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Meet Us: Admission Counselors Why USC? The combination of rigorous academic programs and top-tier faculty coupled with USC's location in Los Angeles. Meet Us: Admission Counselors USC offers students an academic and social environment unparalleled in American higher education. everyone, but is also a place where each individual is respected and receives personal attention. Prospective students and school counselors can find their USC admission counselors by clicking on one of the items below. These individuals will serve as your.

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Responsible for everything from presenting at your high school to attending your transfer fair to reading your application, the people in our office are happy to meet you and help guide you through this process. Students often ask how they can get in touch with a USC counselor, and this post covers the wide variety of ways you can find that human interaction. USC does not track demonstrated interest which means that individual contact points do not increase your likelihood of admissionso you should by no means feel obligated to reach out to us.

If, however, you have questions or are seeking insight or advice, we would love to talk with you! The Counselor on Contact: In the smack dab center of campusyou will find the Admission Center. Every weekday from 8: That person is also there to answer any personal questions you might have about the opportunities available to USC undergraduates or about our application procedures.

usc meet the counselors place

They are an excellent resource for any student in the area or on campus for a visit. Just come to the admission center and ask to speak with a counselor! Feel free to reach out to them via phone or email at any point in the process!

You can find their name and contact information here: Every year, our team visits over 2, high schools across the country and the world! These visits, which can range in size from one student to more than one hundred students, are an opportunity to hear from the USC counselor who works with your region. They will present on the University and admission process, leaving time for you to ask questions.

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In the fall, we host 20 receptions across the world. This eventually led me to USC. I loved working as a tour guide in college, and as a staff member in the Admission Center, I enjoy helping guests have a fun and meaningful visit to USC.

I love exploring the city and am always looking for recommendations. We are very fortunate to work with a small army of amazing students from all over the world. Check out this site to learn a little bit more about our tour guides.

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Give us a call! Read on to learn more about the various programs we offer and which is the best fit for you! During this program you will spend one hour learning about the application from an admission counselor, take a minute walking tour led by a current student, and attend an academic information session led by the department of your intended major.

In this case, comprehensive does mean long 3.

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Designed as a general introduction to USC for prospective students, the Campus Tour highlights the academic and student life experience of current Trojans. Each minute walking tour is led by a current student and is preceded by a minute undergraduate admission session.

usc meet the counselors place

Campus Tours are two hours in total and are a good option if you are earlier in your college process. Led by an admission counselor, this hour-long presentation covers the application process, transfer course selection, transfer credit policy, and financial aid.

usc meet the counselors place

Note that there is not a campus tour as part of a Transfer Information Session. Group Tours are designed for groups of 6 or more, such as high school classes on a field trip or college groups.

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Group tours are 45 minutes long and can include a minute admission presentation if the group wishes. Group tours cannot be reserved online, so please give us a call at to book a tour. Ready to visit USC? Finally, we have some insider tips for you to make your campus visit even better.