Meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

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meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

Skylanders: Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King . Skylanders Giants Lightcore Eruptor HD Trailer As a Series 2 figure, Eruptor has more spikes on his head. Eruptor is a lava monster Skylander in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. His Series 3 counterpart is called Lava Barf Eruptor. In Skylanders: SuperChargers. Eruptor. Flameslinger - Series 2 Flameslinger. Gill Grunt - Series 2 Gill Grunt. Hex - Series 2 Hex Skylanders Giants Magic Items (with Variants). Dragonfire.

Biography Eruptor is a force of nature, hailing from a species that lived deep in the underground of a floating volcanic island until a massive eruption launched their entire civilization to the surface. He's a complete hot head -- steaming, fuming, and quite literally erupting over almost anything. To help control his temper, he likes to relax in lava pools, particularly because there are no crowds.

Skylanders Eruptor

Story History Eruptor is a hot-headed lava beast who hails from the sweltering underground caverns of a volcanic island. Here, in the suffocating heat, arguments often boiled over. And lava creatures always argue.

So it was no surprise when a ferocious fight broke out at a lava pool party. But this was no small squabble or shouting match. The fury of hundreds of fuming lava creatures created catastrophic pressure, until The volcano exploded, scattering disgruntled lava creatures across Skylands.

The residents of Skylands had never seen lava creatures before and many misunderstandings followed. Lava creatures are not only sullen, stubborn and easily angered, they are also very hard to understand.

Several villages were burned as a result. But the Skylands atmosphere had a quite different effect on Eruptor.

meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

He unclenched his jaw, took a long breath of cool air and felt a lifetime of rage subside. Nowadays, Eruptor is considered calm and sensible - by lava creature standards, at least. For this reason, Master Eon was pleased to invite him on board Eruptor was one of the Skylanders who attended the special concert of Gill Grunt singing as a way to celebrate their latest victory over the forces of darkness even though the lava monster had insisted that he would rather do something more fun — like boiling his own head.

There, they were attacked by flying sheep and thrown vegatables, which were later revealed to be the work of invisible trolls lead by a Spell Punk who were searching for an artifact called the Chattering KeyKaos is after.

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Upon discovering that the Chattering Key is an artifact used to unlock a tomb that contains an ancient Arkeyan weapon, Eruptor joins Spyro, Boomerand Gill Grunt with Flynn on a quest to retrieve the key that lies in the Forest of Fear. At the Forest of Fear, Eruptor falls victim to the Fungus Rings of Despair, and his worst fears came to life as hallucinations, being trapped in cold and his eternal flame having gone out. He was later freed by Spyro, and the lava monster continues his trek with the other Skylanders.

When the Skylanders retrieved the Chattering Key, Kaos appears, having captured Flynn, and forces them to give him the Key in exchange for Flynn's life. Kaos then uses an incantation to summon a tomb to the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contains the Arkeyan weapon, the Machine of Doom.

meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

With the help of the Chattering Key, the Skylanders enter the pyramid through the other side and reach the Machine of Doom before Kaos does. Boomer, fascinated by the Machine, tries to take control of it, but fails as it begins breaking apart and the pyramid was starting to crumbling. It was soon revealed that it was all Kaos' plan from the start, that he knew that the Skylanders would attempt to seize the Machine of Doom, which is really a trap made by the Arkeyans to capture those who attempt to control the Machine to destroy the Core of Lightand have the heroes buried alive.

However, Kaos' plan fails as Boomer managed to control the Machine of Doom and uses it to escape the crumbling pyramid with the other Skylanders, and the Machine breaks apart.

meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

Upon their victory, Gill Grunt begins to sing, much to Eruptor's annoyance. Spyro versus The Mega Monsters When mega-sized animals started terrorizing around Skylands, Eruptor was sent to Flowering Fields to save it from a five-meter-long caterpillar.

But Kaos, who claimed to have renounced his evil ways to battle evil-doers, have chased off the gigantic worm before Eruptor dealt with the problem. They came upon an expedition of Ents being terrorized by Kaos's Cyclopses lead by Bloodshot and quickly defeated the horde, saving the Ents. During the struggle with Bloodshot, the Cyclops Gazermage managed to escape with a coin of Nefarionthe previous owner of the Mask of Power. The leader of the Ent expedition, Professor Splinterslead the Skylanders to an underground world that was frozen over.

Eruptor then came face-to-face with another version of himself being encased in ice. Eruptor, Slam Bam and Grim Creeper pinned by the cave-in. Master Eon teleported to their location and explained that Eruptor will eventually go back in time and become frozen in ice.

meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

Now homeless, Slam Bam drifted on a small floating iceberg. After several days, he hit land, which luckily happened to be Master Eon's island. One serious conversation and several snow cones later, Eon suggested Slam Bam to become a Skylander.

After saving an exedition camp from a group of Cyclopses lead by Bloodshothe and the two other Skylanders came upon a tunnel that lead to what remained of a frozen kingdom. Upon seeing another clone of Eruptor frozen in ice, Master Eon appeared and explained that the kingdom belonged to King Nefarion, a wicked being who terrorized Skylands with the Mask of Power. The old Portal Master further explained that Eruptor Eruptor will eventually go back in time and become frozen in ice.

Suddenly, strange changes began to occur, as Kaos had made his way to the past and began changing history. Before their eyes, Professor Splinters morphed into a servant of Kaos, affected by the time change, and Master Eon quickly teleported them to safety. Once at Eon's Citadel, Master Eon explained that Kaos went back in time using Nefarion's coin Bloodshot stole and was able to change the past.

This section is a stub. You can help Skylanders Wiki by editing this section. The yeti participated in the battle against Kaos and his minions along with some of the other Skylanders to protect the Core of Light.

meet the skylanders series 2 eruptor

He was seen holding a Cyclops Chopper by the neck, before he, Gill Gruntand Trigger Happy looked up in surprise at the sight of the Hydra appearing and destroying the Core. Slam Bam, along with the other Skylanders, were then banished from Skylands to Earthwhere he was turned into a toy and awaited the new Portal Master to help him save Skylands.

Gameplay Slam Bam has the ability to create ice prisons to trap his enemies in and freeze them.