The great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

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the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Disney magic, The great mouse detective and Disney love. "The Great Mouse Detective" fan art - Dianne Ratigan by twisted-wind on deviantART The Great Mouse Detective meets BBC Sherlock. Professor Padraic Ratigan is the main antagonist in Disney's feature film The Great Mouse Detective. A pernicious yet suave criminal rodent, Ratigan is the. Released in as The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective. Bunny- Ears Lawyer: Basil is an undeniable genius who, when we first meet him, . As the standard for Disney animated films, Basil and Ratigan's big fight on Big Ben near.

Ratigan then forces Mr. Flaversham into building the robot for him by having his daughter Olivia kidnapped and held hostage if Hiram refuses to cooperate. After Fidget manages to kidnap Olivia and keep her contained inside a bottle, Ratigan is very impressed that Fidget has gotten the supplies they need for the plan; such as the royal guard uniforms for the henchmen and the tools and gears needed for the robot's modifications.

However, he is angry to learn that Fidget lost the list he wrote, and that Basil was chasing Fidget during Olivia's capture. Knowing that any mouse of Basil's caliber can use the list to track down to his lair, Ratigan attempts to have Fidget fed to Felicia, but later changes his mind when he realizes that he can use this opportunity to trap Basil.

As planned, Ratigan awaited for Basil's arrival along with his newly associate David Q. After having himself and his henchmen to surprise Basil and Dawson with a welcoming celebration, Ratigan mocks Basil for falling into his trap, and his men start to laugh, causing Basil to sink into depression, much to Dawson's dismay and to Ratigan's delight.

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Ratigan then had his men to tie up Basil and Dawson in a mouse-trap, planning to have them killed by using a Rude-Goldberg contraption: Ratigan will play a record, and as the song plays, the phonograph arm will tighten up a rope, which will release a tiny ball that will set off the mouse trap and trigger a gun, a crossbow, an axe, and a giant anvil that will kill the two.

Ratigan then leaves for Buckingham Palace, where Fidget and his henchmen kidnap the Queen and attempt to have her fed to Felicia. During the ceremony, Flaversham at gunpoint controls the robot into introducing Ratigan to the mice as her new consort, much to their shock. Ratigan then proceeds to announce his tyrannical rules to his "subjects", such as proposing a heavy tax policy against the elderly, the disabled, and little children. However, the queen robot starts to rebel against him, much to his embarrassment; it turns out that Basil managed to break himself and Dawson free from the death trap and they head onward to Buckingham Palace with the help from Shelock Holmes's pet dog named Tobywhere they managed to rescue the Queen and tie up several of Ratigan's men.

Controlling the robot, Basil denounces Ratigan as a fraud and traitor before revealing himself to Ratigan. With his plan exposed, Ratigan is now being trampled by Basil and his friends while the rest of Ratigan's men are pummeled down by the angry civilians. However, Fidget manages to break free and take Olivia hostage, allowing himself and Ratigan to escape on a hot air blimp over London.

Professor Ratigan

During their getaway, however, they are pursued by Basil, Dawson, and Flaversham on a makeshift balloon. Ratigan steers his blimp while Fidget pedals the propeller, and tries to outrun them.

Fidget almost succeeds, but the extra weight is too much for him, so he tells Ratigan that they have to "lighten the load". Ratigan agrees with him, but rather than throwing Olivia off as he still needs her as a hostagehe instead betrays Fidget by throwing him off, resulting Fidget who cannot fly to fall into the Thames River below. Ratigan pedals the blimp himself, but Basil leaps onto Ratigan's blimp to fight him.

However, with no helmsman, Ratigan is unable to steer his craft and it crashes into Big Ben.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

Inside the clock tower, Ratigan tries to ambush Basil, but fails and Basil traps Ratigan by throwing his cape in the gears and escapes with Olivia. It is then that Ratigan, out of sheer bad temper, finally breaks free of the gears, tearing his clothes including his shoes in the process, and transforming from a very formal, composed rat to a highly savage one.

