Id be happy to meet you

English Phrase: I'd be happy to (do something) |

id be happy to meet you

"Mr. President I would be happy to debate you anywhere in the country, anytime about energy," he added, I'd be glad to meet you at an oil rig somewhere , I'd. (phrase)? I'd / we'd be delighted (phrase) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Thank you so much, we'd be delighted. Synonyms. Answer, 'I'd be happy to.' If the question were, 'Will you keep an eye on my things ?', 'I'll be happy to.' would be a perfectly normal answer.

id be happy to meet you

И в первую очередь я искренне сожалею о Дэвиде Беккере. Простите.

  • I would be happy/glad to meet with you

Я был ослеплен своими амбициями. Ее тревога не была напрасной.

id be happy to meet you

Дэвид в опасности… или того хуже.