Meet the skylanders snapshot soul

meet the skylanders snapshot soul

Soul Gems are glowing gem-like treasures that unlock a special upgrade for a specific Skylander. They are found in all chapters of the console versions of the. SKYLANDERS REDEMPTIONA Skylanders Fan Fiction by as if the goody-two- shoes he was surrounded by were peering into his soul - more . Everyone was getting a chance to meet the new teachers, and seemed to hit it off rather well. Snap Shot and Buckshot were comparing bows, Ember was being. Skylanders: Trap Team. Skylanders: Imaginators. Snap Shot is a blue crocagator who is the leader of the Trap Team in Skylanders: Trap Team.

In the Water Waste Cove look for a pass between the stones behind Mags. Among other valuables, you will find The Boiler in the sand. When you are in Dire Sands, walk to yacht gangway, break the wooden fense, talk to Mags and then jump to the sand. Near Haunted Wreck clear the path to wooden gate and destroy it.

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Go past Cali to the Iron Gate and the destructible wooden gate. Now clear the way to Undead Gate by moving boxes that will expose a lower ground, make a ramp with boxes back to Haunted Wreck and gather the Healing Hack.

Soul Gem — Riding the Rails Location: In Spirestone Graveyard the path splits in two, one goes to Undead Gate while the on other you will find a Lock Puzzle, you can get the soul gem after solving the puzzle. A little ahead of where the level starts, you will find the Slumbering Hawk with a quest in Galactic Bubble Centre.

Look for platforms close to Newt and jump on them to get Lion Form. Soul Gem — Great Balls of Bats! When Dreamcatcher sets up a Battle Gate in Pulseblock Pillow Pit, you will need to bring pulseblocks from underground and then move boxes to clear pump buttons. Raise the platform by jumping on pump button and when you are going up you will be able to catch the soul gem.

Chapter 9 — Mystic Mill Location: Soul Gem — The Incinerator Location: In the Eastern Storage Unit you can take either one of the two wooden ramps that would take you to the overhead metal bridge.

Soul Gem — Sea Slammer Location: In the Nature Bridges North, pick up the wooden bridge and take it across the bamboo bridge as well as across the traptanium bridge.

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Place the wooden bridge ahead to go up and pick the Sea Slammer. When you reach Splash Station and Barge Basin, change the water flow by moving the pipe blocks.

The water will knock down Organic Slam Apples for you to pick up. Follow the fence until it ends, then drop off from the side. You will find the soul gem on a ledge.

Soul Gem — Horns Aplenty Location: When you have picked up the treasure chest by taking a few levels up in Smashing Area, ride the conveyor belt close to the red button. Keep riding the belt to a platform with another bounce pad.

meet the skylanders snapshot soul

Use it to get up to the higher platform and pick up the soul gem. After destroying Da Pinchy statue in Grand Approach, destroy the traptanium crystal to reveal a moving platform.

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The platform will take you to a floating island with the Boulder Posse. Soul gem — Lightning Rain Location: After tagging in Dr. Krankcase, you will get a doorway to Backstage. Look for the purple pad, go across it and the line of blocks too get to Lightning Rain.

It will lead you to Swing Shift. Soul Gem — HeatWave Location: When you have eliminated the enemies inside Harmonic Hold blast the Traptanium Crystal to reveal a bridge. However they came to notice that the Fork of Infinite Resonance needed for the mining expedition was stolen by the trolls during the attack. Pondering, Snap Shot was left wondering what Kaos was up to.

meet the skylanders snapshot soul

This not only shattered the Traptanium stronghold, but also released the Doom Raiders and other villains from their imprisonment. Return of the Dragon King When Malefor was launching an attack on the Skylanders AcademySnap Shot was one of the remaining Skylanders that attempted to protect the school.

The crocagator used his archery skills, along with his fellow Skylanders, to attack the approaching dragon. When Malefor evaded their arrows, the Skylanders formed a barrier that successfully withstood Malefor's flames, but the dragon was able to pierce through and defeat Snap Shot and the Skylanders with a single strike of his metallic tail.

Thanks to Mags ' distress call through Magus ' Omni-Disruptor, the Trap Master was able to hear that the Skylanders Academy was under attack and rushed to save it with the other Skylanders.

meet the skylanders snapshot soul

Gameplay Snap Shot can use his Traptanium bow and arrow to shoot enemies in various ways and summon whirlpools. Battlecasthe can also attack a hook to a special arrow to drag in enemies nearer.

His special ability is Sharpshooter, which allows him to hit any enemy, and his signature Gear is the XL Scope, which attacks alongside his spells.

meet the skylanders snapshot soul

He can also summon a trap Relic containing Chill Bill to temporarily assist him.