Tf2 meet the demoknight tips

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tf2 meet the demoknight tips

Finally, you had more gameplay advice compared to weapon choice Demoknight is especially tricky because a bad engagement will render. An in-depth guide to playing Demoknight Don't warn me again for Team Fortress 2. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to. Like the Soldier, the Demoman is also capable of performing explosive jumps, and can reach objectives well in advance of other classes once.

"What Makes Me A Good Demo Knight?" Guide

Additionally, this allows for a "safety net" in case your first cluster misses or isn't enough to kill a group of enemies; simply have another group of Stickybombs prepared close by so you can have another go.

Offense For a Defense-based class, the Demoman has one of the highest damage outputs in the game, allowing him fill in the offensive role and punch through enemy defenses, letting his entire team move forward. Stickybombs are a very useful weapon, as their short detonation time, combined with their damage and splash range, can destroy enemy pushes and break stalemates. Multiple stickies can be used to take down slower and larger targets such as the Heavy. The Grenade Launcher is also powerful on its own, with the added benefit of exploding on hit and contributing to spam, which limits enemy movements.

When your team's progress is denied by a strong Engineer nest, a Demoman is an optimal choice for offensive pushing. This proves particularly effective with backup from other Demomen and Soldiers. Being a support Demoman is slightly harder than concentrating on offense or defense alone, as it revolves around covering as much friendly ground or chokepoints as possible.

tf2 meet the demoknight tips

A Demoman can lay down spam to hold enemies back, while also utilizing Stickybombs to hold ground for other teammates to advance forward. Demoknight A Demoknight set completely changes the playstyle of the class. Using a Demoknight set generally seen as one of the shield weapons paired with a sword -based melee weapon grants the Demoman a unique combat style that requires separate tactics and techniques. Downsides of the class include contributing less to large firefights and battles, since Demoknights do not fare well as their longer range damage output is reduced.

Melee combat in itself is risky due to a Demoknight being unable to escape if their charge misses. Finally, with Boots equipped, a Demoknight is completely forced to depend on melee combat, making him extremely vulnerable to long-range damage and Sentry Guns, the latter which is usually ironically simple to deal with if playing as the stock class.

Playing a Demoknight requires a different mindset from a standard Demoman, as you sacrifice the Stickybomb Launcher's strengths for the utilities gained by your array of shields and swords. Your shields make you harder to kill with flames and explosives, giving you an advantage against Soldiers, Pyros, and other Demomen.

This is most apparent with the Chargin' Targewhich allows you to tank a Flamethrower 's flames when a Pyro would usually have the upper hand.

Combined with the resistance and charge ability granted by your shields, you can dash in quickly and slice at opponents, then escape with the health or charge gained by your melee attacks. Boots give you more health and charge maneuverability, and also grants you additional speed when equipped alongside a shield, making it easier for you to swordfight; with the Eyelander and four heads, the extra speed even allows you to chase down any class on foot, including Scouts.

However, all these tempting upsides are offset by this setup's pure-melee requirement, making you easy to kill unless you are already in melee range. In essence, a full Demoknight setup tests your prowess as a Demoknight, and rewards players who understand when to run in and which opponents to engage with.

Even if you are not actively using your melee weapon, a shield is still an effective utility tool. It lets you get to places without self-harm unlike your explosive jumpsendure more blast and fire damage while still being aggressive with your Grenade Launcher, and can even lead you and a friendly Medic to safety if he is healing you with the Quick-Fix while you charge.

Charging also immediately removes the effects of JarateMad MilkBleedingand Afterburnwhich is very useful due to a Demoknight's tendency to work alone and run into danger. Grenade or Loose Cannon explosive jumps can be extended using your charge, even letting you switch direction in midair.

This is especially efficient when using the Tide Turner. The mechanics of charging also allows you to charge into the air using slopes, a technique named "trimping", which is explained further below in the "Demoman Jumps" section. Remember to prioritize the original role of the Demoman class! If there is a building or Engineer nest that desperately needs taking down, be a team player and drop the shield for your Stickybomb Launcher.

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A Demoknight simply lacks the firepower needed to take down nests by himself, and you can always re-equip your shield after clearing a nest. Demoman Jumps Main article: Demoman Jumps The Demoman, along with the Soldier, is one of the two classes who can perform explosive jumps. His various weapons, including the Grenade LauncherStickybomb Launcherand Scottish Resistancecan be used to perform such jumps, each with different methods to execute.

Stickybomb Jumping Stickybomb jumping, or sticky jumping, is often the most common type of Demoman jump, which involves the detonation of one or more stickybombs for a large, though highly damaging, explosive jump.

Sticky jumping is very similar to rocket jumping. Simply lay a Stickybomb on the ground, run over it, jump, and then detonate the bomb. As when rocket jumping, crouch-jumping in mid-air before setting off the sticky will propel the player with even more force. Compared to rocket jumping, sticky jumping sends the user much further, but at the cost of much more health excluding fall damage.

Multiple stickies can be used for an even greater effect, at the cost of a higher amount of self damage. Due to the high amount of health lost from sticky jumping, it is wise to memorize health pack locations on the map, or have a Medic in tow. It is usually suicidal to stickybomb jump as a retreat option unless you have overheal or are at full health. Your angle to the Stickybomb when it is detonated determines your flight path - standing directly on top of your stickybomb sends you straight up, and the more you stray from the explosion's center, the more horizontal distance you cover.

You can adjust when to detonate your Stickybombs to adjust your trajectory to be either more vertical or horizontal.

