Museums can we meet in the middle

‎Can We Meet In the Middle by Museums on Apple Music

museums can we meet in the middle

Museum. Worksheet. for. The. Forgotten. Man. the vastness of time and space.), Forgotte n We will discuss the work when we meet again in art class. Record. Here, people of different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities can engage At the Annual Meeting in Davos, I heard many leaders from the. Album · · 6 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.

Through our education programs, we reach millions of national and international students, often using objects from our collections to demonstrate experiences and viewpoints that differ from what they might have encountered.

By revealing history through the lens of diverse perspectivesmuseums humanize other cultures and contextualize present-day events and people.

museums can we meet in the middle

As repositories of history, museums are also important symbols of collective identity. This is why Smithsonian curators, educators and researchers collaborate with other institutions around the world, facilitating reconciliation and healing where there has been conflict, and building an enduring trust within local communities and across different cultures and countries.

Science is another sphere where trust has waned. All scientific fields of study rely on hypothesis, observation and verification based on evidence, and yet many people are skeptical of the rigorous process that has led to advances in medicine, transportation, communications and myriad other areas.

Science museums play a vital role in explaining the importance of the sciences to a general audience and showing them that the scientific method is largely responsible for the progress that underpins modern civilization. These museums also can illustrate the never-ending nature of scientific inquiry, helping all to understand why discovery is a nonlinear path.

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Cultural institutions and museums create virtual and physical spaces to engage in conversation outside our own political, social and cultural circles. They are places where people of different backgrounds, religions and ethnicities can engage about topics that are often contentious or even taboo.

I look forward to more dialogue led by cultural institutions because I fervently believe that respectful and open discussion with people who have opposing viewpoints can lead to solutions to our biggest challenges.

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Trusted institutions like ours have the unique potential and responsibility to coax visitors out of their comfort zones, laying the groundwork for fact-based conversation that could lead to social and civic progress. This public-private sector collaboration brought together diverse audiences in a trusted setting to discuss these potentially divisive truths. Museum should be filled with youth programmes like Tate Collectives, open discussions, spaces that actually let people discuss how they feel, not only about the museum but also about other social issues that are important to them.

museums can we meet in the middle

Be connected to your audiences and your community, empower them to tell you what they expect from you and take it as a starting point for your future experiences. The gender equality conversation should start in museums. While a vast majority of We Are Museums speakers and attendees where women, most museum directors are men.

In the US, museums with female directors tend to be smaller. And most artists exhibited in museums are still men.

museums can we meet in the middle

It is essential for museums to evolve and be more diverse up to the executive level to bring a different perspective, be more aligned with society and speak a more universal language, addressing issues that may have been forgotten or considered as shameful or trivial. More than ever, museums need to be open to the world.

How do we restore trust in our democracies? Museums can be a starting point

As our very first edition in Vilnius, Martijn Pronk — now Head of digital communication at the Van Gogh Museum — introduced us to the idea that releasing high-definition digitized artworks through the Rijksstudio would turn them into ambassadors of the Rijksmuseum. Whether it is to decorate a construction site or to let drug addicts add classical art to their safe injection site, releasing your collection will both empower people and educate them to art.

Museums need to empower their local communities.

museums can we meet in the middle

Museums are places where people meet, but until recently, the museum staff would decide how and when they meet. What if you followed the Wellcome collection and opened a space for your audience to create their own events? What it your visitors could decide what they want to talk about? Open up, empower your audiences, give them tools to make the museum their own.

Museums can be capital builders. Your local community reaches far beyond visitors.

How do we restore trust in our democracies? Museums can be a starting point | World Economic Forum

Startups and local companies are part of it, too. Give them a place to meet a coworking space if you have enough space, but you can also set up a series of meetupsexchange expertise, get inspired by each other and by your collection.

museums can we meet in the middle

And most importantly, foster exchanges between those startups and your staff. Startups foster collaboration between museums. Speaking about startups, more and more startups at Tech Loves Culture provide services that connect museums to one another, allow them to benefit from a common visibility or to exchange skills.

If you are already working with a startup to create VR or degree experiences OverlyVividlyOcean