I want to meet you too in japanese

Greetings tips: how do you say 'nice to meet you' in Japanese? - VOYAPON

i want to meet you too in japanese

However, if you wanted to repeat the phrase, my intinct would be to leave out " again." "Nice to meet you too" or "nice to see you too" are enough. one says to you dozo yoroshiku, you can reply with kochirakoso yoroshiku (i am pleased to meet you). If you just want to say nice to meet you. B:私/僕/俺も恋しい watashi/boku/ore mo koishi (I miss you too.) 会いたい pretty much just means,,I want to see/meet you.'' It's used to mean.

i want to meet you too in japanese

Ни одной машины. Он подбежал к крепко сбитому охраннику. - Мне срочно нужно такси.

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