Meet the scout quest chain

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meet the scout quest chain

I am horde and I am trying to find the starter quest named "Meet the Scout. but that game is actually where the quest name "Meet the Scout" came from. . to have done most of that quest line in order to start the quest chain. Meet Tom Vernon, the former Manchester United scout and founder of a quest to change football from within – by creating a supply chain of. The Mida Multi-Tool was a fan-favourite Scout Rifle from the original Destiny, so it's pleasing to see it return for the sequel. The Destiny 2 Mida.

Take down a Servitor to drop a force field, and push on. Repeat with the Warden Servitor at the next force field. Clear the laser-wire traps and Fallen as you advance to take down yet another Servitor and force field. Keep fighting through the open area to drop — ugh — another Servitor and force field. The next encounter includes a Servitor boss, along with exploding Shanks.

Moving onwards, let the enemy fight it out a bit before engaging, then clear up as you advance. Note that you can opt not to attack the Fallen Captain, instead saving hime from the Knight, for a tiny bit of interesting dialogue.

meet the scout quest chain

At Full Power Just return and chat with Sloane again for this final step. Rat King Exotic sidearm Having completed At Full Power, you should find you receive an item drop kicking off a new and pretty challenging quest.

meet the scout quest chain

The Exodus Black The Nessus World Quest challenges us to help poor old Failsafe out and look into the pretty tragic backstory as a golden age colony ship. Nessus World Quest Mission Speak To Failsafe Activate the mission prompt to have a chat with Failsafe. Head outside and battle a few baddies as you make your way to the signal source. Scan the body, then follow your waypoint through three more sets of corpses.

meet the scout quest chain

You can ignore any enemies you encounter. Uncovering the Past After examining the final corpse you can track the signal properly. Head all the way to the Glade of Echoes. A bunch of Fallen swarm in from dropships, but your goal is to find the signal terminal, and then hold out against them and any Vex in the area, too — so you may as well push towards it.

Watch for sniper Shanks. After beating these three, you can follow your waypoint to end this mission. Keep following the weird Harpy and hold a plate through attack waves to open a conduit. With all four links in place, jump across the gap in pursuit of your pal to face the boss — a Gate Lord.

Operation Shieldwall

In the new area you reach, scan the corpse to end the mission. Talk to Failsafe Nothing tricky here — just check back in with Failsafe for your reward. What could be awaiting us at the end of this fierce series of battles?

Right now the answer seems to be the Legendary fusion rifle Manowar … but we expect an Exotic weapon quest to turn up sooner or later. Io World Quest Mission The Hunt The mission starts with exploring Lost Oasis, scanning three objectives. The Conversion After activating the mission baton, move into the nearby structure, battling Vex and Taken alike. Follow the trail of Taken mess until you reach an area where a Wizard runs away, allowing you to perform a scan.

Head outside to Excavation Site II and down into the other cargo bay. Shoot the enemies inside from the door to avoid being swarmed. You an ignore the frozen Vex and just pass through the door blocked by a small Blight, then head into the next area to shoot a larger Blight and a bunch of baddies. The next room is a real mess of horrible Taken units and loads of Goblins shielding them, so remember to focus on the Goblin first and try to take each pair down one by one.

When it gets low on health groups if adds will join the fun, including Taken Hydras. Once everything is dead, use the terminal to drop the force field and drop carefully back down to ground level.

Perfect this technique; once you rid the room of the Taken Hydra, it appears again with Goblins and a Hobgoblin.

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Circle the perimeter of the room so you can get a better shot on your foes, and look for the different rotating shield arrangement around both Hydras. When the second is slain, access the terminal to remove the barrier.

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  • Still in the Dark

Make a controlled drop down to the entrance chamber, and exit back out to the drill site to conclude this mission. Return to him and try not to cry if he calls you names. The Army Climb up to the top of the high ground in this area, and then move onwards to climb around the Pyramidion.

meet the scout quest chain

It takes you to a huge Taken battle with heaps of different units, eventually culminating in a boss fight with a Taken Knight. After the fight, drop carefully back down to ground level, then move to the Endless Gate area. Work through a skirmish between Vex and Taken, including a Wizard, and move further in clearing threats until you reach the bridge.

It is possible to access the cage from Black Mountain with a Lockpick skill of at least The gate is just behind the radio station. The paladin Fairbanks holding the mission statement is at the bottom of the crater. Return to the bunker and hand over the tapes to McNamara, or talk to Head Paladin Hardin who will accept the holotapes and use them as evidence to oust McNamara.

Doing this requires the problem with the Hidden Valley computer virus to be resolved. Speak with Scribe Ibsen about fixing the virus. After the virus is isolated, consult the datastore, then talk to Paladin Ramos about 'The Chain that Binds. Return to the archives and read about 'The Chain That Binds. He will say that things will take a few days. The screen will go black, and when the scene resumes, he is now Elder Hardin. This will effectively conclude the quest, eliminating the need for further steps.

Hardin will give the Courier a key to the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse. Notes Edit It is still possible to become a paladin without completing this optional quest: Wait a few days after finishing this quest then speak to McNamara again to be given the quest Eyesight to the Blind. There is a way to oust McNamara and have a peaceful outcome: Hardin doesn't "officially" become elder until the Courier returns to the bunker. Favoring Hardin will result in lower reputation than favoring McNamara, but all the benefits are still received safe house, recycling ammunition box, etc.

The completion of this quest does not reward the Courier with power armor training. The follow-up quest, Tend to Your Business must also be completed.