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Meet the Matterns: 38 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

meet the matterns blog

38 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3. Lainey (left), Cambry (right). Dr. Thomas M. Mattern graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry in (the same day his daughter was born). He has been a member of the. The day after school let out the 5 of us packed up our things.

Weren't we just newlyweds??

meet the matterns blog

We went out to eat for a family dinner. Since we did our Lake Tahoe trip in the fall, we kinda counted that as our big celebration. I'm so thankful for an awesome 10 years with this guy. We also celebrated my dad's birthday in March. Camping We went on our semi-annual camping trip to Huntsville State park this spring.

We went with the Moores and had a great time. Our kids played well together and we had good adult catch-up time. He snatched that thing right up and threw it in the back of the van. So I promptly went to Target and bought myself a bike so that we would be all set for family bike rides.

Our neighbor had loaned us their bike trailer that they no longer use, which is perfect for Colton and Lainey. The Woodlands has so many great bike trails and we have several playgrounds that are about a mile away that we can ride to.

We have been taking advantage of the great weather and enjoying some family bike rides.

We have been going to parks so often lately. With summer right around the corner we have to enjoy every last bit of this nice weather before it becomes unbearable.

Meet the Matterns: 35 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

Cambry has been extremely determined to conquer the monkey bars the past couple months and she has now mastered them. When that girl becomes determined to learn something, she does it! She has taught herself monkey bars, hula hooping she is amazing, although I like the claim she inherited her hula-hooping skills from meand now cartwheels.

meet the matterns blog

I'm excited to see what she will tackle next. Also, a few weeks ago Greg and Cambry did a 1 mile fun run for her school. I would hardly remember anything if it weren't for this blog.


So here is our year in review for the memory books! We adjusted to having 3 little ones - a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant. We realized getting things accomplished during the kids' waking hours and getting out the door is incrementally harder with 3 kids compared to 2. But we also loved all the fun, laughter, affection, and chaos.

Thomas M. Mattern, DDS

We went on a group date to the Escape Room dates are rare and must be documented. Greg and I had our 8 year anniversary.

meet the matterns blog

We enjoyed spring in Texas by spending time outside playing at parks and exploring new trails. Greg took Cambry camping with some other daddies and kids. We celebrated Easter with friends and family. We took our annual bluebonnet pictures.

Greg took both girls camping. We went to the art car parade. We enjoyed watching Colton grow and learn new skills. He was the cutest baby boy ever and was kissed constantly.

meet the matterns blog

He started rolling all over the place and his mobility kept us on our toes. Lainey continued her speech therapy and started saying a few words. Cambry started swim lessons again.

meet the matterns blog

We visited our Waco family. Cambry had her last day of preschool and we welcomed summer. Colton started sleeping through the night. We decided to move to the Woodlands!