Meet the god emperor of mankind

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meet the god emperor of mankind

Name: God Emperor of Mankind, original name unknown .. to an absurd degree (most mortals that he meet automatically consider him a god. The Second Rise of the God Emperor of Mankind. By: gondor20 This is a meeting of the Great High Lords of Mankind! Leave now or I will. What would happen if the GEOM meet MC and what would The EMPEROR say to him.

Accept me and you will know that I am the only truth and the only way. Remembering his vision, he entered the Church of the Lightning Stone, and started a new life as a priest, one of preaching kindness and offering assistance to any who came into his sanctuary. This he did daily for almost forty standard years as the Unification Wars slowly came to their conclusion, and the atheistic creed of the Imperial Truth favoured by the Emperor spread across Terra, and fewer and fewer faithful came to Olathaire's church.

Introducing himself only as "Revelation", the stranger said he wanted to speak with Olathaire and understand what kept him chained to faith in the light of the advances of science and reason.

meet the god emperor of mankind

Unbeknowst to Olathaire, the man was actually the Emperor Himself, veiled by a psychic illusion to appear as a normal human. However, the Master of Mankind had been so long removed from normal humanity that Olathaire immediately sensed that something was amiss about this visitor, although he could not understand what.

The fresco of the Emperor of Mankind defeating the Void Dragon seen in the last church on Terra Despite this initial misgiving, Olathaire graciously invited his visitor inside, and led him to his church's most treasured possession, a masterfully painted mural fresco depicting mythic events from Terra's past and future.

Ironically enough, one of the scenes was a stylised depiction of the fight between the Emperor and the C'tan known as the Void Dragon which occurred millennia earlier in what was once known as ancient Libya. Revelation was moved by the fresco's beauty, but bluntly countered Olathaire's argument by stating that while the artist certainly had been a woman of incredible vision and talent, what had moved her was money and not the power of God.

The Church of the Lightning Stone Refusing to be daunted by Revelation's lack of faith, Olathaire led him to his quarters where they could continue their discussion more easily, sharing a bottle of wine.

Emperor of Mankind

Revelation confirmed that Olathaire's church was the last one on Terra, and that he had been tasked by a decree of the Emperor to destroy it, but he offered no violence, and once again reiterated that he wanted to understand humanity's need for faith first. Uriah then attempted to explain how faith appeared from unexplainable facts as a reassuring explanation of the course of events in a human life, citing the history of his own Church of the Lightning Stone: Yet Revelation was unconvinced, and explained that there was a scientific cause to the miracle: Revelation then bluntly stated that the founder of the Church of the Lightning Stone might have believed that he had been the recipient of a miracle, but that believing something does not make it true or real.

Faiths of the Past Edit "What made you think it was God? You were a dying man on a battlefield, surrounded by your dead comrades and you were having an epiphany of the futility of the life you had led. Surely you can think of another explanation for this vision, Uriah, a more likely explanation that does not require the supernatural? You may be wise in many things, Revelation, but you cannot know what goes on in my own mind. I heard the voice of God and saw His face. He bore me up and set me into a deep slumber, and when I awoke, my wounds were healed.

Irritated by Revelation's attitude rather than his words, Olathaire then stated that he too, had received a spiritual vision in his youth. Olathaire then started by saying he had been at the Battle of Gaduare.

meet the god emperor of mankind

Revelation looked up with sadness, and they locked eyes again, and again Olathaire felt that strangeness, and no longer doubted that when Revelation spoke of Gaduare, he spoke of events about which he possessed personal knowledge, despite his youthful appearance. Even more shaken, Olathaire then explained how in his youth he had been a rebel, and had fought and almost died at Gaduare.

He then explained how he had been wounded, had witnessed God and been healed, and how this had given him a valuable purpose in an otherwise wasted life.

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Again, Revelation was doubtful. He began to speak of the human religions of old, and how they had so often been used as an excuse to justify cruelty. I did do my best. Anyways, any word from the Tau fleet? Did they reach Tau? It will take a very long time for anyone to live on it again. Most of the other Tau worlds are bad. The Tau fleet is heading back to Mars. You may go now. I want to be alone for a little bit. The Emperor walked into his private room and opened a chest that was at the foot of his bed.

He pulled out a picture and a torn black head band. The picture, while washed out, showed four people. The first person is an older man with long white spiky hair. He had a red outfit on.

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A blond woman with a VERY large rack stood next to the man. A shorter woman with black hair was holding a pig stood next to the blond. The last person was a boy with short blond hair. He had an orange jumpsuit on and a large smile on his face. I miss pervy sage and baa-chan," the Emperor thought.

He sat the picture done and looked at the head band. You could barley see a leaf on it.

meet the god emperor of mankind

He lies on his bed and fell asleep. He saw Caluthien and a few other Eldar sitting in a corner talking. He looked over and saw a large group of Space Marine Chapter Masters talking.

meet the god emperor of mankind

He sighed and sat down at the table. No one even looked at him. The Emperor sighed and started to his bowel with the spoon he was using. Everyone turned and bowed and sat down.

We are here to talk about what is left of the orks. Now, I had the Ultramarines look for them. Can you tell us your findings? Make every thing right. Go back in time. After the meeting, the Emperor went back to his room to think of his new plan.

Around noon Terra time, he heard a knock at the door. What are you working on," The Eldar asked when she saw some of the papers on the desk he was working on.

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As for what I'm working on. I think I may be able to been space, time, and the warp to send me back in time to prevent what has happen. I think I may be able to do this! How would you do it? Using this, I will bend space and time, and send myself back!

I maybe able to send some things back with me, but I'm not sure. This is sounding really crazy. I got work to do! Caluthien just shrugged and left.

meet the god emperor of mankind

He had put some of his needed things in sealing scrolls and placed the scrolls on seals connected to the one he would use. When he active that seal, the others would active too. I hope this works. After an hour of hand signs he was done. I though-" the Emperor was cut off has he felt pain. He soon blacked out. The Emperor opened his eyes and saw a wooden ceiling. He groaned and looked out the window and saw four stone faces.

The faces of the Hokage! He stopped and saw he was in his apartment from when he was a child. He grabbed the first one and saw it was his power sword. The Emperor sealed the sword back and walked to his kitchen to find his calendar and ramen.

After hitting some ramen up, he saw the date on the calendar. It was the day of the bell test!

The God EMPEROR of mankind( Warhammer 40k meets the legendary Master chief ( Halo)

Naruto, the Emperor of Mankind, is going to kick your ass! This is going to be my own response to my first challenge on my profile. This is going to be AU for both Warhammer 40k and Naruto. Naruto will be God-Like.