Will reading the bible help meet

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will reading the bible help meet

Created To Be His Help Meet is simply the best book I've read in conjunction with the Bible on being a Godly wife.” ~ Candace Cameron Bure, Actress, Author. What does the phrase help meet mean from an Hebraic perspective? And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for We also read in this verse that Elohiym filled them, male and female, having male and female attributes, but there are many passages in the Bible. Reading to meet God sounds like a great idea and the ideal for a Christian, but How can we change our mind-sets to view Scripture as a living, rich Each serves a great purpose in helping us dig in and understand more.

The words cleave unto reveal the nature of the marriage bond as God intended it to be. The idea seems to be that a man is to glue himself to his wife.

will reading the bible help meet

When two inanimate objects are glued together they become a single object. When two people are glued together they likewise become one. When God brings a man and a woman together, He unites them in a unique and profound biological-spiritual bond that reaches to the very depths of their souls.

Marriage should be infinitely more than a piece of paper signed by a minister and infinitely more than two people living under the same roof or sharing the same bed. It should be such a perfect and complete welding together of two personalities that they become one entity.

It should be the total commitment of two wills to each other, the blending of two minds into a single mind, the mutual expression of two sets of God-given emotions. This is a far cry from the common notion that marriage simply provides legalized sex for two people who are physically attracted to each other. God created sex, but He intended it to be a beautiful expression of the oneness of heart and soul that already exists. If that oneness does not exist, the physical act is meaningless, self-centered, and exploitative.

What we learn from the Bible, then, is that marriage was given by God as a sacred union in which one man and one woman are brought together to complement and fulfill each other. An understanding of this basic fact will protect a couple from many marital problems.

will reading the bible help meet

Husbands and wives who realize that God has joined them into a single entity will not foolishly try to hurt each other, for they know they would only be hurting themselves. There is another application of this passage, an application which Christ Himself made. When God brings a man and a woman together in His sovereign will and welds them into one, He intends for that relationship to be permanent.

They wonder why two people would want to invest the effort and sacrifice necessary for a successful marriage when it would be so much easier simply to call it quits.

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That erroneous concept can be a most serious deterrent to the success of a marriage. When the Pharisees questioned Christ about the divorce provisions of the Mosaic Law, He told them why they were given: If we could see marriage in the light of the oneness God desires it to be, divorce would be like amputating an arm or a leg.

You do not consider cutting off your arm when you get a splinter in your finger; you try to get the splinter out. Nor should you consider cutting off your husband or your wife because you have not yet been able to adjust to some unpleasant characteristic in him or her. It is our prayer that these lessons will help you get the irritating splinters out of your marriage. There is a difference of opinion among Bible scholars as to whether Christ permitted divorce and remarriage at all.

He said that divorce and remarriage constituted adultery except in the case of fornication. Others assert that the exception clause does not apply to the marriage relationship as we know it today, and that there are actually no biblical grounds at all for divorce and remarriage. He expects us to look for ways to heal our marriages rather than for excuses to dissolve them. Others say it does not. For this reason we should be careful to maintain an attitude of graciousness and Christlike love toward the casualties of a broken home.

But the basic intent of the biblical teaching is undeniable; we must not overlook it. Divorce is not intended as an easy escape for couples who cannot solve their marital problems. Some who have managed to climb over the fence have found that the same unpleasant personality traits which produced conflict and tension in their first marriage are now causing problems in their second! It causes so many puzzle pieces to fall into place.

Take Galatians, for example. These Gentiles were being harassed by Jews who said they needed to follow Jewish customs in order to be true Christians. Knowing this simple fact sheds light on why Paul was so fired up about the seemingly weird subject of circumcision an important Jewish rite.

Know Your Theology The better you know your theology what the Bible has to say about a given subjectthe better your overall understanding of Scripture will be. Understanding core theological doctrines can help you make sense of verses that seem out of place. For example, in James 2: Knowing the doctrine of justification keeps you from making this interpretation error and forces you to think through this verse from a different angle.

Do you want to know how to read the Bible? Hearing the Word read can give you new eyes or ears on particular passages and help you understand the Bible in ways never did previously.

Bible Gateway makes it really simple to listen to the ESV translation through their app. Read Multiple Translations I always recommend starting with a translation that is more literal word for word in its translation style so that you can get as close to the original meaning as possible. However, reading multiple translations of the same passage can unlock different shades of meaning that you may have previously missed.

Use certain colors to highlight repeated words or themes.

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Come up with a series of symbols or shapes to put beside verses that connect them together. Underline passages that really hit you hard.

When it comes to how to understand the Bible, few things help like this kind of intense engagement. But commentaries by really smart men and women can really help, especially when coming to stickier passages. Commentaries give clarity on word meanings, historical context, the biblical storyline, and more.

They also help you see through the eyes of others, which can give you fresh perspective as you try to learn how to read the Bible.

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Tim Challies has a helpful list of the best commentaries for each book of the Bible. But again, they can be very helpful as you work your way through different sections of the Bible. Read A Single Book Multiple Times Sometimes it can be immensely helpful to immerse yourself in a single book for an extended period of time. I remember hearing pastor Mike Bullmore say that there was a lengthy period when he read the book of Psalms repeatedly for the health of his soul.

Diving way deep into a single book allows you to pick up nuances you would never get on a single pass. It forces you to grapple with the logical arguments of the author and pushes you to a more thorough understanding.

Why did God want this particular verse included? Why did God want me, a 21st century Christian, to know the genealogy of Jesus?

will reading the bible help meet

What hath circumcision to do with now? Go back and read earlier verses and following verses. Examine the bigger context. Yes, there are thousands of things that are incredibly relevant to you, but Jesus is at the start, middle, and end of the Bible. Jesus is David, the conquering king.