Ratigan, out of sheer bad temper, instead throws Fidget who cannot fly off the blimp and into the Thames. With Fidget gone, Ratigan pedals the blimp himself. Basil jumps onto the blimp, distracting Ratigan and causing the blimp to crash into one of the clock faces of Big Ben. Ratigan in his vicious, highly feral state. Inside the clock tower, Ratigan recovers, seizes Olivia in one hand, and prepares to ambush Basil.

Basil, however, notices him, and the two fight atop the gears of the clock tower. While Oliva bites Ratigan's hand, causing him to scream in pain and let her go, Basil traps Ratigan by throwing his cape into the gears.

The two mice then escape and Basil is able to take Olivia to safety. This finally sends Ratigan over the edge. Breaking free from the gears, he pursues Basil, tearing his clothes in the process and transforming from a very formal, composed rat to a highly savage one.

Basil of Baker Street

Ratigan tackles Basil and they both fall onto the clock's hour hand; Ratigan stops Basil from reaching the others. Finally, he extends his long, strong fingernails and begins scratching, punching, and strangling Basil continuously.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

The attack leaves Basil with torn clothes and several wounds. Attempting to finish him off, Ratigan knocks him off the clock hand and yells in triumph, thinking he has won.

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However, Basil called him, saying to him that the game was not yet over. Ratigan glances down and sees Basil holding on to the broken blimp. Basil rings Ratigan's bell which he used to summon Felicia, realizing that he stole the bell during the fight and already lost the battle. Suddenly the clock bell tolls, causing Ratigan to lose his balance, and plunge off the hand, taking Basil with him.

Basil manages to save himself while Ratigan plummets to his death. His death later makes headlines in newspapers via a sub-headline that reads "Time Runs Out for Ratigan"of which one copy is kept by Basil.

House of Mouse Ratigan in House of Mouse. Ratigan's most notable cameo on House of Mouse was in the episode " Donald's Lamp Trade ", in which he tries to lure Dr. Dawson with cheese on a mousetrap, but Basil stops Dawson and tells him it's a trap, at which point the nearby Ratigan groans, "Curses!

the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

Ratigan can also be spotted seated alongside other Disney villains and Fidget in recurring crowd shots. This shot is also included in Mickey's House of Villains. During the song " Perfect Isn't Easy ", he appears on a black-and-white photo at the very back of Georgette 's portrait collection.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

In an episode of Quack PackRatigan can be seen on the box art of criminal trading cards. Isle of the Lost Professor Ratigan is one of the villains brought back to life to be imprisoned in the Isle of the Lost.

It is mentioned once that he and his crew went to Ursula's Fish and Chips Store and every time they go there, Ursula chases him out. Disney Parks Ratigan was once a walkaround character at the Disney parks during the film's initial release. But he has been retired, rumour has it that it was because he frightened children. His last appearance was at a special event at the Magic Kingdom in Gallery The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Ratigan.

Trivia Ratigan can easily be identified as a rat since he has five-fingered hands, while all the other mice have four fingers.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan disney

Also, the mice in the movie have fur-covered tails that much thinner than Ratigan, who has a pink, fleshy segmented tail. Ratigan is shown to have an animation flaw. If you look closely during the course of the film, Ratigan has five fingers on his hands.

However, during the battle sequence from when he goes feral to when he falls to death, he is shown to have four fingers on each hand minus when he flared his claws and before he punches Basil off the clock hand. Ratigan seems to grow in size during his breakdown in Big Ben, and his claws are shown extending out of his hand.

This transformation could be compared to that of a stereotypical Werewolf. According to a deleted lyric in " The World's Greatest Criminal Mind ", the Tower Bridge Job involved hurling several innocent mice into the River Thames and then shooting whoever attempts to come up to the surface.

Vincent Pricethe voice of Ratigan, said that doing Ratigan was his favorite role because he had two songs written for him. Ratigan is the first Disney villain to just fall to his death since the disguised Queen from Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDisney's first feature length film.