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meet the robinsons lines

Explore Madeline Kuehl's board "Meet the Robinsons Inspirational Quotes ❤ " on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Meet the robinsons quote, Disney love and Disney Walt Disney, Disney Magic, Disney Pixar, Disney Fairies, Disney Lines. Meet the Robinsons is a American computer-animated science fiction comedy film .. "Disney's Blu-ray 3D Line-up". IGN. Retrieved November 15, Meet the Robinsons () on IMDb: Taglines from original posters and video/ DVD covers.

However, filmmakers said the songs — while they were all great — didn't fit in the movie and therefore didn't make the final cut. Mulan Screenshot General Li was not originally going to be related to Shang at all, but by changing the story, the filmmakers were able to mirror the stories of Shang and Mulan's love for their fathers. Mulan Screenshot Singer Donny Osmond was cast as the singing voice of Shang because his voice matched well with the voice of actor BD Wong, who provided Shang's speaking voice.

However, producer Pam Coats was also a purple-socks type of fan — the first concert she ever attended was a Donny Osmond concert. Working with Osmond, she said, was a dream come true. Mulan Screenshot It's more or less a Disney tradition to have the villain fall to his or her death, but in "Mulan," the filmmakers were determined that Shan Yu would avoid that fate.

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They blew him up instead. Tarzan Screenshot In "Tarzan," Tarzan rescues Jane while she is being chased by a troop of baboons.

The chase scene was animated early during the filmmaking process, when many animators were available. The filmmakers said if the scene had been animated later, they would've only had about three baboons because there wouldn't have been enough people to do more. Tarzan Screenshot When recording Jane's retelling of the baboon chase and her rescue, the filmmakers showed voice actress Minnie Driver a rough storyboard of the chase and asked her to improvise how she might tell the story to her father.

The scene in the film is the result of that recording session, and helped to define Jane as an adventurous spirit who wanted to connect with the jungle rather than a Victorian princess.

Tarzan Screenshot The sequence of the film featuring the song "Trashin' the Camp" was "horrifically hard" to animate, according to the filmmakers, but they kept it because voice actress Rosie O'Donnell really wanted a song and the children of the directors and producer loved the number.

Phil Collins recorded all the percussion parts himself. The filmmakers asked the family of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs if that was okay, and they were told it was fine as long as Tarzan didn't drink the wine. The Emperor's New Groove Screenshot Sting, who wrote the music for "The Emperor's New Groove," wrote the opening song "Perfect World" and then told the filmmakers that he was too old to sing it and that they should find someone younger and hipper.

The filmmakers went with Tom Jones, who is 11 years older than Sting. Kuzco should've been more observant, because the cactus hints at what's about to happen The Emperor's New Groove Screenshot Patrick Warburton, the voice of Kronk, made up his own theme song and sang it for the scene where Kronk smuggles Kuzco out of the palace. Disney's legal department found out that he had created a song and had to have Warburton sign a release turning over the composition rights.

Previous films have included pregnant women, but always seen through things like knitting and dates on a calendar. The Emperor's New Groove Screenshot Bucky the Squirrel was never originally intended to be in the film — he was just included to make people laugh during storyboarding.

However, when he succeeded in getting those laughs, he was included in the movie and became a recurring character. The Viking shield Milo holds up toward the beginning of the film is a remnant of that opening. The Lost Empire Screenshot After one of the Aqua-Evacs explodes against the ceiling in the grease trap, the filmmakers recommend looking for the toilet seat that comes flying toward the camera amongst all the other debris.

meet the robinsons lines

The Lost Empire" included a mystic named Zoltan. According to the filmmakers, after the character was cut, it took a while for them to realize that his voice still appeared in the roll call that takes place after the bridge collapse, indicating that he was all right.

The suggestion to put it in Hawaii instead made everyone sit back and go, "Hmmm.

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Never thought of that. Stitch was originally going to be part of a gang, and Jumba Stitch's creator in the finished film was one of his fellow gangsters. In this story, Jumba was going to have been left behind during a bank heist and subsequently imprisoned for a lengthy amount of time.

When Jumba is in prison in the finished film, you can see the original background that went along with this storyline, complete with tick marks counting the days he had spent in prison. In making Elvis part of the story, though, the filmmakers ran into a roadblock: They had done all four.

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Lewis does not stay there for long, however, and ends up meeting the rest of the Robinson family except for Cornelius, Wilbur's father, who is away on a business trip. The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past. Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off in disgust.

Lewis then discovers that Cornelius Robinson is, in fact, a future version of himself, and Wilbur is his future son. Because he was kept awake by Lewis' work on the scanner, Goob fell asleep during an important Little League game and failed to make an important catch that cost the game.

Goob became so bitter as a result that he was never adopted and remained in the orphanage long after it closed.

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Doris is "DOR", one of Lewis' failed and abandoned inventions. They both blamed Lewis for their misfortunes and decided to ruin his career by stealing the memory scanner and claiming credit for it. Leaving Lewis behind, they take off with the scanner, drastically altering the future to a world where Doris' clones have enslaved humanity. We had a nice time playing with those two worlds in animation. With Bowler Hat Guy, he fits into both nicely, and we really had a lot of deformers within the rig to bend him around until he gets nice S shapes, say, in his arm or his spine to really distort him, not that you're reading that distortion, but in fast movements, it's a very snake-like quality.

That is the hardest stuff to do in animation -- it isn't just moving the character from point A to point B. The character has to emote and you have to get that to an audience. And when you haven't had the chance to learn the rig and understand that character, that's a tall order to get.

But Anderson did not dismay when reviewing the set of notes. It simplified the process and made it more emotional. Without knowing it, they helped us return to an idea we had very early on for this particular moment [when he finds her], so it was interesting to come full-circle and take it a different way.

Meet the Robinsons quotes

What is the relationship between Doris, the bowler hat, and Bowler Hat Guy? He's a villain, but he's really not that evil or bungling, which one are we going to choose? So the relationship between them became more of a mother and son where she's really the evil one. We were able to make the notes our own. We pushed the emotion and got a real sense of family with the Robinsons.

It could've been demoralizing, but since we were well into the film and knew these characters, we were prepared to beef up certain shots or redo certain sequences.

meet the robinsons lines

What was really great was that the crew reacted to it positively: Watching how the crew handled that adversity was my proudest moment. Things were pulled out and put back in. Emotional beats such as the rooftop or the interplay between Mildred and Lewis at the orphanage wasn't previously there.

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Bowler Hat Guy's thread through the story was improved. Were able to play up Lewis' emotional journey and confidence. And build off of key moments.

meet the robinsons lines

And it'll be the largest 3-D rollout ever, on more than screens domestically. However, this time, 3-D preparation began early in production.

meet the robinsons lines

Stereoscopic supervisor Phil McNally, who will now spearhead rival DreamWorks Animation's nascent 3-D program, oversaw the restrained approach at greater depth of field.

What's the emotional arc? And how can we increase or decrease the amount of depth? What's happened on Meet The Robinsons is that all the creative work has been kept in-house it's all in the camera.

But there was the need to talk to Digital Domain to help us create the finished color for the right eye because everyone else was working on the left eye over here.