War horse meet the filmmakers

war horse meet the filmmakers

Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads. War Horse is a war drama film directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg from a Having directed many films set during the Second World War, it was his first film . Michael Morpurgo wrote the children's novel War Horse after meeting World War I veterans in the Devon village of Iddesleigh where he lived. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of War Horse - Richard Curtis and Tom Hiddleston: Meet the Filmmakers by Events at the Apple Store.

Our story centers around Madison, a tough 16 year old, and Teddy, her special needs brother, who live completely alone in an abandoned trailer, struggling to get out of town. During her struggle, Madison tries to juggle many obstacles like finding money to skip town, taking care of her brother and staying under the radar at school.

Madison tragically learns that independent survival at 16 isn't as easy as it seems. Throughout Madison's journey we deal with real issues facing this community, such as keeping homeless kids in the school system subject of a NY Times cover story last year - http: Everyone in the Buncombe County School District has embraced the idea of using this film to examine both the community and the education system in general.

The 9 students in my class will serve as facilitators, but the whole mission of the film is to unite the community and get everyone involved.

For the five weeks following, the students will work with me, the cast and my crew to create our feature film. We are shooting after school on weekdays as well as Saturdays. Students will watch dailies everyday in class and discuss the game plan for shooting that day.

war horse meet the filmmakers

The best part about being in the school everyday is the flexibility we have in creating real environments for our scenes. When we need to shoot a dance, we'll throw a real dance.

When we need a hallway full of students we will film between classes.

War Horse: Behind-the-Scenes Footage Part 2 (Broll)

This film will be guerilla to the extreme, but by using the energy and authenticity of the students working on it, I truly believe we will create an emotional and exhilarating film, unlike anyone has ever seen before.

After we finish the feature, students will make individual short films. Those short films and a first cut of the feature will be screened at the first ever "Warhorse Film Festival" for the community. What were the challenges of the story for you to keep track of, to keep this gigantic movie consistent?

War Horse - Richard Curtis and Tom Hiddleston: Meet the Filmmakers

One of the biggest challenges of keeping track of all the stories was never forgetting Albert. This is something that Richard and I talked about. The play has Albert connected throughout the entire experience onstage.

war horse meet the filmmakers

And so I had the mother offer Albert a campaign pennant that the father had achieved in the Boer Wars. That was how I was able to bring Albert back into it. What did you see in Jeremy that make you think he can be the lead in a movie, since he has no experience — SS: David was in The Reader, too.

And he was also in The Reader but I liked his previous work. Did you want him? I went after David. And Leonhard [Carow] is fantastic too, the younger boy.

We saw hundreds of possible Alberts, okay.

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I wanted an unknown. I did not want anybody who was well-known to play Albert.

war horse meet the filmmakers

I figured if the horse is gonna be an unknown, so should Albert. And all I look for is honesty in any young person I direct. Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, there was an honesty with them in E. Henry had a little experience, Drew had practically none, and I just look for authenticity.

Jeremy was the most real kid we saw. And also the horse liked him a lot. And David Kross, do you think he has the potential to be in Hollywood? It's extraordinary to meet someone with that kind of enthusiasm, utterly unspoiled … When I went to visit him on set, he was clearly enthralled by the countryside. He fell for Devon in a big way. He was warm, kind and open, and utterly without ego … Spielberg was like a conductor with a very light baton.

He hardly had to wave it at all. I was in awe. And every single priority that as an actor that you would want to be there was there.

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It felt very real and focused. I was worrying about this shot! He's human and he's still working in an impassioned way, like a year-old, trying to make the best out of everything. For lead actor Jeremy Irvine, starring in his first film role, the filming process was intense at times, in particular the scene where the British cavalry, horses in total and many hundreds of extras, charged the German machine gun lines.

There was this line of machine guns and there's this wall of lead coming out of these guns. There were real explosions at my feet, bodies flying through the air, stunt men getting shot at. The smoke and the smell and the taste of the guns firing.

It's not difficult to act scared in that situation.