns just don't ever seem to do it for me anymore.

I couldn't really find a lot to like about this one. The Anonymous Heroes -Very refreshing to see a Chang Cheh movie that features gunplay and minature trains crashing. Lady Gangster -Not only was I not expecting it to mostly be a women-in-prison movie, but this sure was one massively short movie. Features an early appearance by Jackie Gleason. Draconian Days -The main complaint that I had with "Part 1" was that there was barely any discussion about the actual films. This installment corrected that.

Las Vegas Serial Killer -Just another Steckler stinker that has long pointless sequences Parties,rodeos for filler and repetitive kill scenes. Enemy Territory -This is like the much tamer version of Tenement. I was expecting more. Rock Baby - Rock It -Extremely low on plot, but you get treated to plenty of unknown 50's rock acts. Manborg -No comment. A Taste of Blood -I finally decided to check this one out.

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Yes, it's about minutes too long, but I didn't think it was as bad as I was led to believe. Mostly because of the cast. That lead actress was a cutie and it's always nice to see Bill Kerwin pop up. It was more like a soap opera. Let My Puppets Come -I thought this would overstay it's welcome in the early-going, but it manage to hold my attention all the way through.

Only the musical segments just fell flat. Deathsport -Ah, so good to finally run into some good ol' Apocalyptic cheese! The lines, the special fx, the sound fx, the explosions, the grat-nudity, the funky score This just hit all the right notes for me. Those fights near the end were actually pretty good. Disco -On youtube, almost the entire music soundtrack has been eliminated.

The movie's still watchable, but you'll be seeing one of the most quiet films ever. I won't be surprised if both are better than this. But the climax was able to save this from being Chuck Norris' worst of the early 80's. Ape -I didn't know if this was a parody or trying to be serious. It failed either way. Highlights include a music video? Yet it's bound to hold your attention.


This is also the 2nd movie I've seen by him where a very mature woman shares love scenes with a much younger person. Loved the score by Stelvio Cipriani. Cheeky -Let's see Needless to say, I can't remember one thing about it.

This movie on the other hand! The Narcotics Story -It never gets old to see "The facts" about pot Early 20th century style. Jungle Warriors -Even though I saw the heavily-edited version, I can't say that I was still disappointed with what I saw.

Mostly because of the cast And that opening song. Still though, the uncut version will have to be watched some day. Shanty Tramp -A sloppy conclusion, but there's some good moments leading up to it. It's also too bad that an editor's scissors was obviously used in taking out slurs and certain sequences. What do ya expect? It's two movies edited into one. Neither are particularly enjoyable.

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Cargo of Love -I didn't really mind it, but it's a snoozer If that makes any sense. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker -Coolest title ever. Enjoyed the movie too.

Didn't expect the movie to end like that! Zaat -Easily, the most stupidest movie I've seen so far in this marathon, but boy did I like it! Can't wait to see the MST3K episode. X - Flight to Hell -Despite slowing down here and there, I still thought this was one of the more solid storylines to be found in a Jess Franco film.

Didn't I just say the same exact thing yesterday? Cannibal Terror -Yup. It's as awful as they all say it is. Vanessa -Halfway through it, I realized that I had seen some of this movie before many years ago at a friend's house on late night cable.

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The good ol' days. Night of the Cat -This came very close to becoming a Z-grade masterpiece. This Pearl was originally someone else's Kevin Williams AwestruckVox Edited by: Kevin Williams Produced by: If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full.

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