Nice to meet you too galaxy s6

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nice to meet you too galaxy s6

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nice to meet you too galaxy s6

Whereas earlier flagship handsets performed like high-end devices but looked and felt like low-end devices, the Galaxy S6 is premium from top to bottom, inside and out. What appear to be smooth and soft curves from afar actually slope toward sharper lines as they meet the Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back of the phone, forming polished, chamfered edges that harden and modernize the look.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

That seam then feeds into a groove cut out on both sides of the Galaxy S6. These are all terrific details that the discerning user will really appreciate. I know I do.

For example, the holes on the bottom of the phone above the new and improved speaker are not perfectly centered. As I mentioned, Samsung likely had no choice. The top of the phone is home to an infrared blaster and a secondary microphone for noise cancellation.

There is also a new touch fingerprint scanner in the home button. The display on the Galaxy S6 is a 5. In terms of pixel density, that works out to a ridiculous pixels per inch. Once again, Samsung has raised the bar when it comes to smartphone screens, and I doubt any other smartphones will even approach the Galaxy S6 in At least, not until the Galaxy Note 5 is released this fall.

At the top of the phone, there is a huge camera lens with a flash and heart rate monitor to its right. I found the heart rate monitor to be very accurate and quick to measure my pulse, but the camera sitting next to it definitely steals the show. There is also optical image stabilization OISwhich helps a great deal in preventing motion blur. Also appreciated is a nifty tracking autofocus feature, which allows the user to tap on an object in a frame, and the camera will keep focus on that object as it moves.

Tracking autofocus works in still image mode or even while recording a video. Videos, by the way, come out as crisp and clean as still photos captured by the Galaxy S6.

The bit, 14nm chipset includes a quad-core 1. And for very heavy users, it looks like this may indeed be an issue. The phone managed to get me through a full day of normal usage, but the remaining change got dangerously low a few times by the late evening with heavy usage.

In fact, the former is far easier to recharge.

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Samsung also included wireless charging support in the Galaxy S6, as well as support for fast charging. When things get dicey, there are two different power saving modes to choose from.

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It actually may outlast either phone with moderate use, but it probably falls a bit short of both rival phones with heavy use thanks in part to that big, bright quad HD display. Examples include the Calendar app and the Calculator app.

Beyond the design, Samsung also included some great functionality in its custom version of Android. Again, these are probably the two best displays in the business right now a list that also includes the Edge variants of both phones. S Pen Samsung is the only smartphone maker putting significant resources into a stylus-based handset, but we're glad somebody is.

The Galaxy Note's S Pen not only gives you some handy note-taking features, but it also has a precision and control that stubby fingers can't quite replicate.

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The new S Pen has a new click-out mechanism that makes it easier to pull out of the phone, along with a feature that lets you jot notes on the screen without waking up or unlocking the phone. Fingerprint sensor Samsung's fingerprint sensors were swipe-based, but this year the company matched Apple with excellent touch-based sensors.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

The only disadvantage compared to Touch ID is that Samsung's doesn't work with as many third-party apps or browser app extensions. Samsung Pay In terms of retailer availability, Samsung's mobile payments service will destroy other options, including Apple Pay, from Day One — as Samsung Pay will work with most standard credit card machines, no NFC equipment required.

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Battery We'll have more on the Note's battery life in our upcoming review, but in our benchmark streaming video over Wi-Fi with brightness at 75 percent the GS6 dropped 11 percent per hour, a good score.

Wireless charging Both handsets have wireless charging capabilities baked right in, but only the Note has fast wireless charging — supposedly going from 0 to percent in about two hours. Fast charging wired When using the included microUSB cable, both handsets have fast charging capabilities.

Processor Both are speed demons, with their bit octa core processors. We don't experience a bit of lag when using either handset. Gear VR Stay tuned on this front, as we'd be shocked if the Note 5 didn't work with the upcoming "full consumer" version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset which could be announced at IFA in early September.

At the time of publication, though, only the GS6 ticks this box.