Questions to ask someone when you first meet them all youtube

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questions to ask someone when you first meet them all youtube

If you write one blog post every day and publish one YouTube video every week, you See how you can combine your knowledge with someone else's blog posts to It's also possible that you liked the message in one of your first videos but . make sure you are properly dressed up and ask them professional questions. You have tickets to meet and greet your favorite YouTube video star, but There are conventions all over the world, where people pay large sums of Unless you really want to know what someone's favorite color is, ask them When you first started out were you embarrassed to tell people what you did?. A list of interesting YouTube Tag Questions to help your audience know you better and or viewers on YouTube to get to know you better by asking interesting questions about . and keep them on your video, you must answer some funny YouTube tag questions. . What is the first thing you instantly notice about people?.

Are you the type of friend you would like to have as a friend? Is money the real source of happiness? Are you always nice to people and do you expect something in return?

Would you prefer to be hurt by someone you love most or by someone you trust most? What is probably the hardest thing to lose in your case? Why is it hard to give up? Remember last time when you were furious. What made you that angry? Do you feel different? Imagine you are alone at home, lonely and bored. Apart from romantic love, when did you last tell someone that you loved them? What did they mean to you? If there is one time or one moment in the last year or month, that you would change, what moment would it be?

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If you are to give your money to charity, who will you donate it to? You are to save your family member or your lover from drowning in an ocean. Who do you leave to drown to their death and why?

When did you last honestly reveal your feelings to someone else no matter how hard it was to tell? What did you tell the person?

questions to ask someone when you first meet them all youtube

Your best friend just confesses to having feelings for you and wants you to be more than usual friends. What will you do or say? Picture the last dead person you know. You have a chance to bring them back to life for an hour, but you lose 1 year of your life. Will you do it and why? You are in an emergency situation, for example, a burning building. You have a chance to make a single phone call.

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Who will you call? What will you tell them? You receive news from your doctor that your condition is worsening and you only have one week to live. Will you reveal to anyone or everyone you are about to die? You need tickets to get in, transportation, lodging, if it isn't near you, and the time.

You'll also need to get permission if you are too young to go on your own. If everything is a go, then try and get tickets which is no easy feat. Once everything is in place, and the date is circled in red on your calendar, then you need to figure out the most important thing. What are you going to say to them?

questions to ask someone when you first meet them all youtube

Don't Forget to Charge Your Phone! It would be a nightmare if you got to the head of the line and found out your phone was dead! You've been standing in line for what seems like an eternity, your palms are sweating, and every few minutes the line finally inches forward.

You know that you only have a few precious moments for that picture and a question. The last thing you want is to do is forget what you were going to say, or worse, become so starstruck that you can't say anything at all. The best way to remember your question is to write it down. I don't mean on a piece of paper, although that would work.

Just put it on your phone. Have it pulled up and ready to go. Of course, if you really don't want to do that, and you are with a friend, tell them what the question is so they can help out if you need them. When the time comes, you'll be good to go and get the most out of your time. What Makes a Successful Question A successful question is one that gets their attention, gets answered thoughtfully, and stands out.

You never know, yours might be the one that they remember the most. Here are some good ways to make yours shine: Show the person you are meeting that you know something about them. For example, if you were asking Paul McCartney about the Beatles song "Yesterday", you could ask him what troubles he was referencing.

A little flattery can go a long way. Tell them what your favorite thing about them is and weave that into your question.

Try not to ask the same question everyone else asks. If the person you are meeting has a good sense of humor, tell a joke or a not so serious question. Make sure what you ask means something to you. Unless you really want to know what someone's favorite color is, ask them about your favorite video.

That will show them that you really are a fan and they'll appreciate that. Avoid yes or no answers: Try not to ask a question that can easily be answered by a yes or no. Ask a two-fold question, one that asks a yes or no question, then follows up on it. Do you like the color blue? If so why do you like it? A little advice These questions are suggested ideas and should be tailored to the person you are meeting. You probably don't want to be quite so formal. Hopefully you are meeting someone who makes you feel comfortable so the conversation will come naturally.

What is the best comment you've ever received? What one event inspired you to do this? When you first started out were you embarrassed to tell people what you did? What is one falsehood you have said in one of your videos? What was the best vacation you ever took? If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be and why?

Who is your favorite youtuber and why? When did you first realize you were famous? Looking back, what would you differently?