For an optimal horizontal sticky jump, fire a Stickybomb where a wall meets with the floor to maximize distance gained. With practice, Stickybomb jumps can be extended with "pogo-jumping" - detonating a second Stickybomb in the air to increase your air time. However, this is quite complicated to master, as it requires your first jump to send you directly over your second, airborne Stickybomb, and it often deals too much damage to survive unless you are overhealed.

The Stickybomb Launcher can be replaced by the Sticky Jumperwhich will remove all self damage when sticky jumping, allowing much farther and higher jumps. However, fall damage must still be taken into account. Scottish Resistance When sticky jumping with the Scottish Resistanceany stickies directly under the Demoman will be detonated when secondary fire is used, so long as there are no other stickies in the player's crosshair.

However, jumps with a lot of forward momentum are difficult to achieve with the Scottish Resistance unless the Stickybomb being used for the jump is being directly looked at -- essentially, the player will be facing away from the direction they wish to go when the bomb is detonated.

This can take some practice to get used to. Grenade Jumping Grenade jumping uses the timed explosion of a Grenade Launcher's grenades for a smaller, less damaging explosive jump. Like a Stickybomb jump, simply jump atop a grenade as it is about to explode to send yourself flying; the further you are from the explosion's center, the more horizontal distance you gain and more vertical distance you lose. Remember that grenades have a fuse time of around 2.

As grenades tend to roll around after being shot, it is usually best to fire a grenade towards a wall to make its final sitting position more predictable. Aftee you have a couple heads you can move up to classes with more HP until you can nab nearly anyone at maximum heads. It keeps you alive far longer than eyelander, and correct me if I am wrong has the same range as eyelander.

The battleaxe has high damage in exchange for low speed if you want to use that, be sure that your hits all land on the enemy or else if you are low on health, you can't escape easily. Tide turner is one of the best, but to get crits, you need the splendid screen or chargin' targe. If you are using Chargin' Targe or Splendid screen, you may consider swapping out your primary to bootlegger.

ThineEnemy ThineEnemy 4 years ago 5 A lot of people are going to disagree with me on this I just know it. Most would suggest no pure demoknighting, but really I feel pure demoknighting helps you truly understand tactics such as ambushing, escaping, and the all around rhythm of it.

When you get all of that down, THEN going nade launcher demoknight is good. The best place for practicing pure demoknight is Harvest, imo. There are so many enclosed spaces and high places you can go to help with meleeing and ambushing. Also quite a few ramps spots to use to be mobile around the entire map. It is also a good map to make you realize the demoknight's shortcomings while taking advantage of the strong points I mentioned.

Learn the best opportunities to charge and the times to not charge to prevent yourself from ending up in terrible, unescapeable situations. Learn the traffic of the enemies - the most common routes they'll go.

When you charge using the targe and splendid, use the walls to help you go around corners more. As in slide along the wall at a certain angle and once you reach the end of it, you'll swing right around the corner as if you're using the tideturner. That's how I caught a few scouts off guard.

This also helps you realize the range of your charges. When you understand the basics of it, Tideturner doubles your effectiveness, lol. From there, you can learn to fly from the ramps.

tf2 meet the demoknight tips

It's all about knowing where he's going to charge and what to do if he gets in your range: Soldier Soldiers don't really have a disadvantage when it comes to Demo Knight. Sure, you're slower than the Demo Knight, but the basic thing to do is to just to stay away from him with your rockets.

When you hit him with your rocket while he's charging, the Demo Knight gets knocked back, therefore canceling the charge. Try to get a level advantage as well with him especially if he's just an All Out Demo Knight, cause he will not be able to chase you if you can rocket jump. When he's in melee range, try pointing down in the ground and rocket jump around.

You will inflict damage upon yourself, but it's better to get away and inflict damage to the Demo Knight as well. Scout Scouts are faster than the Demo Knight. Kiting is all you need to do unless he has his Grenade Launcher, then it's just a dodge and kite. When he charges, you need to dodge it. If you have Force-A-Nature, then let him get close enough to knock him back and kite him more.

You can move faster than him, the only thing you need to worry about is his charge. Pyro Pyros can hurt the Demo Knight easily. You can use your compression air blast to blast back the Demo Knight's charge, his grenades, and his sticky bombs. Just beware if you feel like burning them, examine them before you engage them. He could have the Chargin' Targe which makes him more resilient to your fire and remember He's just like you: Ambushing his enemies at unsuspecting places.

Demoman Demoman is similar to the Demo Knight, just without the shield. If you see a Demo Knight chasing you, just remember that you have explosives that can knock him back, especially when he's charging. Sticky jumping is useful against the Demo Knight, so make sure you use it. Heavy The Heavy has a full front advantage when facing the Demo Knight, due to your health and your gun or fist. It's basically unwise for him to charge you head on.

He will try and find a way to hurt you from behind, so make sure to look all around you, especially when comes to those Flying Demo Knights. Engineer Two things you need to worry about: You and your turret.

The Offensive Demo Knight is capable of taking out your turret with his grenade launcher, especially when it's an "off the wall" grenade. If he starts doing that, grab your shotgun and start shooting just don't get hit by the grenades. Or you can use the turret as a distraction for you to run.

You have no advantage over his charge ability, but if you're near your turret, you shouldn't really worry about it.

tf2 meet the demoknight tips

If you got the wrangler, it will absorb some of the damage from the grenades, but you still need to take care of him. A Demo Knight will never go head on with a turret, especially one that's pointed his way. Medic As a medic, you just need to worry about healing unless you're a damn battle medic.