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meet the mertzes reviews of movies

Meet the Mertzes: The Life Stories of I Love Lucy'S Other Couple Movie Reviews · Widows is an all-star bonanza that never quite finds its. Mertz and Kurtz Poster Here we meet Barney Kurtz, Fred's old Vaudeville partner, and Lucy and Ethel recall the name of the User Reviews Buy Movies on. Meet the Mertzes is an expansive dual biography chronicling the lives of two of America's most popular situation-comedy actors, William Frawley and Vivian Va.

My final bugaboo is that, if you don't know the correct definition of a word, you should not be allowed to use it. This should have been caught, if not by the author, then by a proofreader or editor, or even a friend reading for the purposes of providing feedback.

For the information that I didn't already know from other sources, and for the sheer readability, Meet the Mertzes was definitely worth the time.

Meet the Mertzes: The Life Stories of I Love Lucy'S Other Couple |

I loved Lucy, but I loved the chemistry among the four main characters on the show, so this was an entertaining, informative read for me. Born inhe worked all his life, almost to the time he passed away inmaking him older than I thought 79 all the years he was on television. He was married once, drank to excess, but somehow managed to keep working as a character actor. He spoke his mind to everybody, which may have cost him some wanted jobs, but in his latter years gained fame and celebrity status, outshining many of his fellow movie cohorts.

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Vivian Vance was another story She didn't think people would believe that he was her husband, and he didn't like her for what she thought about him. However, both were professionals, and put their differences aside for the sake of the show and their jobsbecoming famous as the Mertzes. Vivian was on Broadway during some of the same time Mr.

meet the mertzes reviews of movies

Frawley was, and could deliver lines and sing well, and was always working. Her fears and doubts and marriages drove her to the brink of sanity though She suffered with a mental breakdown due to the fact that her life wasn't all roses and her first marriages weren't ideal; she came from a stable home, and this must have worked on her.

However, she did pull it all together and went public with the fact that she had indeed suffered with mental issues, and went to the aid of others suffering with the same maladies. I've given this book 5 stars because it was interesting reading, and I wanted to know about the people who entertained America so much during my growing up years Top-Ten Internet Book designation, Amazon.

meet the mertzes reviews of movies

James Women Filmmakers Encyclopedia; St. Rob Edelman is a film and television historian whose works include biographies of such celebrities as Angela Lansbury and Walter Matthau. A lecturer on film history at the State University of New YorkEdelman is also a contributor to numerous books on film.

He often collaborates with his wife, film archivist Audrey Kupferberg. Edelman's first book was The Great Baseball Films: From "Right off the Bat" to "A League of Their Own," which chronicles baseball films from the silent era to the present.

Each chapter emphasizes a different aspect of baseball films, including sections on drama and comedy, race and gender, biographies of sports legends, and themes such as "the triumph of the underdog" and "loss and redemption.

In addition to anecdotes about their years on the "Lucy" show, Meet the Mertzes examines the actors' early careers and discusses their legendary off-camera animosity.

EDELMAN, Rob 1949-

In two additional biographies, Edelman and Kupferberg offer extended discussions of film actors Walter Matthau and Angela Lansbury. A Life on Stage and Screen, the pair trace the award-winning actress's career through more than fifty films and the long-running television mystery series Murder She Wrote. A Life, which a Washington Post reviewer called "an affectionate, celebratory new biography," the authors discuss Matthau's triumphs as an actor, his unstoppable addictions to gambling and smoking, his bitter relationship with fellow actor Barbra Streisandand his decades-long friendship with Jack Lemmon.

It never has been enough for me to observe an event, read a book or newspaper, or see a film. I have always been compelled to describe the event and put forth my feelings and opinions about what I have read or seen.

meet the mertzes reviews of movies

I wrote for and edited my high school newspaper, and began my career working on a weekly paper in Brooklyn, New York.

Along the way, I have also had the opportunity to meet and interview hundreds of fascinating people. From my childhood on, I have always had a passion for film.

meet the mertzes reviews of movies

After a lifetime of watching, studying, reviewing—and being endlessly captivated by—films, I have come to believe that motion pictures play essential roles in forming our perceptions and impacting on our world views.