Coffee and cigarettes strange to meet you quotes

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coffee and cigarettes strange to meet you quotes

People ask me the next day, “What did you dream about?” I say, “I don't I don't have time to tell you this.” — Coffee and Cigarettes (). This is the original short Coffee and Cigarettes with Roberto Benigni and Steven Wright having a conversation about. Read the Coffee and Cigarettes full movie script online. Nice to meet you, too, in a way. What are we doing in . My favorite Elvis quote is, "The only thing.

Notice he doesn't roll the dice in front of his friend. Cousins[ edit ] Cate Blanchett plays herself and a fictional and non-famous cousin named Shelly, whom she meets over some coffee in the lounge of a hotel. There is no smoking in the lounge, as the waiter informs Shelly but not until Cate is gone. Shelly tells Cate about her boyfriend, Lee, who is in a band. She describes the music style as hard industrial, similar to the band Iggy describes.

Cate tells Shelly she looks forward to meeting "Lou" someday. Cate is made to feel awkward and uncomfortable by Shelly's constant envious remarks about how she perceives Cate's life and attitude. They play themselves, although the scene seems to perpetuate the band's former pretense that they are indeed siblings. Jack shows Meg his Tesla coil that he says he built himself and waxes intellectual on the achievements of Nikola Tesla.

In the beginning, Jack seems upset that Meg doesn't share his excitement, and it takes Meg some coaxing to get Jack to agree to show Meg his Tesla Coil. He introduces the line, "Nikola Tesla perceived the earth to be a conductor of acoustical resonance. In the end, the coil breaks, and Meg and the Waiter offer suggestions as to why it might be broken. Finally Meg says something that Jack seems to agree to, and he leaves to "go home and check it out".

Meg clinks her coffee cup to produce a ringing noise, pauses, says "Earth as a conductor of acoustical resonance" and clinks her coffee cup to produce the noise again; she looks pensively out into the distance before a cut to black.

Coffee and Cigarettes () Movie Script | SS

Early during the segment, "Down on the Street" by The Stooges is played in the background. Coogan offers Molina a French cigarette, but Molina saves his for later. Molina is a very enthusiastic fan of Coogan's, who contrarily is very uninterested at their meeting and barely manages to hide this. Molina excitedly shares with him research he came across, learning that they are distant cousins, and proposes a friendship or show business project to capitalize on this.

Steve Coogan still remains evasive, lightening up only when an attractive female fan recognizes him. He later tries to make up excuses to keep from ever having to hear from Alfred Molina again, and then clumsily tries to reverse this when he overhears Molina get a call from good friend Spike Jonze. But it is too late and Molina, disappointed, leaves Coogan with the bill. Tropes appearing in Coffee and Cigarettes: A few phrases keep popping up.

Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) Movie Script

Most notably "Nikola Tesla perceived the Earth as a conductor of acoustical resonance", "I like to drink coffee before I go to sleep, it makes me dream faster, like the Indy " and words to the effect of " Coffee and Cigarettes?

That's what you're having for lunch?

coffee and cigarettes strange to meet you quotes

Most characters are versions of the actors playing them with the exception of Steve Buscemi as a waiter with a conspiracy theory about Elvis' evil twin. It's a Jarmusch movie. Tom blows up at Iggy for pointing out that the jukebox doesn't have any of Tom's songs on it.

When Iggy leaves Tom checks to make sure none of his songs are on the jukebox either. Distracted by the Sexy: Steve Coogan also seems very distracted by a female fan asking for an autograph. Italians Talk with Hands: Joe Rigano and Vinny Vella certainly do. Steve Coogan asks Alfred Molina if he's gay due to Molina being perhaps overly friendly.

coffee and cigarettes strange to meet you quotes

A movie about people in a bar, smoking and drinking coffee, chatting Bill Murray, on the other hand Jack and his Tesla coil. Nobody, not even the waiter finds it strange that Jack would bring such a thing to a bar.