Say nice to meet you in chinese

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say nice to meet you in chinese

How to say 'nice to meet you' in Chinese. #China #language #howto. I am very glad to meet you, ma'am. Excuse me, can you say it again? You'll learn how to speak Mandarin through real-life scenarios with. Which is the right way to say "Nice to meet you." in Mandarin? I've heard some people say; 很高兴见到你(hen\/ gao- xing\ jian\ dao\ ni\/) 很高兴.

How to Say “Nice to Meet You”

Aron is careful to point out that, when viewing pictures of their beloveds, the most traditional Chinese participants showed activity in the rewards area of the brain as strong as all other members of the group.

There are feelings and thinking that are going on that are different. They reason that the additional neural activity may represent a different cultural understanding of romantic love—one that appears to cause Chinese to approach romance with greater caution, more mindful of external factors than Americans. Well before a Communist regime required that an entire nation privilege revolution over romance, China had a long and tumultuous history with romantic love.

Learn Chinese in a minute: It's nice to meet you.

Arranged marriage was legal and widely practiced in China well into the late twentieth century and is not unheard of even today. But most Chinese love stories carry a similar moral: But push the limits of passion a bit too far, Lee says, and one is bound to find oneself married to a rapturous but cataclysmically evil fox spirit. Confucian ideals long discouraged romance between spouses by privileging relationships between men instead. The two strongest family relationships were between father and son and elder and younger brothers.

The strength and order of a family was synonymous with the strength and order of the state.

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Any man who deviated from the system and appeared openly affectionate with his wife was seen as someone of weak character. As Coontz writes in her book, Marriage, a History: Arranged marriages were outlawed nominally, anywayand young Chinese were encouraged, through several government campaigns, to find mates of their own. The campaigns often came with advice on how to find a spouse based on comradeship and shared revolutionary fervor.

The neuroscientists then re-examined the original brain scans and tried to determine patterns that may have predicted the outcome of the relationships.

Nice to meet you - Standard Mandarin Chinese Phrase

How to learn Chinese Mandarin? Get a Chinese Mandarin Phrasebook and write simple phrases and words on Flashcards and memorize them Study the Chinese fundamentals, e.

say nice to meet you in chinese

Try and find a good Mandarin teacher and enroll in a Chinese language class or visit China for more immersion Learning the Chinese characters is hard. Decide if you want to learn them or just focus on spoken Mandarin Use a spaced repetition vocabulary builder to learn words and phrases Focus on learning the four tones correctly early on as the wrong tones can change the meaning of words completely Check out our comprehensive Chinese Mandarin learning App L-Lingo which contains lessons with grammar notes, thousands of words and high quality audio.

say nice to meet you in chinese

It is different from another popular Chinese language, Cantonese, which is mainly spoken in Guangdong province and Hong Kong. When compared to other Languages, on a fundamental level the Mandarin grammar is actually very simple. Each word normally stays the same; thus there are no conjugations, no plural forms, no genders and no articles. However there are also elements in the Chinese language that we do not have in many Western Languages.

Tones One of the most difficult element for the learner of the Chinese language is the correct pronunciation of the four phonemic tones: The best way to practice the tones is to listen carefully and to repeat the words and sentences.

say nice to meet you in chinese

Nouns Nouns are pretty simple in the Chinese language. They do not have articles or genders, and there is no distinction between singular or plural. Verbs Now that we already learned how to use nouns, in order to make complete sentences, we need to know about verbs.

say nice to meet you in chinese